Cordless Impact Wrench for Changing Tires?

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A cordless impact wrench is a tool that comes in handy when other types of wrenches cant get the job done. In cases where the lug nut is put on too tightly, you will need an adequate grip, and regular wrenches won’t be able to provide that, so you will need a cordless wrench. An impact wrench works by using an electric or air motor to supply a twisting action that is intense and sudden to the lug nut. When this force is applied, it creates the needed action to get the job done. An impact wrench is mostly used in the automotive industry to loosen lug nuts of cars and trucks. Still, it can be used in similar situations where there is a need for high torque, like during construction, assembling of a product, or during a repair project. An impact wrench helps minimize the exertion a person would need to pull out a bolt or nut, and It has a socket-like design, and they are mainly needed when a regular hand-powered wrench cant does the job. You might be looking to get your impact wrench for a job; some factors must be considered. Below are factors you need to consider when trying to get the best impact wrench for your project.

Motor power and adjustment

Getting an impact wrench with the right amount of motor power to get the job done is essential to your job’s success, and it also saves you energy. Sometimes, marketers do a great job of advertising their products to get people to buy it, and most people don’t bother to do extra investigations. The mistake most people make is that they don’t read beyond the instructions. A quick way to determine if it is a good impact wrench is to determine the wrench’s power. A lot more power is needed when trying to unscrew bolts and nut of a car tire compared to assembling or disassembling a shelving unit. To get good value for your money and ensure the impact wrench can do the job you need it for, you will need to check the specifications and read some reviews. Generally, an impact wrench is really powerful, but it is the torque or power that makes the difference.

Drive Size

There are three different drive sizes available, and they are 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 inch, but you will need to know the right size. When it comes to a cordless impact wrench, the drive size has a great part in how much torque you will receive. A good point to note is that the higher the drive size, the higher the torque, but a ½” drive is best for most tires.

Higher RPM and IPM

RPM means revolution per minute, and IPM means impact per minute. The RPM helps determine how fast the wrench will operate, while IPM is used to measure the impact per minute of air, electric, and cordless impact wrench. The numbers get help show how many times the hammer will strike the avil over a minute and the higher it is, the more power you will receive.


The lithium-ion battery is present in most cordless tools because it is easy to charge and last longer when compared to nickel-cadmium batteries.

Other factors to consider include; drill voltage, weight, handling, noise, design, ease of use, and warranty are important in determining the best impact wrench for changing tires.

Best impact wrench

After considering the above factors, the best impact wrench will be the DEWALT DW059K-2. Below are some of its specifications and its pros and cons.


Max Torque: 300 Ft-lb

Weight: 7.5lbs

Max RPM/IPM: 1,650/2600

Wrench size: ½”



Great design

It comes with a rocker switch


It is more expensive

It doesn’t come with Ni-Cad batteries


You might be considering getting an impact wrench to change your tires, and you will need the best one. In this article, we have considered the necessary factors and have found the best impact wrench for changing tires. We hope you find this article helpful and follow our recommendation.