How to make chalk paint


Chalk paints are quite expensive if you consider how easy they are to make. If you have spent $45 and half of your day driving around town to find a store that sells chalk paint, then you must have been quite frustrated. Due to the high price and stress you go through in getting a small amount of chalk paint for a simple task, then we are sure that the thought of getting your chalk paint must have crossed your mind. Well, if you are looking for a way of making your chalk paint and spending less, then this article is for you. in this article we would be teaching you various ways you can make chalk paint and also save money. Some of the methods that we will be mentioning below are cost-effective and save you a lot of time and stress.

Below you will find four different ways of making chalk paint, and no matter the procedure you choose, the outcome is going to be great.

Baking Soda

  • Materials:2/3 Cup paint, 1/3 Cup Baking Soda
  • Even after mix, this homemade chalk paint thoroughly, the result was excellent, but you are going to have a very gritty texture. When applying the paint, you can see grains of the mixture even though it has dissolved thoroughly. You might be worried because of the little grain you notice while applying the chalk paint that it won’t sand properly, but not too worry, the outcome is going to be perfect.
  • Baking Soda- For $1.69, you can get a box of baking soda which can be used to make at least 5 chalk paint.
  • Time: You will need to mix I thoroughly for about 2-3 minutes
  • Application: After mixing, you can thoroughly apply even when it has a grainy feel.
  • Coverage and Adhesion: You don’t need to prime or sand it after application, and it has good coverage after 2 coats, but you can apply three if you want.
  • Odour: the only odour present is that of the latex paint which it was mixed with, other than that it is odourless.
  • Cleaning: It is easy o clean just like the regular chalk paint
  • Finishing: The finished product is excellent but not relatively as smooth as regular chalk paint

Non-Sanded Grout Recipe

  • Materials: 1 Cup Paint, 2 TBSP Unsanded Grout
  • In this method, you are required to mix the grout with the water and add it to the paint once it is smooth. When you are done, the result will look just like the regular chalk paint that is gotten from the store, and it also dries fast. It takes between 1-2 hours to dry completely, and the outcomes were chunky, just like the ones purchased in the store. However, one downside is that it has a weird odour. But if you consider the way the chalk paint is applying, then you will gladly ignore the odour. You have to be quick while applying this chalk paint because it thickens up after some time and might end up looking like icing rather than paint.
  • Unsanded Grout Chalk Paint: For $17.99 you can get a 10lb large bag which can be used to make a lot of chalk paint.
  • Time: Grout is easy to find and can be gotten in any store, online or a home reno store, you should buy the white grout because it comes in different colours. Adding a coloured grout to your paint could alter the paint’s hue. It takes about 3-5 minutes to measure and mix with paint and water.
  • Application: it is excellent when applied, but once it starts getting thicker, you will need to add more water.
  • Coverage and Adhesion: You don’t need to prime it, and you will get full coverage after three coats. Also, the more you add water, the thinner the coverage.
  • Odour: it has a strange smell.
  • Distressing: Requires sanding, and it is not as easy as brand name chalk paint.
  • Clean-up: it is easy to clean up just like regular latex.
  • Finishing: it is smooth, chalky and great just like the regular chalk paint.

Plaster of Paris

  • Material: 3 parts paint, 1 plaster of Paris, water
  • Plaster of Paris is very popular, and it can be used in making chalk paint. You will need to make a smooth paste with the plaster of Paris and water, and then you can mix it into the paint. When mixed properly, it is smooth and easy to apply just like the regular chalk paint. If it is left overnight, it tends to thicken, but with a little mixing, it should be back to normal. If there is any leftover, you can store it in a tightly sealed jar, and it can be used when needed.
  • Plaster of Paris: With $6, you will get a large box that can last long.
  • Time: Plaster of Paris is easy to purchase at any store or online. You will need between 3-5 minutes to measure, mix thoroughly before adding into paint and water.
  • Application: It applies like regular chalk paint that you find in your local shop or online
  • Odour: It is odourless except for the odour that comes from the latex paint that was used.
  • Distressing: It requires sanding
  • Cleaning: It is easy to clean just like regular latex
  • Finishing: It is smooth, lovely and chalky

Calcium Carbonate

  • Material: 2 part paint, 1 part calcium carbonate
  • This is probably the best recipe for making chalk paint because calcium carbonate is chalk. It mixes with paint easily, great consistency, great coverage, dries within 30 minutes, and you are guaranteed a perfect chalky finish. You can store the leftover chalk paints from this mixture, and you are sure to get the same level of consistency when you decide to use it again. One problem you might encounter while trying to use this recipe is trying to purchase calcium carbonate in powdered form because not many stores have it.
  • Calcium Carbonate: With $11.99, you will get a 500g container which will serve you for more than one project.
  • Time: It can take a lot of time trying to locate calcium carbonate in powdered form, and it required about 3-5 minutes to measure and mix with the paint.
  • Application: Just like branded name chalk
  • Coverage and Adhesion: It doesn’t require priming or prepping, and it has great coverage. It takes about 20 minutes to dry because no water was added
  • Odour: Only that of the latex paint used
  • Distressing: Requires sanding
  • Cleaning: Easy to clean
  • Finishing: Looks just like regular chalk paint


We have provided you with four ways to make your chalk paint, and save you a lot of money and time. The above recipe was gotten through great research and application in other to know which is best and more effective. We hope you have found this article helpful, and you find a method that works for you and also suits your demand.