Do Space Heaters Use A Lot of Electricity?


A lot of homeowners are finding out different ways to reduce their electrical bills now that standard heating has become quite expensive. As winter is approaching, it may be challenging to make it through the weather, especially without a heater and having to bother about all other bills. Winter also comes with a lot of cold-related illnesses, and it could be worse with the absence of a heater. One of the best solutions is switching over to portable space heaters.

The use of space heaters come with various benefits. Still, most homeowners’ biggest reservation about using a space heater is the concern that it may not be a very effective answer to their desires, even in terms of cost.

In this article, you’ll find out all you need to know about space heaters.

The number of electricity that a space heater uses is not representative of the heater’s efficiency but comes from the particular style of heater. When the heater is used rightly, it is preferable to a lower-wattage heater than a high-wattage heater. For example, high-wattage oil heaters are perfect for heating a small room, while low-wattage halogen heaters are great for heating a small space within a room. Once you’ve chosen your heater, you can calculate the hourly electricity cost.

The level of electricity that a space heater uses up mostly depends on the number of watts that the heater requires. This number is usually printed on the heater, close to the model number of the device.


  • coil heaters
  • infrared heaters

Infrared heaters make use of the electromagnetic energy of infrared radiation. In comparison, coil electric heaters send out electricity using metal coils and they spread to fill up the room with warmth.

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These two heaters are pretty safe but should not be in direct contact with flammable materials like light cloth, bedding, wood, or paper because they are flammable materials. You should also invest in a new quality space heater than bringing out an outdated one to use if you need high energy efficiency. It’s best to get a heater with a timer or thermostat, so the room doesn’t get overheated.

Ensure that you do not sleep with your electric heater on. Also, avoid sitting too close to the heater. People have complained of damage to their skin or eyes with prolonged exposure to infrared electric heaters. Check are space heaters safe to leave on all night


The most accurate formula to use is to divide the wattage of your heater by 1000 and then multiply the sum by 1.5. Once you have the answer, multiply against the cost of one-kilowatt hour of electricity to know your result. Youll discover that, it only costs about 15 cents for you to operate a 1,500 space heater for one hour.

In contrast to this, it costs about 20 cents an hour to operate a regular fridge. This means that making use of a space heater is quite affordable. You can do various things to ensure that you can maximize the use of your space heater and save more money.


When using a space heater, it is advisable to turn down the central heat throughout the rest of the house and use the portable heater in one room for a short time because turning them all at once may add up to your electricity cost pretty fast.

Electric heaters are mostly better than outdated portable heaters like kerosene-powered heaters because they don’t release any smoke or fumes.

Overall, electric heaters are more efficient than gas heaters. The reason being that a central furnace may start to leak heat as it spreads through the home’s air ventilation system/ducts. An electric heater will heat one room quite well, especially if the windows are locked correctly, and the room is well insulated.

Always pay attention to the recommendations for room placement made by manufacturers. It is not advisable to use a portable or small heater for a large room because this will overwork the heater and strain its efficiency, and it also takes a long time to heat up a bigger space with a small heater. Besides the fact that the space heater is quite affordable, it’s advisable to use the designated space heater for your particular room size.


If you’re in need of an affordable alternative method of heating your home, then you should consider purchasing a space heater. They are pretty affordable and quite efficient, making them a perfect option for those who can’t afford to install a traditional heating system or the electricity bills that go with it. Generally, space heaters are among the most affordable options for heating your home, especially in the winter season.