What Makes A Good Snow Shovel


Different qualities can change a basic shovel into a good shovel fit for shoveling snow, knowing what qualities make up a good snow shovel will allow you to escape the stress of finding the best snow shovel. The qualities that make up a good snow shovel include the material used in constructing them, the weight of the shovel and if the construction of the shovel is good. A snow shovel with ergonomic designs is best because it will help prevent injuries and also make your work more enjoyable.

What To Look For In A Snow Shovel

There are different types of snow shovels on the market, that is why there are certain factors you need to know in order to choose a good snow shovel. The important aspects to look out for include;

Blade Material

The material used in making the blade of the shovel is an important factor to take note of, most snow shovels have a metal construction, but they are not appropriate for removing snow from your deck and other wooden surfaces. It would be ideal to get one that is made from strong plastic or one that its blade has plastic edges; this will protect your wooden surfaces and other sensitive parts. An aluminum scoop is rustproof and durable, and it is suitable for dealing with large drifts of snow.

Blade Size

A snow shovel with a blade size of 24 inches is best for shoveling snow but not pushing it; an 18-inch blade size will reduce the impact of strain on your back while shoveling. But a square nosed blade is ideal for working on icy snow and for scraping. The 30-inch blade size works as a pusher and a scraper.


The weight of a snow shovel makes a difference in how comfortable using the shovel will be. If you live in an area that experiences large snowfalls, then you may need an all-metal shovel that can handle the high volume of snow on a regular basis. But if you are only dealing with a small amount of snow, you don’t have to get a heavyweight shovel, just one that is durable.

What Is The Cost Of A Snow Shovel

The prices for snow shovels vary. The cost of the shovel depends on the quality of the material used in constructing the shovel and also the design and style of the shovel. The basic shovels that are used in the home are less expensive than the commercial-grade shovels. The brand will also influence the price of the shovel that you intend on purchasing. The price of snow shovels range between $10 for the basic plastic snow shovel to $100 and above for the wheeled snow shovels.

The quality of material used, warranty and style all have a role to play in the prices of snow shovels. Keep in mind that $10 shovel won’t be as durable as the $100 shovel and you may end up spending more, because of the need to replace the $10 shovel more often than you would change the expensive shovel.

How To Prevent Snow From Sticking To Your Metal Snow Shovel

If you live in an area with a colder climate, then you will know that shoveling snow is a job that is done regularly if you are going to use your driveway, sidewalk and other areas around your house snow-free. It can get very frustrating when your shoveling snow and the snow keeps getting stuck to the blade of the shovel.

You might try banging your shovel against a wall or something hard to get the clump off the shovel, but this could cause damages to your shovel; instead, you can follow these options to prevent snow from sticking to your shovel’s blade.


Lubricating your shovel’s blade will prevent snow from sticking. You could use something as simple as a cooking spray. Spray your shovel every time before you start shoveling to make sure snow does not form clumps on the blade of your shovel.

You can also use petroleum jelly as a lubricant on your shovel. Ensure you rub the petroleum jelly on both the front and back of the shovel, and this will make snow glide off the shovel with ease, thereby eliminating your frustration. Lubricating your shovel’s blade with petroleum jelly can last a few shoveling sessions. Still, if you notice that the snow is starting to stick again, then you can apply another layer of petroleum jelly to the blade of your shovel.

Another trick is to use a multipurpose lubricant. Cover the entire shovel’s blade with the lubricant to ensure that snow does not stick to the blade. With this option, you have to spray the blade ay time you want to shovel snow.

Another option is to rub paraffin wax on the shovel’s blade. This will eliminate the sticking of snow and cause it ti slid right off the blade when throwing the snow. Parrafin wax is cheap, and this makes this option the cheapest, and it can be found in almost every craft store. You only need to apply it once in a while and if you notice that it is wearing off, then apply another coat.

The final option is to use vegetable oil. It is effortless and cheap to use. Use a cloth to apply the oil to the back and front of the shovel’s blade. The oil will act as a natural lubricant that stops snow from sticking to the blade. Just like the other options, you will have to apply the oil any time you want to use the shovel as the oil will dry out when not in use.

Safety Tips For Shoveling Snow

Shovel only fresh, powder-like snow, it is lighter than packed snow.

Push the snow instead of lifting. If you need to lift, then use a small shovel and fill it partially. Use your legs to lift, not your back.

Avoid shoveling after eating or while smoking. If you feel tired, take a break.

If you have a medical history of heart diseases, do not shovel without permission from your doctor. If you feel your chest getting tight or you’re dizzy, stop immediately.

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If you live in a climate that has a lot of snow, then you know that shoveling snow is a necessity. Using the right tools and technique will ensure that your sidewalk, driveway, deck and other areas of your house stay snow-free so that you can easily move around.