What Cordless Drill Should I Buy?


The importance of drills in the construction of various structures cannot be overemphasized. At one point or the other, structures such as buildings, boxes, and all, make use of drills in their construction(s). This is because drills make driving of nails into joints, materials, and making holes very easy and less dangerous. Drills are of various types. Commonly, there are corded, cordless, hammer, and rotary drills. For work use, cordless drills have become widely used and accepted for drilling purposes. The other types of drills are also of good quality. It is just that cordless drills are the most used for regular unit and intermediate bulk work. Others like the rotary drills are known for more dense work. The main focus of this informational post is to give you practical and reliable information on what cordless drills you should buy for your drilling work. You would be able to select which cordless drill, in particular, would suit the task at hand.

What Are Cordless Drills?

Cordless drills are electric types of drills that make use of rechargeable batteries for drilling purposes. They have voltages as high as 14, 24, 28, and 36 which allow them to drill larger holes.

Cordless Drills You Should Buy

What Cordless Drill Should I Buy? Cordless drills are of various types depending on your preference and work density. We are going to consider and review some quality cordless drills from which you can choose and buy. Follow through.

Makita 12-V 1/2-inch Cordless Hammer Drill

The Makita cordless drill is really a top drill you should consider buying. This cordless drill by Makita is very useful for all kinds of drilling; a great reason why it can work perfectly for you. You can employ the Makita hammer drill in creating holes and also drilling nails and materials into spaces and joints. This drill is powerful enough for your drilling works. It has adjustable speed ranging from 600 to 1900 RPM. Also, it has a rotational force of 480 pounds. It’s indeed a quality and powerful cordless drill for your drilling work. The Makita cordless drill is also very fitted to your grip. You can hold and grip it well.

The Makita drill has an 18-V battery voltage in conjunction with a brushless motor that makes it work for a reasonable amount of time. So you get good drills from this Makita product. A quality cordless drill to purchase.

Bosch 12-V Cordless Drill

The Bosch cordless drill is ideal for use around the house and a workshop. The fact that it suits house use does not necessarily mean that it would not give you quality and deep drilling. It has a rotational force of 265 pounds to get work. It also has an adjustable speed range of 350-1300 RPM.

One great thing about the Bosch drill is the fact that even with a battery little less than 12-V, it would run for a considerable amount of time. Great perk! It’s a delight to use and carry. This product gives you comfort in a carriage along with quality drilling.

Black and Decker 12-V Cordless Drill

The black and Decker cordless drill is a great work tool known for its affordability, simplicity, and effectiveness. If you are looking for something not so heavy and not of a high rotational force, it’s perfect. If you are new to using drills too, it’s suitable to start with the black and Decker. It has 150 rotational force of 750 RPM and an average good battery life.

Portable-cable 20-V Cordless Drill

The portable-cable cordless drill is a very powerful drill that can do all types of drilling work. It’s different from the other high-torque drills in the sense that it’s a drill that feels light and of average power but it would execute a variety of drilling work. It has a rotational force of 400 and a 1600 RPM. The battery is 20-V and the kit is of two rechargeable batteries. This cordless drill would work powerfully for unit and bulk drilling.


This informational post has given reliable insight into the types of cordless drills you should buy depending on your preference and work. If you want to choose a cordless drill based on torque power, check this review‘.