What Brands of Backpack Leaf Blowers Do We Recommend


A leaf blower, popularly known by most as a blower, is a tool used in gardening. Its function is moving debris like leaves and grasses from the field, lawn or anywhere you have it gathered. They operate by gasoline or electric motors. They come in the form of contained handheld wands and backpack units attached to a handheld wand. Here, our key focus is the backpack leaf blower.

The leaf blower’s origin can be traced to 1947 by a Japanese-based company called Kyoritsu Noki. It came in the form of a backpack fogger.

The backpack leaf blower straps around you like a schoolbag. It consists of a belt or harness attached to your back and allows for easy carriage and usage of the leaf blower. It provides efficiency as it is less time-wasting than the standard leaf blowers.

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Factors To Consider When Purchasing a Backpack Leaf Blowers

Before going along with the backpack leaf blower’s purchase, certain things, as seen below, are what you should put into consideration. However, they are not limited to items here.

Weight of The Machine

The machine’s weight is significant as you would not want to get hunched due to the constant use of a backpack leaf blower. Hence, you should ensure that the machine’s density is light enough to be carried from place to place.

Power Supply

Backpack leaf blowers can use either power by gas, electric, or battery. Based on the environment the machine is to be used for, the power supply has to be suitable for the environment.

Job Demand

The job demand is determined by the environment in which the backpack leaf blower is used. This knowledge has a lot to do with the type of machine that should be acquired.

Engine Power

The engine power of the machine can determine the amount of time spent on the work area. Therefore, if the backpack leaf blower has a lesser engine power, the time frame you would use will increase and vice versa.

Backpack Leaf Blowers We Recommend

You might still be attached to your handheld leaf blower and do not want to change from what you are already used to due to stress in making a befitting choice and the noise the machine is sure to produce. We have got you covered with our careful selection of backpack leaf blowers we feel are the best options for you.

Husqvarna 965877502 350BT

This backpack leaf blower is to assist contractors and homeowners with their cleaning. It has a 2.1 horsepower engine, runs at a speed of 180mph and can generate 7,500 rpm. Its air volume is at 692 cm. It also comes with a soft-grip handle and a wide strap to prevent sweat and moisture from building up.

Also, it uses a gas power supply and has an excellent air emission system to remove air from its components. To us, this leaf blower is perfect for commercial and industrial projects. However, in channelling the air from the blower, four tubes are attached to the blower and might be quite tricky to assemble. This tricky setting up of the tubes might be a turn off for most people.

Echo PB-580T Backpack Leaf Blower

From the forerunner of leaf blowers comes this incredible lightweight and powerful machinery. With an air volume of 510 cm at a 215 mph rate, a two-stroke engine, a gas power supply, and a see-through tank, this backpack leaf blower is a world’s favourite.

The throttle of this machine is easily accessed on the tube, providing easy control and movement. It also comes along with an automated styled air fitter for cleaner work and longer shelf life of the machine. However, more work is needed to lighten the weight when compared with other backpack leaf blowers.

Green Works Pro Backpack Leaf Blower

An environmentally friendly machine is the perfect way to describe this machine. It runs at a speed of 145mph, has a maximum air volume of 580 cm, is easy to use and weighs about 14.64 lb. It makes use of a battery power source for its power supply. With its 80 volts battery capacity, it has a downside of lower efficiency as it can smoothly run out of battery.

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In purchasing your backpack leaf blower, ensure that you have a good idea of the environment you are to use it on. When making a purchase, this knowledge would in no little way help you in making a choice on which type of backpack leaf blower you ought to acquire for your needs.