Do Patio Heaters Work?


You have an additional family gathering for dinner, and your living space is small to contain the number of individuals you’re expecting. It crosses your mind that you could use the patio, but you do not want to stay on it for too long because of the cold weather. A patio heater will be best perfect in such situations.

It is mostly employed in outdoor settings and can provide as much heat as your indoor fireplace would. Its shape is like that of a pyramid, a mushroom or even an umbrella, with the capacity of generating thermal radiation to warm up your outdoor environment.

A fire pit as used by every other person has been observed not to be safe. This risk is from the amount of wood that it requires, and also the absence of a control feature. In the case of a patio heater, it heats a larger amount of outdoor space and still contains a control feature.

You might still have doubts as to if a patio heater is the best deal you can find for your outdoor setting, but you will be stunned as to how useful it can be.

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How Do Patio Heaters Work

With its mushroom, umbrella, or even pyramid shape as you might want to describe the patio heater, it has a means of operation that is noteworthy. At the top of the patio heater is a burner which uses liquefied petroleum gas, butane, or even propane.

The gas burns against a perforated metal screen, the heat emitted travels in a circular pattern which is reflected by a device called the Reflector. You can also find the reflector at the top of the burner; this device prevents the heat from being lost upwards.

The silver structure of the reflector is a poor heat absorber, but can fully reflect infrared radiation. This reflective feature helps reduce the heat from being lost by conduction.

Some other models of patio heaters make use of electrically, backed radiation heaters to emit equivalent infrared energy which becomes a way to heat the surrounding environment.

Types Of Patio Heaters

There are different types of patio heaters, all of which perform the same function; to warm up the outdoor environment. There is always a patio heater available to suit your needs.

There is the gas patio heater, the electric patio heater, propane patio heater and the wood-burning patio heater.

The pros and cons of this appliance will be based on the types. So in considering which one to get, you can weigh your options using the information in this article.

Gas Patio Heater

Gas patio heaters are acclaimed to be the cheapest of all the patio heaters. It costs more initially to install, but in the aftermath, it is less expensive cause it only uses gas.


  • It burns cleaner than wood.
  • It is easier to maintain.
  • It uses an existing. Gas line.


  • Once installed, it cannot be moved around.
  • It is expensive.
  • It requires a professional for its installation.

Electric Patio Heater

This type of patio heater makes use of electricity to produce thermal radiation. To some people, it is cost-effective as one doesn’t have to refill only to connect to a power outlet.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It does not need to be refilled as it uses electricity.
  • It is safe to use.


  • It is expensive to maintain due to electricity charges.
  • It requires an electrical outlet for its usage; hence it is fixed.
  • It is slower to heat.

Propane Patio Heater

Patio heaters make use of propane to heats up quickly, unlike the others mentioned. It is only more expensive than others.


  • It can be moved from one place to a different location.

  • It heats up faster than most patio heaters.
  • It is easy to set up; hence professional installation is not required.
  • Cons

    • The cost of buying propane is exorbitant.
    • They cannot be used in enclosed spaces due to the propane gas.

    Wood-burning Patio Heater

    This heater employs the use of wood in its usage. It is cheap but requires higher maintenance.


    • Wood is cheap to acquire.
    • The patio heater is straight forward to setup.


    • It is not safe as it releases sparks and embers at intervals.
    • It requires heavy maintenance as the wood and ash always needs cleaning.
    • It does not emit as much heat as the others.

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    Patio heaters have their disadvantages quite alright, but it is a known fact that all appliances have their drawbacks. This one is no exception, but it promises to Provide the heat you so need, especially as it can be utilized in any outdoor setting, not just the patio. So, yes patio heaters do work and efficiently too.