How To Hang a Wheelbarrow?


A wheelbarrow is a type of open container which is connected to a tripod that has a wheel attached to its front leg.

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Wheelbarrows are typically used to transport items like crates, buckets, and bricks from one place to another. Wheelbarrows are famous for their ability to increase their users’ working speed; they are equally notorious for how difficult it can be to store them.

Storing a wheelbarrow can prove to be a difficult task as this equipment possesses an unconventional shape. To fix this storing problem, people developed many ways in which a wheelbarrow can be stored, the most popular method being the hanging method.

Storing a wheelbarrow can help protect you and the equipment from incurring damages. When you hang a wheelbarrow, you reduce your chances of encountering an accident, and it also increases the amount of space you can have in your shed.

The primary things one needs to hang a wheelbarrow are brackets, stud, screws and a great spot. Below are steps for hanging wheelbarrows correctly.

Buy a Set of Wall Brackets

The first step to take when setting up a wheelbarrow storage system is to buy a set of brackets. If you cannot find brackets in your local store, you can easily order them online and have them shipped to your location.

If ordering online is a bit over your budget, plumbing hooks and a screw hook can replace the lower and upper bracket, while also saving money.

Brackets have different weight limits; that is, they have limits as to how much weight they can hold without getting damages. Before purchasing brackets, always ensure you check its packaging for its product detail, so that you can buy one that will support the weight of your wheelbarrow.

Find a Stud In The Wall for Your Brackets

The purpose of a stud here is to hold the brackets firmly to the wall. Without a stud in your wall for a bracket to anchor, the possibility of your wheelbarrow falling and causing damage to itself and the ground is very high.

You can find a stud by using a stud finder or by knocking on the wall. After locating a stud, mark the spot with an “X” in order not to lose it, or have to begin the whole process again.

Note: You don’t have to stress yourself looking for stud if you are working with cinder blocks; cinder blocks allow for sturdy bracket installation.

Calculate and Mark The Height of The Wheelbarrow

Push the wheelbarrow against the wall in a manner in which the front wheel is aligned with the stud. Use a pencil to mark the spot where the upper lid of the wheelbarrow touches the wall.

If you ended up using plumbing hooks in place of a bottom bracket, proceed to mark out 3.8 cm, that is 1.5 in inches.

Install The Lower Bracket

Measure and mark out 2.5 cm below the spot you labelled “X”, use the screws that came with your brackets to install them. It is preferable to use a drill to drive the screws into the wall, as drills ensure that the screws and brackets are tightly installed against the wall and ensure they are safe to use.

For plumbing hooks, you will need to drill a pilot hole and hand screw the hooks into the pre-drilled holes.

Install The Upper Bracket

Place the wheelbarrow’s lid in the lower bracket; ensure it fits appropriately to prevent accidents, then lift the legs of the wheelbarrow until the opening of the tub is flat against the wall. Hold the handles to keep the wheelbarrow in place, then mark another “X” at the point where the back of the tub touches the wall.

After that place the bracket upside-down and then use a drill to drill it to the wall.

If you are installing the bracket with a screw hook, you will have to create a pilot hole at the labelled spot before hand-screwing the hook into the wall.

Hang The Wheelbarrow

Since your wheelbarrow served as a guide for the installation processes, hanging the wheelbarrow should be very easy.

Place the wheelbarrow in a position where its front lid is slightly above the bracket, then lift the legs and slowly lower the wheelbarrow into the bottom bracket.

When the wheelbarrow’s lid is safely in the bracket, press the spring bracket to open it, then lift the tub into the bracket and release the spring bracket to close it.

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Wheelbarrow hanging may seem like something so simple until you try to do it yourself. If you follow all our instructions and use the recommended tools, this process would be much more comfortable. Remember to pay attention to safety!