How To Use A Laser Level With A Tripod


A laser level can be a very helpful tool in measurements, but sometimes it may fall a bit short. When this happens, a tripod stand will be very helpful. The majority of laser levels come with tripod stands, but some models don’t. However, most laser level models come with a mount thread that is compatible with almost every universal tripod available on the market. It is a great idea to know the intended use of the laser level before purchasing one.

Doing this will let you know if you need a tripod or not before spending money on what you don’t need. An important factor to take into consideration is the type of laser level you are going to need to complete the project. Will you need a rotary, dot, or line laser level? Knowing which one to use will significantly influence the type of tripod you will get. There are two kinds of tripods; let take a look at them.

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What Is A Tripod

A tripod is a three-legged stand, and you can mount your laser level on it for accurate readings. Whether you have a self-leveling laser or a rotary laser level, it does not matter; all you need a tripod to give you the ability to use your laser level in any terrain. Laser levels and tripods go hand in hand because of how useful the tripod can be.

Fixed Leg Tripods

The fixed leg tripod is slowly becoming extinct because of its limited features. Unlike its counterpart, the fixed tripod’s legs stay at the same length and can not be retracted.

You can only use a fixed tripod on an already leveled platform, which might mean you have to get an adjustable tripod to complete your project. If you have leveled surfaces all the way, you’ll be able to use your fixed leg tripod, but if you get to slanted or uneven ground, you will have some issues. Considering if it’s the right tripod for you will save you some time.

Adjustable Leg Tripod

The adjustable leg tripods are the most common type of tripod available on the market. This is because it has three adjustable legs, making it easy to set up on uneven grounds. Managing each leg separately allows you to use your laser level on a steep incline or slope. Because of the retractable legs, the tripod is easy to transport and store. Its three legs make it stable in any outdoor conditions, including windy days.

Steps On How To Use A Laser Level With A Tripod

This is the step by step process of using a laser level with a tripod, follow them, and you will get the hang of it in no time.

  1. Set up your tripod and mount the laser level on the tripod
  2. The best laser level for tripod use is the self-leveling laser level; however, you can calibrate your laser level with a basic spirit level to ensure that it is well leveled.

[LIST]-N](Turn on the laser level and point the beam on the surface you are leveling.)

  1. After you have completed your project, turn the laser level off and remove it from the tripod.

Here are some other specifications;

Three main components make up a tripod. The most obvious of them is its leg; the leg can be constructed from steel, aluminum, wood, or fiberglass. The tripod legs made out of wood or fiberglass are not so sensitive to temperature changes, making them more accurate.

The relevance of the tripod points (points are metal covers at the end of the tripod’s legs) is that it gives you stability when your laser has been set on the tripod. The metal points are important when it comes to outdoor tasks; however, they can be removed when being used indoors so that it does not cause damage to the tile or wood floor.

Remember that there are three types of tripod heads; Flathead, Threaded base, and Dome head. The types of laser level tools you own will determine the kind of tripod head you will purchase. The universal head usually found on the market is the flat head tripod but make sure before buying a tripod.

Before setting up your laser level on a tripod, ensure that you read the instruction manual properly before setting it up.


Tripods are also used for other things such as astronomy, but they are majorly used for construction work. Applying a laser level will be highly improved using a tripod; they make difficult jobs easier for the workers. It is advised that you buy the wood or fiberglass adjustable tripod from the beginning so that you can quickly get used to working on slippery slopes.