What’s The Best Lawn Mower?


A lawnmower is one of the most effective tools; you’ll come across when searching for the perfect tool to keep your lawn/garden well-trimmed and taken care of. Before choosing the best lawn mower, you have to consider the size of your lawn and the kind of cuts that’s suitable for your lawn. For example, If you intend to cut the grass of a bumpy golf course, then a zero turn/riding mower is the most suitable option, but if the size of your backyard is just about an acre, a robotic or walk-behind mower will get the job done.

A lawnmower can do more than just trim the grass, whether it’s a walk-behind gas-powered mower or an electric mower that’s equipped with a lithium-ion battery. Getting the perfect mower for your lawn will save you some expenses because you can get the job done all by yourself. Using the right mower will make cutting your lawn as easy as possible and give excellent results of a well-trimmed and manicured lawn. A lawnmower can also be used to clean up leaves, seeds and buds that lay on the lawn, giving it a very refined and neat finish.

Before purchasing a lawnmower, you should establish what you expect from it. It could be for its speed, toughness, durability, sound(if you’re going for a quieter sound then you should probably consider a mower that uses battery), power, convenience amongst other things. Bear all this in mind along with the most paramount option to consider which is that the mower is an excellent cutter with a sharp blade.

First, you have to conclude on the type of mower you’d like to get. There are different types of mowers to choose from, some of which are;

  • petrol lawnmower which is perfect at cutting long grass and wet lawns, with a long shelf life and strong power although it is quite noisy and it makes use of fuel
  • electric lawn mower has the power of a petrol mower but doesn’t have its smell and struggle but it can be quite limited due to its cable which means you’d need an extension lead and so on
  • A battery lawn mower is very mobile and can be easily moved around without a hassle
  • Lastly, the robot lawn mowers are powered by a battery and are great for big open spaces only

Things to consider before choosing A lawnmower that’s best for you

  1. Advanced features and bonus; for example, a riding mower comes with a cupholder and a seat which provides a sense of comfort. Some lawn tractors can even switch their mowing modes without having to change the blade manually.
  2. warranty; You want to look for a lawnmower with an excellent warranty deal in case something goes wrong, unexpectedly.
  3. the size of the lawn mower’s wheel is something you should put into consideration. You’d need higher rear wheels if you intend to cut rougher lawns.
  4. The cutting options of a mower is also important because some mowers can only afford to do one type of cutting, while some can do up to two types of cutting or three. You should know the kind of cut you intend to do and your lawn type.
  5. Your budget is the first thing to consider when purchasing a lawnmower. You may have to choose between durability and comfort
  6. storage space is an essential factor too. For example, most gas models require a special engine seal to avoid leakage while electric models can be placed in a vertical position to save its storage space

The Best Lawn Mower According To Our Tests

Although there isn’t a specific lawnmower that’s best overall, the EGO is a great choice. It is designed to allow amazingly fast, and firm storage with a front-folding handle that truncates and almost goes unnoticed. It has a cutting width of 21 inches and a voltage of 56. It has a sloping nose that gives it better reach under low-suspending shrubs while improving its storage capability. IT also possesses a single-lever height adjustment option that enables you to drop the deck quickly.


The best lawn mower depends on the kind of lawn, cut, its size ad your budget. Remember to consider all these before going ahead to purchase a lawnmower. Also see;

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