Who Makes The Best Lawn Mower Engine?


As a professional or DIYer, the use of lawnmower is quite common. Well, unlike edibles, work tools are not used and dump; they are designed to be used over and over again. It comes as no surprise then that many strive to purchase the best tools.
A lawnmower is a tool used to cut and trim grasses. It’s a common tool found in most homes with lawn and gardens. There are many manufacturers of lawnmowers and each uses different engines. The engine of the mower is one of the major components that determine how long it will last. That is why many who purchase lawnmowers usually ask who makes the best lawnmower engine before making a purchase.

As stated earlier, there are a couple of engine manufacturers. Some are Honda, Kohler, and Briggs and Stratton. Of all these engine makers, Honda is recognized as the best. Honda makes the best engine for a lawnmower, and this conclusion is based on a number of things such as; efficiency, durability, longevity, and power. A brief consideration of each of these things will give a good reason as to why Honda is recognized as the best.

Deciding Factors


In terms of efficiency, while it may difficult to tell the difference in power between two mowers when both are at work, some qualities are quite obvious. Compared to most engines, Honda engines are known to work excellently with reduced fuel usage. Also, it’s environmentally friendly as it doesn’t emit too much smoke.
Many big names trust Honda engines such as craftsmen, Husqvarna, Troy-Bilt, Poulan, and others. Even companies that manufacture self-propelled lawn mowers, electric chainsaws and electric lawn mowers all use Honda engines.

Easy to operate

Honda engines are also easy to use. The engines are easy to start. They come in a no-choke design and can be started easily. The engines can also cold start and can power its blade to cut through tough grasses.
Durability and Longevity

When lawnmower manufacturers are done with other essential parts, they use Honda engines to complement the other strong parts to have a collective durable machine. The horsepower of the engines ensures enough power is generated not just for a couple of times, but continuously over a long period. The strength of the engines makes them long-lasting and durable.

Availability of replacement parts

When engines need servicing or repairs, replacement parts must be easily accessible. Most especially for repairs. When a lawnmower engine develops a fault and a replacement part is scarce or not available, the odds are that the owner will have no choice but to purchase a new one. But for Honda engines, there are lots of replacement parts available alongside many technicians that with good technical know-how.


When it comes to lawnmowers for professional or personal use and you want to know who makes the best lawn mower machine before making a purchase, examine the points above. Each point explains why Honda engines are the best in the aspects of efficiency, durability, and longevity.