How To Start A Zero Turn Mower


If you intend to keep your garden looking attractive and neat, knowing how to start a zero turn mower is the first step. Zero-turn mowers are unique heavy-duty lawnmowers compared to standard lawn mowers or tractors. The most significant advantage of their large size is that it can cover more expanse of land in a short while.

Zero-turn lawn mowers are gradually becoming quite famous on the market due to their efficiency and capacity. However, there is lingering confusion on how to operate and understand how these mowers work correctly. The most significant difference between a traditional riding mower and a zero turn mower is its rear steering wheel system. Traditional riding mowers have their steering wheel attached to their front wheels but zero turn mowers, on the other hand, work with a rear steering wheel system and have two separate cranks instead of a steering wheel.

These cranks are attached to an engine at the back of the mower and the engines attached to the back wheels.

Once the lawnmower is turned on, you can use the cranks to move forward or backwards and even to turn from left side to right side. Generally, working a zero turn mower is tricky.

To turn the lawnmower on, you only have to follow some necessary steps. The first step being, engaging the parking brake. Doing this will assist you in making essential adjustments or corrections without worrying about it rolling forward before you’re ready to do so.

Now that you have engaged the brakes, you can start up the lawnmower. Next thing on your to-do list should be to disengage the clutch and pull out the choke knob. Next, push the throttle crank forward and turn the key in your ignition. As soon as the engine starts, return the choke in place and pull the throttle crank backwards till it gets to a stop. Let the engine rev up a little before disengaging the park brakes, and you can get to work.


While purchasing a zero turn mower, there are a couple of options on how to set up the mower. The first option is to buy an already assembled lawnmower which will save you a lot of time and stress as you can quickly get to work once the lawnmower has arrived. Although this will cost you some extra bucks if you can squeeze in some extra money, then this is the most convenient option for you. You can also opt for a mechanic to come to assemble the mower for you. This is a great option, especially if you’re more comfortable with a professional’s help. Try to compare the rates to know if it Is above your budget, although it’ll save you time and stress.

Lastly, if you’re working with a low budget or you’re just a big fan of DIY, then the last option is for you. This option is that you assemble it up by yourself. Bear it in mind that if you want to do this yourself, you’ll need to do some research and also be patient enough to figure it out.

Putting together a device like this requires precision and a reasonable amount of time. Before you decide to assemble your zero turn mower yourself, you have to make your findings, especially if you do not have experience in working with machinery. You know what you’re about to do and be confident in yourself. Worst that could happen if you can’t get it right, you may have to involve a professional, you can also ask for their advice on how to go about it if you’re bent on doing it yourself. But bear in mind that if you don’t do your findings and acquire knowledge on how to assemble your zero turn mower, you may not get it right and end up wasting time and money.

The foremost part of the mower to start is the control system of the steering. This is the footing of the machine, so it must be fixed appropriately. You’ll have to use mounting equipment, then place the control steering upright and tighten the levers, this will help you get prepared for the next step. Now, calibrate the cranks into their proper placement. Remember to centre the levers in a neutral position. Once you’ve ensured that the levers are in the best place, then you can secure them into the correct placement by merely regulating the mounting nuts or bolts. Next on your to-do list should be to assemble the operator’s seat and the safety switch. To do this, you need to put the cranks in neutral, to allow you to mount the seat plate and the seat smoothly. As soon as you’ve done this, you may go ahead to connect the chair switch traps to the chair switch.

Although you’ll have to take care of an important step which is the installation of the battery, to do this, ensure that you put on safety gear. After placing the system in place, check the engine and oil level for irregularities. Ensure that the pressure of the tyres are accurate and fuel the mower’s engine. Once you’ve concluded these things, the rest isn’t much work.


If you plan to invest and purchase a zero turn mower, you need to ensure that you make time for its maintenance. You need to keep each part of the mower in excellent condition to optimize the lifespan of the parts before you have to replace them or even purchase a new lawnmower. One of the most comfortable but efficient ways to optimize this machine is by greasing it’s parts regularly. Doing this will go a long way in helping the metal parts to move freely without rubbing against each other, which can cause damage. Keeping the mower clean is another maintenance tip, ensure that you don’t leave it out overnight as this will make it vulnerable to rust, moisture damage and build-up of dust. Ensure that the mower is kept in a covered area. Also, make out time to clean the residue of grass hanging on the machine to avoid having sticky materials stuck to your lawnmower. This may cause it to rust.

Replacing the engine of your zero turn lawn mower may cost you a lot. You need to take care of the engine and also observe it’s oil levels because if they fall too low, it will place a lot of pressure on the engine and this will spoil the engine in the long run.


For excellent results on your lawn, you need to sharpen the blades of your mower at least 2-3 times a season. Monitor your grass to know when the blades are due for sharpening.

Sharpening the blades of a zero-turn mower isn’t as easy as that of other mowers. You’ll have to lift the mower to get under it. When this is done, you can take out the blades to your work table, where you’ll sharpen them. Before sharpening the blades, ensure that there are no splits or deformities that may make them harmful to keep using. Ensure that you pay attention to the edge of the blade and the lift wings.

If there are no deformities, you can focus on sharpening the blades. You can sharpen the blades with a hand grinder or wheel grinder. Although using a wheel grinder is more straightforward and will give a more accurate result, but a hand grinder can also be used. Ensure that you have ample space to work so you can get good results.

Keep a bucket with soapy water closeby. Start the device and hold the blade against the surface of the wheel grinder at a stable and consistent 30degree gradient. Do this about two times and then immerse the blades into the soapy water to avoid overheating. Continue and repeat this process till the blades are sharp enough for your taste.

If you’re using a hand grinder, tighten the blade to vice and ensure that you face the edge up to create room for you to work. Next, press the hand grinder on the edge of the blades and put it to work. Remember to keep it going at a stable 30-degree gradient for an excellent result. Remember to cool the blade in the soapy water if it gets too hot. Repeat the process with each side till you get your desired sharpness.

Whichever technique you choose to use, ensure that the blades are adequately balanced to get precise cuts when you put the blades to use. When you’re done sharpening the blades, you may return them to their original positions and put them to work.


A zero-turn mower may be heavy-duty equipment, but it is relatively efficient and will last a long time as far as it is adequately maintained. If you cannot handle the assembling yourself, then it’s better to get professional help or have it assembled from the get-go.

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