How To Start Electric Lawn Mower?


There are no perfect lawn mowers because even the best of the best sometimes can prove to be somewhat tricky.

If you are having challenges or trouble trying to start your lawnmower, then you aren’t alone on this because some lawnmowers, especially the older version, can be tricky to rev up. If by any chance, you are facing difficulty with your lawnmower, then you might want to consider switching to a newer version.

Before Getting Started with Your Electric Lawn Mower

While it isn’t necessary to continually refill your electric lawn mower with fuel or checking the oil, there are however a few essential inspections that you have to carry out before starting your lawnmower. Furthermore, carrying out routine checks on your electric lawn mower before use will not only ensure that it last longer than usual but also beneficial in the safety of those around you, especially kids.

First thing to do before using a mower is to look around the wheels and the mowing deck. Please ensure nothing gets stuck around the wheels when being stored, and there’s nothing underneath anywhere around the mowing deck.

Be sure to search the clipping bag, chute, or mulch plate for any blockages. If you haven’t washed these things the last time you used your electric mower, thus this would be a perfect time to remove old grass, gravel, and clutter.

The moment your mower is free from any possible blockades, be sure to set and position the wheels to its correct height. Also be sure inspecting the chute, clipping bag and chute to ensure that they are accurately and securely placed and attached.

When you’ve verified it all out, it’s a smart idea to drive your mower over to the place where you intend to start mowing before you begin mowing. Pushing a running mower across the garage or through the driveway is a perfect way to crash over something that you don’t want to chop up and throw into the yard.

It’s time to get started with your mower in place.

Many electric lawn mowers come with a key to power the mower. This means your kids or an unauthorized individual will not be able to use a lawnmower when you’re not around it on. You’ll only need to change the key while depressing the safety lever to start most electric mowers.

You Can Find The Simple Steps On How To Start An Electric Lawn Mower:

If you are starting using your electric lawn mower, you might have a few concerns as to how to start it. The reason is that the battery-powered version is quite different from the traditional, gas mower; thus, the controls look a bit odd.

The best news is that electric lawn mowers are typically easy to start than the gas mowers once you master the procedure:

  • Step One: Ensure the battery is fully charged and inserted correctly into the lawnmower. The Lawnmower will not work if the battery isn’t properly inserted.
  • Step Two: Check the safety key, as electric mowers’ safety keys are necessary for the completion of the electrical circuit and instrumental in starting the motor. The key is also helpful in ensuring you don’t accidentally switch on the mower when you’re carrying out maintenance, inspecting for clogs etc. There is a slot that is close to handling where the key needs to be inserted.
  • Step Three: Check for the electric switch that is close to the lawnmowers handle, this switch switches on the mower and flips it. That should solve it. Now depending on your model, some electric mowers may require that you hold down an additional safety handle while turning on the switch. Hence it’s crucial to look out for this extra step if your electric lawn does not work.


Electric lawnmowers are pretty much great equipment for the home, especially for people that reside in suburbs or small yards. While an electric lawn mower can serve you for years to come, you must know that proper maintenance and care is required to achieve this feat.