Do Reel Mowers Work?


Mowers are really helpful companions when it comes to trimming and cutting plants and other grasses that grow on the ground. A mower is very effective in cutting plants and grass in your lawn to a ground level, making your lawn safe and also aesthetically appealing.

Mowers are built according to the different kinds of lawn. We have reel mowers, rotary mowers, zero-turn mowers, and others. These mowers are made for particular ground surfaces peculiar to them. This informational content, although not elaborating on the different types of mowers will concentrate on reel mowers. This content is going to answer the question, do reel mowers work? At the end of a thorough consideration of this subject, you would be able to know when exactly to purchase a reel mower, how to bring the best out of it, and how to maintain it. Then, let us dive right in!

Reel Mowers

Reel mowers are very effective when it comes to cutting your lawn! They are built with mostly two wheels but sometimes, you get four wheels. Reel mowers are very suitable for household cutting and cleaning. Reel mowers are mostly used for cutting lawns that are quite level in terms of the landscape. More so, if the landscape is quite level, you would love the work of a reel mower. Watch here to find more information about reel mowers.

Where can you use a reel mower?

As stated earlier, reel mowers work best when mowing a level landscape. The condition of your lawn should be examined here. If you want to mow or cut a dense and thick lawn, it is not advisable to use reel mowers because long and thick grass would most likely affect the reel mower and its components. So, suitably, it is best to use reel mowers when cutting short and less thick grasses and lawns. Reel mowers work in a way that makes them most suitable for short and light lawns. The blades of reel mowers work in a scissors-like motion. This way, they trim grasses to a level and moderate height. This is why reel mowers would not cut long grasses and thick lawns well. If you have most likely observed the sporting lawns and household lawns, they are usually trimmed aesthetically and shortly. They are not cut down to the lowest level like you are cutting grasses off the ground. Sporting lawns are trimmed with reel mowers because it trims your lawn to beautiful moderate heights.

Reel mowers in thick and dense lawns

The fact that reel mowers are not suitable for long and dense lawns does not necessarily mean that they cannot be used to cut your lawn if it happens to be dense. First of all, reel mowers are more of maintenance mowers, let us put it that way. Reel mowers are mostly used to prevent your lawn from growing too high. They are used to maintain a unique grass height on a particular terrain. If you want your lawn at a particular height, you use should use a reel mower every two weeks to trim to that height.

Does this main function of reel mowers mean that they cannot be used in dense lawns? Not necessarily so. If you want to use a reel mower to cut long and dense lawns, you can but you would be following some extra procedures and patterns.

When you want to use a reel mower in a dense lawn, your principle should be ‘exerted pressure and pattern for deep cutting.’ What does this mean? It means that you have to put in much effort and apply a regular pattern of cutting. How do you cut?

First, you have to cut in an undulating pattern. What you have to do is that you start with one side and mow it down to the end. Because it is a reel mower, it would definitely not give you a deep neat cut. So, after finishing that line, take it upwards from that finish point back to the starting point. If you want to have a deeper cutting, you can choose to go the third time, back to the finish point. This is the way you are going to mow the whole lawn to achieve deep cutting.

This process is quite tedious as you have to mow a single line about two to three times with exerted pressure. But in the end, you would come out with the desired result even though stressful. If you want to save yourself the stress, you can simply go for a rotary mower. Let us touch on why rotary mowers would save you the stress.

Rotary mowers in long lawns

Rotary mowers would cut a thick and dense lawn easily and deeply. You do not need to cut in strategized patterns as it is the case with reel mowers. With rotary mowers, long grasses are cut down to the barest level very easily. The blades rotate in a 360° movement that would cut the lawn very clear and deep no matter how long.

Is using a Reel Mower Easy?

The truth is, it is quite easy to use a reel mower. Reel mowers are not the type of equipment that would stress you out while using them. Quite light in weight. They weigh about 2 to 3.67lbs which makes them very light to push around. When it also comes to mowing itself, reel mowers are also easy to use except you are cutting long and thick grass. If you are working with short grasses, all you need to do is to push with no stress and the mower does its work.

Reel mowers also emit a very minimal amount of noise. If you are concerned about irritating noise, do not worry, reel mowers work quietly with little noise. When you are using a reel mower do not run please! Just walk normally to avoid accidents of any sort. But take note that to maintain the ease of use, you have to do some maintenance and care.

For your reel mower, you have to sharpen the blades every eight months. Go through this to learn more about blade sharpening. This is to keep the blade sharp enough for easy cutting. When the blades are sharp enough, the effort at pushing your reel mower to generate sharp cuts would be greatly reduced. The maintenance does not stop at just the blades. Do well to go further and change the air and oil filter every three months if you use your mower frequently. Make sure you change the mower plug frequently too. If you follow these maintenance steps, your reel mower would feel new every time you use it and it would be super easy to use!


In this article, it has been explained thoroughly how reel mowers do work. Do not think that because they are built for short and light lawns, they cannot work at all in long and thick lawns. Reel mowers can work on a thick lawn, you just need to apply a particular pattern of mowing. Reel mowers are helpful to maintain your lawn. Get one and mow your lawn to aesthetic beauty!