How to make lawn care enjoyable


You probably enjoyed caring for that lawn of yours when you just started it. It seemed like a hobby you enjoyed doing without minding how much time you spend right? You probably were always eager to care for your lawn. But as time passes, you probably started getting frustrated about caring for it as it may get really exhausting. Did mowing start to look endless or you tend to see more work to attend to?

Well, it’s not time to give up on your lawn as the points below are designed to help you reignite your interest in caring for your lawn and leaving it in a good shape.

Time yourself

To enjoy caring for your lawn, time yourself. How? Try to be competitive. Just compete with yourself. You don’t necessarily need someone to compete with. When mowing your lawn, time yourself to see the amount of time taken to mow the lawn. After you’ve timed yourself the first time, take it as a record you need to break. So, every time you mow, remember that there is a set record you need to break. That gives you a sense of accomplishment. And at the long run, you do the mowing as easily and quickly as you get to save time. You also get to be like an expert, so to speak. This leaves you with a good feeling as you get better.

Artistic designs on your lawn

When mowing thelawn most people move back and forth to get a neat result. But just doing it in a straight-line method, can get boring. Why not try some artistic designs on your lawn? To do this, simply try making pictures like cup e.t.c. or emoticons like smile face or hearts. You can also try making different patterns or shapes. Of course, making a mistake on the first try is feasible. But that’s not a problem. You don’t have to worry too much about that. Because as time goes on it’ll grow back. As you continue to make designs and patterns, you’ll become good at making great and beautiful drawings or designs. That will build your confidence in making artistic designs. This also will bring about a sense of accomplishment as you catch fun even while caring for your lawn.

Get new gears

We all feel great to get new things. How would you feel if you just got a new pair of shoes? You probably feel great about it. Isn’t it? You should get yourself new tools as well to take proper care of your could be a trimmer, a mower, or even something unusual as long as it will help you in the care of your lawn. It could even be a pair of boots or even gloves. Must not necessarily be something expensive. If you’re excited about having that new tool then you’ll want to employ it. That great feeling will move you to want to use the new tools on your lawn. At that, you get to work more on your lawn and care for it.

Invite people over

You can ask your friends or perhaps your family to help you out on your lawn as you spend time together. Especially on days when there seems to be much to do. With the help of others, you’ll be able to carry out the day’s task easily and quickly as you also catch fun. You’ll get to converse together and enjoy each other’s company as you work on the lawn. Enjoying the moment and savoring it. With time you’ll be through with the day’s work.

Special place

You probably love a particular place on your lawn. It could be a spot where a particular type of flower you love grows. Or perhaps a fruit tree that brings shade and allows the sun to shine through the spaces between leaves. Any special place of yours on the lawn should be enjoyed. Let such a favorite spot motivate you to want to work on your lawn.

Have imaginations

While spending time on your lawn, it’s not out of place to have some pleasurable imaginations. You can imagine your dream lawn coming into existence or imagine yourself accomplishing your every set goal. This is enough to make you elated while caring for your lawn. Perhaps you saw a picture of a well-designed lawn on the Internet, imaginable yourself developing your lawn into something similar.

Give yourself rewards

You need to motivate yourself. Yes, you should motivate yourself. Since you take so much care of your lawn, rewarding yourself is necessary. It’s a simple thing to do. You could do this by eating a favorite meal or treat after work. Or have some pleasure and enjoy some free time after the day’s work. Setting your mind on the reward, makes you look forward to it as you work heartily. This drives you so to speak. And you’ll be doing the day’s work with elation and delight. Leaving your lawn well taken care of.

When you reward yourself for the work done, it gives you needed encouragement to care for your lawn without frustration. This though, might not happen immediately when you start, but, as time goes on, the habit builds up and becomes part of you. And that effort might be all you need to enjoy the time you use in caring for your lawn. This is a good habit that might work for you in other aspects of your life.

Care for your tools

Always care for your tools. When tools lack proper care, they become less useful which will slow down your work, making your work boring, without fun, and taking much time to finish. And gradually the tools become useless. Therefore, see to it that you set aside time to care for your tools to have a quick and enjoyable job. If not, you might waste a lot of time on what would have been done in just minutes. Which can make you lose that vibe you once had in caring for your lawn. So put it in mind, never neglect the care of your tools.

A timely look at your equipment is imperative. Just like tools should be cared for, tighten up any loose parts, wash and oil them, repaint if needed to give it a good look, replace damaged parts, get rid of rusts, and put all tools in a good shape and leave a fresh look. All these might sound like real work but, it’s worth the effort and time. It will not only benefit you now but also in later times. Making work easier, faster, and in fact enjoyable for you. Good tools, good results.

You can rest assured that when you give your tools the proper care, you’ll have a great lawn. With a worthy experience. And you’ll have great enjoyment as you care for your lawn.

Spare yourself some alone time

Don’t give all your time to your lawn. No, but see to it that you have some alone time. It works wonders. When you have the drive to work, the care for your lawn will be a relaxing moment for you. People tend to give full time and attention to what they do and refuse to spare themselves that needed time alone. Caring for your lawn doesn’t take away all your time, it only takes part of it. Also, it doesn’t consume all your energy in terms of psychology. So setting aside time to brainstorm and think would be possible. So remember to make wise use of your time while relaxing too.

Just a headphone might be what you need to get rid of the noise that comes from your equipment. You could turn on that favorite music or that audio you need to learn that new language. Just don’t forget to keep an eye on what you’re doing. This way, you’ll be able to kill time, and before you know it, you’ve accomplished a whole lot. Feel the music or enjoy the audio lessons while you work on your lawn. Just relax and enjoy the moment.

Lookout from a different perspective

Caring for your lawn is not just about trimming or weeding. There are lots of fascinating things to look out for. Just open your eyes to see things from a different perspective. Think of the large number of some living creatures that reside on your lawn. See how much life your lawn gives in return for caring for it. Just like how little ones try to search for something new and fascinating, try to do the same and discover interesting things about your beautiful lawn.

Each time you want to work on your lawn, try to find some hidden things in the grass before mowing. Try to find a connection with the world right at your hands. When you become well acquainted with what dwells in your lawn, such as moths, ants, or perhaps ladybugs, you’ll find reasons to love and appreciate your lawn every new day. That’ll move and encourage you to care more for your lawn and you’ll enjoy it every time you do so.


You don’t have to get frustrated because you need to care for your lawn. It can be fun. But, you might hate it if you don’t make it enjoyable. It’s all in your hands to enjoy the time spent caring for your lawn. Different approaches have been listed. Employing these points above will make you have a nice time as you care for your lawn. And a plus is that don’t just stop at that, keep exploring different ways to find some more methods that’ll make your care for lawn pleasant and really enjoyable. Watch this video‘ to see some of the suggestions in action.