How Does a Zero Turn Mower Work


Zero-turn mowers are primarily used to mow large areas of lawn, and they are also heavy-duty tools. Professionals typically use Zero-turn mowers to glide around their lawns at top speeds. The reason why they are referred to as zero-turn mowers is due to their 0o turning radius. The machine can turn in a complete circle that helps provide a thorough and efficient cutting of your grass. The two factors that make zero turn mowers so popular among most professional lawn services are its turning radius and speed.

Component of a Zero Turn Mower

  • Wheels
  • Unpowered Wheels
  • Steering Levers
  • Deck
  • Engine

How Zero Turn Mowers Work

  • The central powers the whole mower
  • When the levers are pressed the drive shaft turns
  • The engine supplies power to the PTO, and from there, it distributes the power to implemented systems and attachments.
  • The blades turn when the PTO is engaged
  • Using the steering levers you can operate the motion of your zero turn mowers
  • To go forward, you have to hold down both forward buttons
  • In the same manner, hold down both back button to move back
  • To be on neutral push both buttons to the beginning position
  • You want to move right, you have to push the left handle forward and pull the right back
  • To move left, push the right handle forward and pull the left-back
  • To cut the grass, the blades spin beneath the deck.

History of a Zero Turn Mower

The zero-turn mower is a relatively new addition to the lawnmower market. Although the concept of the out-front mower deck dates back to the 1940s, the word “zero turn” and the new zero turn radius mowers were first used by Hustler Turf in 1966. Hence, ever since then every zero mower manufacturer has entered the zero-turn market with its unique design.

At first, the zero-turn mowers were not easy to grab. The idea was more than the technologies of the time would have required. Although with the introduction of inexpensive and more powerful hydraulic engines, mass manufacturing of efficient and effective mowers gradually became more feasible. The list of zero-turn mower manufactures is lengthy, including Husqvarna, Toro, John Deer, Hustler, Walker, and others.

The pace and consistency at which zero turn mowers operate have secured them a position on the lawnmower market indefinitely. They might not be for everybody, but someone who wants to mow a massive volume of lawn in as little time as possible will benefit immensely from a zero-turn mower.

Are Lawn Tractors more efficient than Zero Turn Mowers?

A zero-turn mower can be more exceptional than a lawn tractor, depending on what it is used for. The benefits of zero-turn mowers over grass tractors are speed and manoeuvring. The out-front design of the mowing deck helps the Z-mower to easily mow fields in such a manner that a lawn tractor cannot, in particular, they can get into narrow spaces to get too close to any obstruction. Turn mowers are also famously efficient, and able to mow acres of lawn in a matter of minutes. Great for mowing football fields or other wide-open spaces in a short time. However, they pose possible risk under bumpy or muddy conditions. Zero-turn mowers are most successful when operated by those with sufficient expertise, and instruction for operators in individual municipalities is mandatory.

Although a zero turn mower will do a quick job of mowing your entire lawn, there are certain drawbacks. They do not work well on wet soil, since the tires appear to rotate more quickly due to the nature of their steering. The individual steering speed style of the wheel makes them vulnerable to tearing down the grass even when it’s dry, notably when exceeding the speed limit is a factor. Zero-turn mowers can also be hazardous on sloping areas and have a rollover potential if they are run too much an incline.

The versatility of Zero Turn Mowers

More and more modifications have been made available to zero turn mowers per year. There is a standard set of collection systems and mulching kits available, and gradually accessories such as fertilizer spreaders, decayers and even snowploughs are becoming available. Any number of towable adapters can be used when mounting a hitch behind the unit. The systems for collection may range from rear-mounted collection bags to side-mounted collection bins, while its systems responsible for mulching have adapted mowing decks and advanced mulching blades.

In addition to gas and diesel, more and more zero-turn producers are moving to renewable fuel supplies. High fuel prices and demand for cleaner energy have contributed to both propane-powered and electrical solutions. Many mower manufacturers sell propane or LP alternatives, and Hustler is one of the first to launch an electric zero-turn with their Zeon model. However, battery life and charging times do need to be optimized for mainstream appeal.

Safety Tips for Zero Turn Mowers

One of the reasons, people still prefer the zero turn mowers over other types of mowers is due to their manoeuvrability and efficiency. However, when you mow too close to steep inclines, sudden drop-offs, unstable ground or retaining walls and drainage ditches would lead to loss of control and traction. Making these choices might result in serious injuries or even death.

  • Mow in the safety zone: Mowing in the safety zone implies making choices that ensure that you stay out of high – risk hazards and situations, such as sudden drop-offs or steep slopes near water. It would be best if you steered clear of surfaces or hills with a slope higher than 15 degrees.
  • You should maintain areas close to water using a walk mower or a hand trimmer: you should not try to drive your mower too close to water. Drop-offs could be lurking around, Moreso the surrounding grass could be slippery, or the ground around that area could be unstable and muddy.
  • Ensure you have had enough clearance: sometimes to eliminate the stress of using your hand, you might be tempted to get as close as you can to edges or water. However, it’s not advisable to sacrifice your safety in the interest of buying yourself more time and effort. It would be best if you gave yourself enough allowance. At the very least, give yourself a distance measuring two mower widths.

Basic Zero Turn Mower Safety Guide

  • Be sure to read and follow all the directions in the operator’s manual and safety decals.
  • Be sure not to operate your zero-turn mowers without guards, safety devices and shields in place and working well.
  • As instructed in the operator’s manual, you must use the protective gears.
  • When approaching blind edges, trees, shrubs or other objects that potentially cause obscure vision, you must apply caution.
  • Do not attempt to use drugs or alcohol before mowing
  • Avoid mowing slopes when the grass is wet.
  • Ensure movements are kept steady and deliberate: Zero Turn mowers work differently from conventional garden tractors. Power levers instead of steering wheels power them. They’re fast, and they can switch on a dime—why that’s they’re so renowned. In the interest of safety, keep the pace under control and use the control levers at a steady, even pressure range.
  • Manoeuvring Hills: Depending on the local area, you might feel more relaxed mowing from side to side or up and down a slope. But in any case, the hills could cause a lack of traction. Don’t move your Zero Turn mower on any slope higher than 15 degrees. Keep the motions purposeful and smooth. Do not make abrupt changes in speed or course.
  • Drop-offs and Retaining Walls: Most common hazards are retaining walls, drop-offs around ramps or steps. Like earlier highlighted, ensure that you allow yourself a lot of space. The most common alternative for such conditions is hand trimming, mowing by walking behind or the string trimmer.
  • Avoid Tip – over: If your Toro Zero turn mower is fitted with your ROPS rollover protection system, always hold the roller in a fully lifted and locked position and use the seat belt. Just lower the roller bar when essential. There is no defence when the rollover protection system bar is in a folded mode.

Benefits of the Zero Turn Mowers

It is no longer news that the zero-turn mowers are starting to take over the mower marketplace. However, it is crucial to understand the benefits of zero-turn mowers.

  • Manoeuvrability: When it comes to mowing, increased manoeuvrability will help maximize your performance. Thanks to lap sticks, zero-turn has the potential to switch from forward to reverse in no time relative to most mowers. Zero-turn mowers can also be rotated in smaller, narrower regions. No more wobbling forwards and backwards to work out of a tight position.
  • Faster Mowing Times: The benefit most people speak about when it applies to zero-turn mowers is that they can save time. The truth is that they’re not wrong. Zero-turn sewers typically have higher ground speeds than other sewers. Manufacturers provide them with this capability, and they are safer at higher speeds due to their lower centre of gravity. They have choices for more oversized decks, too. For a more oversized deck, you’re going to be able to cover more ground with fewer passes. Fewer passes mean less time to mow and much less time to power on the machine.
  • Less Eating of Weed: Let’s face the truth, if you had to choose between eating weed and mower, we’d all choose to mow. With outstanding manoeuvrability and turning radius, you can mow closer to barriers such as bushes, landscaping and fences. Not to claim that it removes the need for a trimmer, but it does imply that you have to do less.
  • You get better-looking lawns: You have probably seen those yards, those with the beautiful stripes in them, straight and crisscrossing. If you are looking to do anything like that, then it can be made possible by a zero-turn mower. Having the ease of manoeuvrability, you can quickly alternate your mowing directions to create similar stripes. Do you want a more defined stripe in your yard? The investing in a zero turn mower would be the best move.


Zero-turn mowers are excellent mowers, and they are perfect for wide yards. Since their inception, they have become very much popular in the mower market. Another beautiful thing about the zero turn mowers is that they can be gotten a more comprehensive range of models, also having lots of features and attachments; you can customize them to suit your budget and needs.