What Portable Solar Power System for Camping?


Camping is a source of relaxation and recreation for most people. It involves going out of one’s home and enjoying the feel of nature in outdoor environments. The necessity of a power system for camping becomes a matter of importance as nobody would like to be without basic things like social media, telephone network, light, and PC. All these make the camping activity more comfortable and enjoyable.

With the above, the necessity of a solar panel becomes essential. A solar panel uses energy from the sun. It converts it to energy capable of powering various electrical and electronic appliances. An example of a renewable form of energy is the solar system, and it is free as well. When compared with generators, which most camping sites do not allow, solar panels provide power for your every need and without noise and pollution too. It is a go-to source of energy for your camping needs.

An image of a hefty panel which would occupy so much space that could have contained your fridge or cooker comes to mind at the mention of a solar panel. However, 21st-century technology has made that a thing of the past. There are portable solar panels, even foldable ones that could meet all of your energy needs, with lesser space consumption in your camping trailer.

Benefits Of a Portable Solar Power System

Now you want to know what benefits a solar panel system can provide for your camping needs asides its portability. Among dozens of benefits, here are some of the services you might be interested in:

Charging of your devices

No more worries about your devices vis-à-vis your PC, phones, power banks, etc. in regards power. This worry is absent because a portable solar power system can charge it and keep it on for long periods.

Noiseless and safe

As already said, the portable solar power system doesn’t produce noise. It is incredibly safe when put in comparison with generators.

Environmentally Friendly

There is no environmental pollution in the usage of solar panels as all energy generated is obtained from the sun.

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Choosing a Solar Power System For Your Camping Needs

Before you acquire a solar power system, you should have the following in mind:

Storage system

Some solar panels are capable of storing energy so that as it is being charged up by the sun. It reserves some power for when the sun goes down whilst others do not have this feature. The one with the capacity to store energy is preferable.


Portability, size and weight matter a lot in acquiring a solar panel as this would determine the total space the solar panel would take up. Most people make use of the solar panel, which is with a larger surface area and is capable of folding.

Power Output capacity

The watt power of the solar panel matters a whole lot in regards to the number of devices to connect with the solar panel. So the more, the tools, the more solar panel watt amount you should seek out for.

Best Portable Solar Power System For Camping

Here we have made a list of solar power panels compiled according to the guide above, as well as other things like durability, ability to charge multiple devices, amongst others.

X Dragon 40W

This solar panel system might be massive for most, but it is potent. It has a large surface area with 40-watt output capacity. It also comes with a water-resistant feature and in addition to charging phones; it is entirely able to charge laptops as well. Its disadvantage would be its massive structure and that it needs a separate battery to charge laptops.

Anker 21W

Anker 21W is extremely lightweight at just 13.2 ounces. It also boasts of quick charging at 21-watt capacity. It is also waterproof and can charge two devices at once. It is also foldable to allow for space management. Its disadvantage would be that it is only compatible with individual power banks.

Voltaic Systems Arc 20W

This solar panel system is expensive, but I bet you this wouldn’t matter in the long run. It is a 20-watt solar panel system which is foldable as well. It is fully capable of charging several appliances like laptops, electronic devices, etc. It also comes with an external 24,000maH battery capacity for better charging efficiency. Its disadvantage would be its high price range and charging done from its panel.


Camping is a great way to kill stress and enjoy absolute relaxation. Your camping experience can be made much better with the use of a portable solar panel system for all of your charging needs.