Black oxide drill bits are standard high-speed steel drill bits that have been put through heat treatment. This heat treatment is mostly at a temperature of about 950 degrees Fahrenheit. This heat treatment gives them a cool dark look but enhances their overall performance.

Another advantage of the heat treatment on the black oxide drill bit is that it makes it incredibly hard, gives it a smooth finish and gives it a high resistance to corrosions to make sure that they last longer than standard high-speed steel drill bits. Apart from their toughness, they can be sharpened when they get dull or worn out.

Compared to other drill bits like titanium and cobalt drill bits, black oxide bits are more affordable. They are strong enough to drill through various materials, from plastic to wood to different metals types. Black oxide drill bits are completely corrosion-resistant, cool overall look, and is quite affordable. One major con of the black oxide drill bits does not hold an edge very long when used on hard materials.

As their name implies, Titanium drill bits are made from titanium and are designed to be very hard and last a long time. But in contrast to what plenty of users think when it comes to titanium drill bits, they are not entirely made from titanium. They are standard high-speed steel drill bits that are coated with titanium nitride.

The titanium coating makes sure that drill bits can hold the sharp edge longer even when used on harder materials. Along with the reduced friction with the titanium, These drill bits will drill very fast and even withstand very high temperatures. Like black oxide drill bits, they will be completely resistant to corrosion and rust, extending their service life.

Although the titanium drill bit can get quite expensive and hard to sharpen, it is a hard and highly durable material that handles higher temperatures and are corrosion-resistant. It can also hold the edge much longer.


These are some of the major differences between the two drill bit options that you should know about;


Hardness is a major factor that sets the black oxide and titanium drill apart. Although these drill bits are hard enough to drill through various materials with ease, the hardness level varies specifically.

Black oxide drill bits are subjected to high-speed steel material to high heat, which hardens the material. However, it is still not as hard as the titanium drill bits, as titanium is one of the hardest materials.


The black oxide drill bit works best for regular woodworkers and hobbyists due to their affordability and ability to handle softer material. These drill bits are fast and strong enough to handle regular materials used.

The titanium drill bit is harder and robust, so it is preferably used by professional contractors and woodworkers that frequently deal with hard materials. It is also perfect for industrial applications as they are almost unstoppable and indestructible. They can drill into almost everything.


Titanium and black oxide drill bits are capable of handling a bunch of materials ranging from metal to wood. Still, due to their different strengths, they are good for a variety of materials.

Black oxide bits can drill into anything from drywall to PVC. Its coating material isn’t as tough as that of titanium drill bits; it is mainly used for softer materials like ABS plastic, MDF, wood, acrylic, nylon polycarbonate. Black oxide drill bits can also be used for drilling metals like copper, steel, aluminum, and other alloys.

On the other hand, Titanium drill bits are much harder and faster than black oxide bits and are capable of handling almost every material. These drill bits can be used on wood, nylon, plastic, PVC, and metals like stainless steel, magnesium, steel, and iron.


The differences between the two drill bits should be known by now. The major difference between the two drill bits is the hardness of the coating, price, and other aspects. The kind of drill bit you want to purchase is entirely your choice. It depends on the nature of the material you’re trying to drill through and what you can afford. Both drill bits are strong and will deliver clean results. Click here to learn more about drill bits in general how to change a Dewalt drill bit