Different Types of Lawn Mowers


We all want our lawns, looking luxuriantly green and well-manicured; however, this does not happen overnight and takes an impressive amount of time and effort to grow and maintain that desired look.

For over a century, there has been constant advancement in the making of lawnmowers from various manufacturers. From the time the first motor was put in a lawn mower till today where they are fitted with vehicles, for example, tractors.

One of the major tools required to give your lawn a look it deserves is lawn mowers. There are various types of lawn mowers, and it is important that you get one of high quality that also suits the size of your lawn and the type of grass growing on it.

A good mower will make a huge difference and goes a long way to determine how much work you expend and how effective the results will be relative to the one that is not suitable for your lawn. That is why you should be familiar with all the types of lawn mowers and know the one that befits your lawn. However, with various manufacturers claiming to have the best lawn mower on the market regardless of the price, making a decision can be difficult, especially when you don’t have the necessary information to aid you in making the right choice.

For this reason, we have gathered the various types of lawn mowers on the market, along with a detailed explanation of how they work and which one is suitable for your lawn while taking the size and the terrain into consideration. You can compare their characteristics and reach a decision regarding which one is best for you. Without further ado, let us start

Rotary Lawn Mowers

Chances are relatively high that you have seen or owned one of these types of lawn mowers because they are the most common type available on the market. It won’t be strange to settle for a rotary mower, and below are the reasons.

The way they work: A rotary mower works by rotating its single blade horizontally at a relatively high speed. As it moves, it cuts the grass that comes in contact with the blade.

They are versatile: you can use this type of mower on various types of grass and surfaces.

They are powerful: compared to reel mowers, rotary mowers are more powerful. They are ideal for cutting stubborn, longer, and overgrown grass.

They are available in different forms: there are different types of rotary lawn mowers, and their power source distinguishes them. So if you are interested in a rotary lawn mower, you will have to decide between an electric-powered lawn mower, a rechargeable cordless model, or a gas-powered lawn mower. All these types have their distinct pros and cons, all of which are worth considering when planning to invest in one of them.

Generally, lawn mowers require maintenance, and rotary lawn mowers are no exception. They require more maintenance compared to reel lawn mowers. Therefore, you should pay attention to its parts to prevent them from clogging or bending.

Hover Lawn Mowers

Apart from the regular sliding rotary mower, there are other rotary lawn mowers that mow lawns by hovering above the ground, and they are known as hover lawn mowers. These mowers are ideal for uneven terrains. They are relatively easy to push around thanks to their working mechanism, which reduces friction between the tool and the ground.

Most hover lawn mowers are electrically powered, and they are considered one of the cheapest types of lawn mowers available on the market.

Hover lawn mowers perform excellently on lawns with rough corners by giving users more control. However, despite their impressive ease of use, they are not that powerful. This makes them unsuitable for larger lawns. So, if you have a larger lawn, it is best to invest in a more powerful lawn mower.

Cordless Lawn Mowers

Cordless lawn mowers add more convenience to mowing as there is no cable to limit them. They offer the same benefits you get from an electric mower, along with the flexibility of gas mowers. So if you are planning on investing in an electric-powered lawn and you happen to have a large lawn, cordless lawn mowers are the suitable candidates. However, you should be ready to spend more than the amount you will pay for a regular electric lawn mower.

They are known to be heavy, but newer types come fitted with lithium-ion batteries, which are lighter and contain more impressive features than nickel-cadmium batteries, which can still be found in older cordless lawn mowers. This also contributes to the high cost of newer models, and a budget of about $500 or more should get you a good one.

Electric Lawn Mowers

Electric lawn mowers are quite popular. They have to be connected to a power outlet before they start working. They are ideal for small or medium-sized lawns. This is because they tend to limit the coverage due to the length of their cables. Electric lawn mowers are very affordable depending on the size and don’t take up much storage space. They are also lightweight, which makes them easy to move around the areas their cable permit.

You will find them in the range of $100 to about $300, depending on their size. It is important to check if the cable length of any electric lawn mower can cover your lawn. Ensure that the length covers the lawn. If you can’t find one that does or you should consider investing in a cordless lawn mower.

Gas Lawn Mowers

Lawn mowers that are powered by gas are best suited for large lawns. They are usually powerful and do a great job in trimming lawns. They can reach areas that an electric lawn mower cannot reach. Even cordless lawn mowers need to be recharged, but gas lawn mowers only need gas, which can be delivered on-site. They are larger and more expensive than their electric counterparts. They are relatively fast and efficient and can mow areas with rough patches or an unusual amount of debris.

However, these powerful mowers have their shortcomings. They pollute the environment by releasing gases, which are also harmful to humans. Their engine requires more maintenance than any of the other types of lawn, which further increases its running cost. They can be noisy and are relatively expensive, with some of them costing as high as $750.

Reel Lawn Mowers

Reel lawn mowers are also known as cylinder lawn mowers because of the units of cylindrical blades present in its front. The blades rotate and cut grasses vertically from top to bottom.

Reel lawn mowers are ideal doe lawns on even surfaces and do a good job keeping grasses level and neat. It is best for lawns that are mowed regularly. When used on rough terrains, they either stop working or move very slowly, which can be frustrating. They are also not suitable for clearing lawns with overgrown grasses. So, if you don’t have time to clear your lawn regularly, then this mower isn’t for you. They are available in electric, gas, and manual powered form. The manual powered mower is also known as the push powered lawn mower, and they are quite popular.

Despite the increasing popularity of reel mowers, it is not strange to hear people asking if they do work. The answer to these depends mainly on the lawn’s size and terrain and how overgrown the lawn has gotten. Manual reel mowers work when they are pushed over the lawn. They are the simplest and most affordable type of lawn mowers. They are further discussed in this article.

Push Lawn Mowers

Some reel mowers are powered by pushing them. They serve as a means of exercising while mowing lawns. They do not possess an internal motor. They are ideal for small gardens because their working principle requires the operator’s physical strength, and there is a limit to which that strength can go. Push lawn mowers are usually lightweight, which makes it easy to push them around.

They are not noisy, and they don’t produce dangerous gases like gas-powered lawn mowers. This makes them environment-friendly. They are very affordable, so you should be able to get a decent one below $100.

However, like other lawn types, they have their disadvantages. They are not ideal for people who don’t have the strength to push things around, and even those who have the strength to push them will tire out at some point. They are not ideal for overgrown lawns, and they perform poorly in lawns with uneven surfaces. Also, they are not suitable for larger lawns

Types of Lawn Mowers Ideal for Different Lawn Sizes

We have been mentioning that some lawns are ideal for lawns of certain sizes. Most times, it is very easy to come to a conclusion regarding which lawn mower is ideal for your lawn by going through their power rating. There is no exact rule stating explicitly which type of mower is best for a particular lawn. However, experiences have helped us to know better and to make your work easier. Therefore, below are some lawn sizes, as well as types of lawn mowers that are suitable for those sizes.

Your lawn can be considered small if it is about 1000 sq ft, and an electric, cordless, or push mower will be suitable for such a lawn. If it is sized between a thousand square feet to 2500 sq ft, then you should go for an electric, cordless, or gas-powered lawn mower. If the lawn is larger than 2500 sq ft, it is best to invest in a gas lawn mower.


Understanding how these mowers work is also important. We have looked at the importance of the right mower for your lawn as this will save you more time and effort. A major determinant of what type of lawn mower you will get is your budget. However, you must always budget for a high-quality product as this will save you more cost in the future.

The information above should guide you in making the right choice in the future and help you give your lawn a beautiful look‘ that befits your compound.