DeWalt Vs. Bosch


DeWalt and Bosch are prominent and best names in their sector. They have been in use for several years and trusted by woodworkers, DIY-ers, home-builders, plus other professionals. Thus, picking between them might be a challenging task. Consequently, this article will expound on DeWalt and Bosch’s comparison. If you are almost committing to a cordless tool setting and can’t agree on between DeWalt and Bosch, you’re at a good place. The two brands possess varied backgrounds, give several warranties, and possess several product portfolios.

As such, it is crucial to speculate about your decision wholly before you grab one of the two. That’s actually what this article will assist you to do.

DeWalt vs. Bosch: Which Offers Better Quality

Both DeWalt and Bosch power tools are of outstanding quality and will normally last you an extended time. That said, there are some disparities in of where their tools are formulated and what their guarantee is.

Brief Origin of DeWalt and Bosch

DeWalt is a brand established by Raymond E. DeWalt in Pennsylvania, U.S, in 1923. The firm focuses on making power tools and machinery. It started initially in woodworks and expanded later to the overall construction and other related areas.

On the other hand, Bosch was launched in 1886 beside Stuttgart, Germany, as an electrical and mechanical engineering company. Many Bosch’s businesses are in its mobility solutions part, developing technologies for transportation industries.

A mini-history about Dewalt.

DeWalt is an American brand that was inaugurated in 1923 in Pennsylvania. From the utmost onset, it has been a business that mostly concentrated on formulating machinery and energy tools. Originally for the woodworking crew and later widening into the general structure and other sectors as well.

It’s worth pointing out that the company’s creator, Raymond E. DeWalt, developed the radial arm saw a circular saw climbed on a sliding arm for detailed movement. The brand was developed by American Machine & Foundry in 1949 which in turn traded it to Black & Decker in 1960.

A mini-history about Bosch.

Bosch, on the other aspect was launched in 1886 in near Stuttgart, Germany, as an accuracy mechanics and electrical engineering company. Dissimilar to DeWalt, more than half of Bosch’s job is in its mobility treatments portion building technologies for the transportation business.

The company arrived into the power tools business in 1932 when it manufactured the hammer drill. Presently, the consumer goods component of which energy tools are a component shapes about a section of its business. That said, apart from Bosch power tools and outside equipment themselves, the segment furthermore incorporates home equipment and other brands the company acquires like Dremel.

DeWalt Vs. Bosch; Which is the Better Quality?

Generally, DeWalt and Bosch power tools have perfect quality and would last longer. However, there are specific differences in their design and warranty.

Manufacturing: Their Power Tools

DeWalt, as a U.S firm, makes a reasonable amount of power tools in America. The company has a tremendous overseas presence in the sales aspect and manufacturing. It posses factories in China, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Mexico, U.K, and Italy.

On its part, Bosch has several power tools in Malaysia and a fair amount in China, Mexico, and Taiwan. The firm also keeps a smaller manufacturing presence in Europe, including Switzerland and Germany.

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Warranty; DeWalt Wins

Before proceeding, save in mind that warranty duration might alter at any moment and that they rely on the country.

DeWalt provides a three-year warranty, which means that the firm would repair any defects or faults from the company. That warranty is elongated to seven years for specific tools. DeWalt equally provides a one-year service-free contract using her power tools, allowing buyers to have their devices well-serviced and have the worn-out parts replace freely. The firm as well provides a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Conversely, Bosch offers just a one-year warranty for her power tools. Their tools have a one-year protection plan of service. Consequently, it will work freely on electrical, performance, safety checks, and parts replacement worn-out in regular use.

DeWalt Vs. Bosch; The Better Product Portfolio?

DeWalt and Bosch have huge and enough tool portfolios to satisfy demanding customers. DeWalt provides over 200 various products, while Bosch gives similarly impressive options. Each of the lines has a different powerful platform; DeWalt has FLEXVOLT 60V, and Bosch has 36V for their primary power-hungry tools.

With a set of saws, hammer drills, grinders, and air compressors under DeWalt’s FLEXVOLT portfolio, it’s a little more impressive than the Bosch counterpart. The Bosch’s 36V platform are only hammer drills, drill drivers, rotary hammers, plus reciprocating saws.

Impact Drivers; DeWalt Wins

There are six impact drivers under DeWalt’s portfolio. Four of them are under its 20V MAX platform. Their difference is in the impact number they can supply per minute, the maximum torque, and the revolution per minute.

Bosch provides a fine-impact driver selection under her 18V flagship series. Worth stating is an 18V bit and socket impact driver that contains a distinct chuck that could admit 1/4-inch quick-change hex bits and 1/2-inch sockets.

Generally, DeWalt provides a better impact driver selection than the Bosch. Though, Bosch’s driver, alongside the distinct 2-in-1 chuck and 12V drivers, is worth considering.

On its affordability, DeWalt and Bosch impact drivers are often in the same range of price. Their features are similar, with just small differences and adjustments that make each of them stand out.

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Would you Choose DeWalt or Bosch?

DeWalt and Bosch are perfect tool makers. However, if you want to pick one of them, it would be DeWalt in most cases.

Both of them provide great tools selection, but DeWalt has a broader portfolio across various tools and specific tools types. Whether you operate with metal or wood, you would find several tools needed for DeWalt’s selection. What’s more, most would share the same 20V MAX batteries. DeWalt as well provides more full warranty packages that would be useful.

Nevertheless, when looking for smaller 12V tools, Bosch may be a better brand to use.


DeWalt and Bosch are the top world power tool-makers, and they almost have the same originated process. DeWalt began just like a power tool-maker, and it’s still that today. At the same time, Bosch is part of a diversified and massive conglomerate. Though DeWalt gives a better tools selection and is more common among the professionals, both brands make great quality tools that would last longer.

On a final note, picking between DeWalt and Bosch tools might seem a bit confusing. However, it entails each one’s personal choices and needs.

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