DeWalt vs. Ridgid


When it pertains to all types of tools either corded, cordless, or repairpersons or outside yard and garden tool, likelihoods are that one of the main things you will perform is peek for the decent brand for your wants.

While there are more than a dozen prominent ones, two that show always in comparison with each other are Ridgid and DeWalt.

In this review, we’ll assist you to determine which one of the two is the adequate choice for you.

 Brief History of Ridgid and DeWalt

To begin with, Ridgid is a moderately aged brand, one which is possessed by the Ridge Tool Company. This firm was established in 1923 in North Ridgeville, Ohio, and has long ago been moved to Elyria, Ohio, USA. In 1966, the company as well as the parent company came to be a wholly-owned associate of Emerson Electric, an enormous Fortune 500 company established in Missouri, USA.

On the other part, we have DeWalt, an American business with a worldwide existence. This firm was first established by Raymond DeWalt, who also occurs to be the designer of the radial arm saw, in 1923. In 1947 the firm was re-incorporated as DeWalt Inc.

A company named American Machine & Foundry Co. Inc. obtained DeWalt in1949 with the brand then being auctioned to Stanley Black & Decker in 1960. At this time, Stanley Black & Decker is still DeWalt’s possessor.

DeWalt is constantly recognized as the high-end brand of Stanley Black & Decker, with their tools subsisting steered more towards competent usage. At this moment, DeWalt produces well over 200 various categories of power tools, thousands of accessories, and hundreds of contractor’s hand tools.



DeWalt gains a victory with this one. Both amass LED lights, but as you can discern from the photos, DeWalt’s lights are vastly brighter and better placed on both the impact driver and drill/driver. Rigid’s lights are found at the base of the drill, which renders for a dimmer-lit work area. While the light is fixed at the base of the DeWalt drill/driver, it’s tilted up, brightening the work area substantially.


Ridgid wins this one. Handling the battery on the Ridgid drill is simpler and feels extra raw than the DeWalt. The DeWalt’s button is bigger and is discovered on the top front of the battery, which feels a little distinct awkward to press when eliminating the battery. There are two regulators on each side of the Ridgid battery, which enables for a more realistic hand position. Notice Adam’s strange claw hand on the DeWalt. Furthermore, when pressing the Rigid’s button, it really removes the battery out, rendering removal easier.


Ridgid wins this one founded mainly on unique preference. It’s a toss-up contrarily. The thought of fastening the DeWalt drill’s chuck with his bare hands bestows him the heebie jeebies (it’s a technical term). Something about that metal ratcheting chuck propels his hair to stand on end. We presume it’s the precise as how some folks can’t survive the noise of nails on a chalkboard.

The chuck on the DeWalt doesn’t bother, but we generally defer when fastening the chuck anyway, because he has the clasp of a pro golfer.

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Which provides better Quality?

Okay, so in the aspect of quality, let’s begin with Ridgid.

Presently, it is slightly difficult to find out a lot of evidence on where Ridgid tools are created. Even yet, as spoken of before, Ridgid is controlled by Emerson Electric, TTI certainly compels the large part of the power tools which are bought under the Ridgid name.

From the little we can say, almost all Ridgid tools are created in China.

For the most portion, users are extremely comfortable with their Ridgid tools, especially their cordless tools. Presently, people are not too happy with the choice ready, but the quality does appear to be more than adequate.

Also, we have DeWalt, which is of course a vast bigger company with extra manufacturing strength. In tasks of where DeWalt tools are manufactured, this company has numerous production capabilities around the earth, comprising areas in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, China, Italy, the UK, and the Czech Republic.

Yes, DeWalt tools do manage to stand on the more costly side of things, but you obtain what you pay for, and lot of people concede that DeWalt tools are ultimate of the line. The justification for why DeWalt tools are expensive as much as they do is because they are directed towards heavy-duty proficient use.

Which Offers a Better Warranty?

Various of Ridgid’s tools are wrapped by great lifetime warranties, some are surrounded by restricted lifetime warranties, some are wrapped by lifetime assistance approvals, and others arrive with three-year exclusive warranties. Across the board, the firm does propose nice warranties.

However, we have DeWalt, which similarly offers some astral warranties to its buyers. First off, all tools are enclosed by a 30-day money-back promise. Additionally, some mechanic’s tools are enclosed by a vast lifetime warranty while others are wrapped by exclusive lifetime warranties. Various power tools arrive with three-year fixed warranties, and various hand tools similarly come with a seven-year exclusive detriment warranty.

Which Has a Better Product Portfolio?

In eras of the comprehensive product portfolio, it does occur as though DeWalt has extra tools for sale in common. Now, the areas where Ridgid prosper in eras of the product choice is in HVAC systems and plumbing tools. Ridgid does furthermore give a better choice of wet or dry vacs.

Nevertheless, other than that, DeWalt does seem to have a bigger all-around product portfolio. Among others, the organization gives a nicer choice of corded tools, cordless tools, building tools, gear, equipment, accessories, lawn and garden equipment, as well as lumber-related equipment.

Which Brand Offers a Better Selection of Drills?

When it reaches down to it, DeWalt does possess a way better choice of drills than Ridgid.

Across considerable research, we have discovered no more than 10 drills accessible from Ridgid, and this gets on for both corded and cordless categories. On the other hand, the much vaster DeWalt offers between corded, cordless, and pneumatic drills around 80 choices.

Which of the Two Brands Should You Choose?

When it goes down to it, both DeWalt and Ridgid are excellent brands to buy tools from.

Instantly, DeWalt is the apparent winner in aspects of tool quality, all-around preference, and warranties. Nevertheless, the brand is further geared more towards experienced use and is relatively costly.

If you are peeking for further fundamental tools for light-duty use, and you don’t like to spend too much for them, then Ridgid is perhaps the adequate brand for you.


While the DeWalt and Ridgid Brushless Drill/Driver and Impact Driver Combo Kits are exceptionally similar their specifications are almost related in strength, speed, procedure, and execution there’s a $70 payment distinction between the two brands. It’s the lifetime confirmation and the little, but thoughtful features like the drill bit holder and effortless battery procedure that lays Ridgid aloof.