Air Compressor Maintenance Guide


An air compressor is an equipment that converts power into pressurized air. Industrially compressed air and gas system involves significant investment and contribution for a productive and efficient operation. Keep your air compression in perfect condition should be on your list of priorities. Your air compressor needs care and maintenance to expand its lifespan. Thankfully, an air compressor is relatively easy and affordable to maintain. The regular air compressor doesn’t necessarily need a day to day maintenance, as easy as it is to forget or neglect them, it can lead to a very costly consequence. Air compressor maintenance involves a set of routine that is performed at different degrees on compressors depending on the model. Minor problems, when ignored often turn to major mistakes, in other to avoid that, here are some maintenance tips for your air compressor.

Air Compressor Maintenance Tips


One of the common issues with an air compressor have their solutions written in the manual. Many owners tend to forget to read the manual before proceeding to make use of or repair the air compressor. Don’t try to fix anything on your air compressor without reading the manual first, it may take a couple of minutes to read through the manual and get the solution you’re looking for, but it’s worth it.

Also, if you go against the rules in your manual, there’s a high chance that you’ll render your warranty void.


If you want your air compressor to work at its peak capacity, you have to clean the intake vents. If your air compressor is forced to work too hard to intake air, your compression will lose power, and this will lead to gradual deterioration of your tool, make sure to keep the intake vents as clean as possible.


With daily or regular use of your air compressor, some of the nuts or bolts might get loose, due to vibration and overworking of the air compressor.

Loose screws don’t necessarily mean that the air compressor is faulty; it just needs to be tightened back in place every once in a while.


Moisture in compressed air is most tasking in the execution where the endpoint could sustain water damage, it can downgrade the quality of the paint applications.

When the moisture tank is filled up, the water can move to other parts of the machine; it can also rot and send impurities through the system. Before draining the water, remember to release the air pressure from the tanks. Drain the moisture from the tanks regularly, especially if you live in a humid climate.


Just like every other engine, you ought to clean out the fuel tank regularly, you should clean out your fuel tank at least once a year to remove residual impurities from the fuel, this will help to increase your engine’s lifespan. To clean the fuel tank, firstly drain it of any lingering gas and then vacuum the inside of the tank, you can also change the filter to get rid of debris.


Another tip to maintaining your air compressor is changing the compressor oil. After running for an extended period, the oil might be infected by impurities or built residue. You should check your compressor oil daily and make sure it’s topped off or changed; you should change your compressor oil every 20-30 days(monthly).


The heat exchangers reduces the operating temperature of your air compressor. When dirty, it cannot carryout its primary function. Ensure to clean them frequently to increase the lifespan of your air compressor.


After constant usage, the air filter is bound to trap dirt and impurities and also a lot of junk. The filter is designed to carry a heavy load but may get worn out if it isn’t changed. To change your air filter, pinch it out with your two fingers to remove it or by unfastening the screws that keep it attached to the air compressor, then install a new one by doing the reverse of removing it.


As the name implies, the separator element prevents an excessive amount of oil. It has to be replaced at least once a month to keep your compressor in peak condition.

Benefits of Maintaining Your Air Compressor

There are countless benefits to air compressor maintenance. When rightly maintained, your air compressor will function at maximum capacity and produce excellent results. Here are a few benefits of air compressor maintenance.

MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY: care helps to ensure productivity continues brilliantly. It will have your air compressor working at its maximum speed with high efficiency, working at a particular pace.

SAVES EXTRA COST: Maintenance of your air compressor will save you a lot of money and time. At factories or industries, air compressor maintenance saves the owners a whole lot of money that would have been put into repairs of purchase of new air compressors. When maintained and in good condition, the machine will work with utmost speed for thousands of hours.

LONGER LIFESPAN: The primary benefit of maintaining your air compressor, is in hopes of increasing its lifespan and efficiency. Air compressor maintenance helps to give air compressor a longer service life in good working condition. Air compressor maintenance can increase the lifespan of the machine by one year; this alone is a perfect reason why you should consider air compressor maintenance.


Although the ease of air compressor maintenance depends on the type or make of the air compressor and can be quite tasking, it is a sacrifice worth taken as it’ll save you a lot of unexpected additional costs and time. With air compressor maintenance, you can be sure of a long lifespan, excellent results, with high efficiency and speed. If you haven’t been maintaining your air compressor, then it’s time to reconsider and remember the machine and begin air compressor maintenance.