How to use paint sprayer with an air compressor


Air Compressor Sizing Guide

Air compressors are used for many things, but they are really useful when you want to do some painting. When using it, you will find out that it saves a lot of time and sprays evenly. They are very good to use, and for you to use them, you will most certainly require an air compressor. There is no need to e worried can be easily attached to a paint sprayer, and on how to use I will be giving you tips and other facts you need to know.Air Compressor

How to fix an air compressor to a paint sprayer

Fixing or attaching an air compressor to a paint sprayer may sound hard, but it’s not; all you need is to follow the steps

  1. First, you need to identify where the air compressor can be fixed; it’s mostly found at the bottom; if not, then check the manual.
  2. Attach a regulator before you fix the compressor so that you will see the power of the air that enters your paint sprayer.
  3. Next, you fix the hose to the regulator. To do this, you need a female plug, and then you screw it onto the regulator.
  4. Turn your air compressor on.
  5. You need to set your PSI on the regulator. To know what PSI tool to use, you will need to check the tool.
  6. When you set your PSI, pull the trigger and allow the air to come out. When pulling the trigger, you will notice that the arrow on the regulator drops; those drops are the PSI you are spraying at. You need to adjust, then you spray.
  7. Follow all these steps, and you will have no problem using a paint sprayer with an air compressor.

If you have just purchased an air compressor, then you will need to install it. For installation and guide, you can check Air Compressor Installation Guide

What are the benefits an air compressor gives to a paint sprayer

These sprayers are very effective and get the job done perfectly and smoothly. They have low-pressure output, meaning the paint goes effectively on any surface it is sprayed on. They are also very easy to you use and gently give anything a nice coat of paint. They cause no danger to the skin as you can easily put it on the skin, and you will be only covered with paint. Whereas an airless paint sprayer also has some benefits, but can also be seen with some negative points. For example, it delivers higher pressure levels, unlike the one using an air compressor. It has been stated to produce enough pressure to break glass if needed. They are also unable to adjust pressure settings when in usage. Therefore, you need to know what you are doing before purchasing one of these. Note; they can damage the skin when they contact it because of the amount of force in use.

How to know what air compressor to use for your paint sprayer

There are a lot of air compressors to select from, so choosing one might be difficult. However, they are a few factors to consider, which will help you know the one you need.


There are two types of spray guns that use compressed air: the high volume low-pressure spray gun and the low volume low-pressure spray gun. As you can see from the names, their pressure requirements are not very high. Both use low pressure to operate.

CFM[cubic feet per minute]

it is the most significant and important of all the factors. CFM is the amount of air that can be produced by the air compressor every minute. It is not the air force but the amount of air an air compressor can produce at certain pressures. It is the most significant factor to check when shopping for air compressors to spray paint jobs and businesses. Before choosing what air compressors you need, check if it meets your requirements and moves on to the final factor.

Tank size

Paint sprayers need a regular flow of compressed air from the air compressor. It requires a compressor with a big tank, preferably 50 gallons and above, to keep up with the spray gun. If all these factors mentioned are considered, you will have no problem making the right choice.

Other ways paint sprayer can be used

It depends on the kind of paint sprayer you use. For instance, if you use an airless paint sprayer, you don’t need an air compressor to work it because I can already pump out paints at high volume. If you own a high volume low-pressure sprayer, you don’t need an air compressor, but these are expensive.

A pneumatic air paint sprayer needs an air compressor to work because it needs the compressed air to pump onto the painting’s surface. You need to be careful about using this type of paint sprayer as it may overspray, so be careful when using it. Hey, are very cost-effective as it produces a good result and cost less.


An air compressor is essential to use when you want to use your paint sprayer for a paint job. Paint sprayers are used in automotive and construction industries and other places, but the most important thing is picking the right air pressure to go well with your paint sprayer, mentioned above, for an effective paint job. It also comes with some benefits compared to an airless compressor; they are a lot gentler you are spraying paint. As it will be sprayed effectively on the surface, you want to spray it on. Not to mention they are very cheap when compared to an airless one. I can keep going on and on about why an air compressor should be used for your painting jobs, but I can’t. I sincerely hope what I have written is useful to you. If you are having issues with your air compressor and the noise it is producing and you are looking for how to quiet it, then you can check out How to Quiet an Air Compressor?