Do Chainsaw Sharpeners Work?


If you spend time in the outdoors working with wood or lumber, then you know how tedious it can get. If you have a lot of trees in your yard and you want to maintain them yourself, then you need the right tools, but keep in mind that woodwork is intensive and requires your full focus and strength.

Before the invention of chainsaws, cutting wood was an even more tedious job. To chop wood, they had to use an axe or handsaw to cut huge chunks of wood. But things improved when the chainsaw came, the only complaint users had was that the blades were quick to become dull and this can be very frustrating. A chainsaw sharpener will resolve that issue for you.

Having a chainsaw that has blunt blades means that you won’t be able to properly cut through wood or get any accurate results. Leaving your chainsaw blunt could lead to an accident for the user.

After a while, the blade of a chainsaw may become dull, and while you could easily change it to a new one, you could also sharpen the cutting teeth of the chain. It will save you a lot of money and improve the life span of your chain. By purchasing a chainsaw sharpener, you will be able to get more work done, and it doesn’t take time to sharpen a chainsaw blade, just a few minutes. The process of sharpening is straightforward and easy to learn.

Chainsaws come in different models, so if you feel using the manual kit would be too tedious for you, you can use the electric operated sharpener. They both have their pros and cons, so you need to consider what your needs are before you choose a suitable one.

The manual sharpeners work great, but they are not as efficient as the electric-powered sharpeners. Electric sharpeners can remove more material with every stroke more than a single pass of the manual file. If you’re using an electric sharpener be careful not to overdo it if you file the cutting teeth too low then you could have issues with your chainsaw later on. The pro of using a manual kit is that they are cheaper than their electric counterpart, although it also depends on the manufacturer.

The Importance Of Keeping The Blades Sharp

It is important to keep the blade sharp to get accurate and precise results. Most people make the mistake of thinking that the only solution to a dull blade is to purchase a new blade, which isn’t true. There is no need to purchase a new chain every time the blade of your chainsaw gets blunt. Instead, all you need to do is re-sharpen the cutter.

To make the blade work with precision and speed, you have to purchase a good quality chainsaw sharpener. It takes a few minutes to sharpen the blades, and it is easy to understand the process.

Types Of Electric Chainsaw Sharpeners

There are two types of electric chainsaw sharpeners; the stationary chainsaw and the handheld chainsaw sharpener.

The stationary chainsaw sharpener is usually mounted on a bench and needs assembly before use. When using this sharpener, make sure that you turn the motor off and move the chain through the saw’s chain holder. You need to go through this process for every cutting link in the chain.

The handheld sharpener has a spinning disc that looks like a grinder for cutting. You find a guide attached to the tool; it will provide you with the accuracy you need while sharpening the cutting teeth. Be careful while using the handheld sharpener, because a slight change in the angle of the cutting blade could cause inaccuracy in the grade of sharpening along the blade.

The handheld chainsaw sharpeners are portable, and this makes it perfect for professionals who travel for work. This is their one advantage over the stationary chainsaw sharpener.


Chainsaw sharpeners help you improve the longevity of your blade, so yes! they work. It is quite simple to use a chainsaw sharpener, but it is always important to be careful when operating machinery with a blade. Ensure that the chain is placed in a way that the sanding disc doesn’t come in contact with the cutting link of the sharpener.

Take your time and carefully think about which purchase will suit your needs before you make the final decision, but keep in mind that purchasing a chainsaw sharpener is the right step to take.