Which Cordless Drill Has the Most Torque?


Cordless drills are very effective instruments in construction processes. One fact about cordless drills is that the torque determines the drilling power of the cordless drill itself. The more the power of the torque, the better the drilling power of the cordless drill. Let’s consider the cordless drills that have the most torque. But before we do that, we should have an understanding of what cordless drills are.

What are cordless drills?

Cordless drills are electric types of drills that make use of rechargeable batteries for drilling purposes. They have voltages as high as 14, 24, 28, and 36 which allow them to drill holes. Drills are of various types. Commonly, there are corded, cordless, hammer, and rotary drills. Through fitness of purpose and common work use, cordless drills have become widely used and accepted for drilling purposes. The other types of drills are also very much in use. It is just that cordless drills are the most used for regular unit and intermediate bulk work. Others like the rotary drills are known for more dense work.

The main focus is to give practical and reliable information on what cordless drills you should buy for your drilling work. You would be able to select what cordless drill, in particular, would suit a task. And more importantly, which cordless drill has the most torque?

Cordless Drills with the Most Torque

The torque of a cordless drill is actually very important in conjunction with the material you intend to work on. What is Torque? Torque is the rotational force of an instrument. Torque determines how deep your drill can go. Though most drills have considerably good torque, some drills have powerful torque to drive into hard and sturdy materials. If you are going to be working with just light materials like softwood, you might not consider getting a cordless drill with high torque. But if you are going to be taking on much more dense materials, you should consider the torque of the drill you would be getting. Let us then look at some cordless drills with high and powerful torque.

Milwaukee Hammer Drill

The Milwaukee power torque cordless drill is all about torque performance. If you are looking solely for a cordless drill that would deliver abundance torque power, the Milwaukee drill is ideal. This cordless drill has an impressive 1,200-inch-pounds torque. This is a lot of rotational movement. It pierces and fills deeply through any material. It has a 2000 RPM which can be adjusted from 0 -500 or 500-200. This is in a bid to allow you to work on less dense materials also. The Milwaukee cordless drill is the ideal drill for industrial drilling.

Makita ½ Cordless Hammer Drill

The Makita cordless drill is one with great torque and rotational force. The Makita cordless drill has an amazing 1,090-inch-pounds of quality torque. This gives you great drilling and penetrating force. There is hardly any materials no matter how sturdy, that it cannot drill through; be it soft or tough. To top it all up, this cordless drill has an RPM of 2100. This allows you to prioritize speed over-penetration. Overall, this cordless drill is great if you need one with a powerful torque. It is suitable for all types of drilling, especially hard and dense drilling.

Hilton SF Cordless Drill

The Hilton SF cordless drill is yet another top cordless drill when it comes to powerful torque. The Hilton product has a 1,062-inch pond torque. This makes it also suitable for hard and dense drilling. The cordless drill can conveniently drill into hard and thick materials. One advantage of this drill is that it is a little bit faster than many other types. This product gives you all-round performance on torque and speed.


So, whenever you want to get a cordless drill with a lot of torque power, consider the materials you would be working on. Is it what you need? This is because most power torque cordless drills are for heavy-duty industrial drilling. If you are going to be doing little unit drilling, go for the ones with medium torques.