What is the best right angle drill attachment?

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Ordinarily, a right angle drill does a fantastic job. But, most people will be looking to use it to its full capacity, and that is where the addition of different kinds of drill attachments occur. You can imagine it as a cross between a drill and a screwdriver only that it is smaller this time. There are different sizes and range of attachments that can be used on a right angle drill, depending on your desired goal. If you are hoping to know the best drill attachment, then here is a little guide. If you can come in close contact with your fastening surface and you can avoid manoeuvring the right angle drill, then that is the best drill attachment. In this article, we will be giving you a break down of the best right angle drill attachment available right now. We know how difficult it can be to get proper value from your money because the market right now has been flooded with so many different right angle drill attachments to choose from. Some of these products are made of sub-standard materials while others are made from high-quality materials and give you actual value for your money. Well, we have taken our time and done a lot of research and review of the best right angle drill attachments, and we have come to a valid conclusion.

Best right angle drill attachment

The best right angle drill attachment is the DEWALT Right Angle Drill Adapter. It is smaller than a ¼ inch screwdriver and your regular tools. The DEWALT Right Angle Drill Adapter is mostly used by steel farmers and HVAC, and can also be used with spade bits, nut drivers and screw driving bits. Tight spaces which can not be reached ordinarily can now be reached with the help of this attachment, and you don’t have to lose any torque or power. You don’t need to be thinking of holding screws with your hand because the sure set system floating magnet will secure your fasteners. The DEWALT Right Angle Drill Adapter has a 2000 life cycle because of its impact rear gears and while in use, the handle does not heat up because it has an ergonomic handle. This attachment is very durable as it is made from high-quality materials and even features a 90-degree head which is great when you want to have access into tight corners, but you will need to use a 1 inch bit tip. With this attachment, you can be assured of the ability to drive bit and screws into tight spaces. You will require both of your hands if you want to operate this tool successfully. The adapter needs to be fastened with one of your hands while the other hand will be placed firmly on the drill. The project you plan on using the right angle drill on will determine the size of bit to be used, and this can be done by checking for the torque ratings and RPM of the product. The DEWALT Right Angle Drill Adapter has an overall width of 1.4 inches and a length of 5.96 inches, with an offset angle of 90 degrees and 3000 RPM. If you have a home improvement that has a low clearance, then this should be your ideal choice, and it also impacts ready. Below are some specifications, and the pros of this tool.


Weight: 3.2 lbs

Voltage: 20 volts

Speed: 2000 RPM

Power: battery powered


It is lightweight

It is compact

Easy to use

It has dual speed ranges

Dual-grip trigger

Strong battery

When using a right-angle drill attachment, size matters a lot because you can’t force a tool into a hole that is smaller than it without damaging it or changing the shape. If you manage to force it into the hole, then you might now have your desired goal for the project. Using the wrong size of attachment can lead to a lousy finishing or even sides in the project, so you should use the best and proper right angle tool to achieve the best result. The angle head that is attached to straight angle drills is explicitly made for tightening a specific area without having to adjust the tool unnecessarily.


Most times, we will find out that regular tools can’t do the job. We have to use different nd specific tools to carry out our objective, especially when it comes to tight situations. Some tools cant get into tight corners, and that is where the right angle drill attachment comes in handy, they can get into the tight corners that ordinary means cant access and can adequately do the job. In the article above, we have provided you with the DEWALT Right Angle Drill Adapter, which is the best right angle drill attachment available in the market.