Artificial grass: All you need to know

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Artificial grass in a simple term can be called synthetic grass or an alternative to grass. It is made from a mat of synthetic fibers joined together by weaving to look natural, real grass lawns. Artificial grass was first brought into the public eye by Monsanto Industries in the 1960s, and it is made solely from synthetic materials. It is easy to maintain and does not grow weeds or require mowing. It remains the same way or a period with little to no maintenance needed. Having an idea of getting artificial grass, setting it up, and maintaining it can be quite confusing and challenging because most lawn care guides available are based mainly on natural grass, which is an entirely different process.

This article will look at the complete guide of artificial grass, making this your go-to guide for everything concerning artificial grass. We are going to give you the complete guide on how to buy, install, and maintain. Below is the complete guide:

What is Artificial grass

Has we have earlier explained, it is a simple alternative to grass made from synthetic materials. In the past years, there has been great improvement in the quality of artificial grass, and it has become challenging to differentiate it from real grass. Most people believe that artificial grass is rough and has a plastic surface because of the idea of the old fashioned artificial pitches they have seen, but recently, that is not the case. The modern design comes in a natural form of green and has a soft surface that feels just like the real grass. Most people who don’t have the right guide or idea end up buying cheap artificial grass that wears out quickly, but if you are willing to spend the money and follow our guide, you are guaranteed to get the best quality available.

Why is Artificial grass the best

You might be wondering why you need artificial grass instead of natural grass. One amazing fact about synthetic grass is that it doesn’t require mowing and doesn’t have weed. There are numerous reasons why artificial grass should be selected ahead of natural grass. Although natural grass has its advantages, it also has numerous disadvantages.

The maintenance time needed for artificial grass is lower when compared to that of natural grass. It is believed that the average person spends a full 7 weeks of their lives mowing the lawn, which is about 2 months of your entire lifetime mowing lawns. But, all this time can be put into other things if you get an artificial lawn because artificial lawns don’t require mowing. Also, the emission produced by a lawnmower is very harmful to the environment. The emission produced while running a car for a full 340 miles is quite similar to that produced if you run a gas-powered lawnmower for a single hour. 88 lbs of carbon dioxide are created from a lawnmower in a day, which is not great for the environment.

Another reason why artificial grass is preferred is the financial cost of supplying water and health cost. Hay fever is a prevalent sickness that millions of people suffer worldwide, and an allergy causes it to the pollen produced by grass. For people who suffer from hay fever, artificial grass for your lawn is the best choice as it prevents you from allergies. Natural grass requires constant watering, and that could cost you a lot in your water bill, but when you have artificial grass, you don’t need to worry about watering it, and you save yourself some extra money.

How to get the best artificial grass

Knowing your needs is very important in helping you pick the right artificial grass to suit it, and you will need to make sure the artificial grass is natural-looking. There are different reasons people require artificial lawns, and some of those reasons include golfing, football, or even decorations. Another factor you need to consider is your pets if you have any.

There are different properties to consider when getting artificial because there are different kinds of artificial grass. The two major types of artificial grass have a luxurious look and are also springy and soft, while the other has firmer and stiffer, which makes an excellent surface for use as a putting green. It would be best if you spent some time touching the various types of artificial grass and considering the purpose of getting the right fit. People who like to get most of their things online should get some samples before purchasing because that is the best way to know what you are buying.

You will also need to consider the color; a little green shade looks unnatural on artificial grass. Natural grass comes in a wide range of greens and sometimes brown, so the artificial grass should be no different. So, you should find an artificial grass made of fiber that comes in various shades of colors.

The surface on which you want to apply the artificial grass is essential. You need to figure out if it is a flat and smooth surface or an incline. Some artificial grass needs sand around the fiber base to help it stand properly and look natural, and it is excellent for the only flat lawn because if it is applied on the surface, the sand will slide downhill gradually. The absence of sand will make your lawn unstable and poorly balanced, so you must get the right type of artificial grass for your lawn to avoid unbalance.

Installation of artificial grass

One straightforward way to get your artificial grass installed on your lawn is to get a professional to get it done for you, and that will also save you some time and stress. But, some people like to get things done themselves and save a lot of money. It is essential to know that artificial grass is easy to install, but you must be ready to put in a bit of work. Installing your artificial grass should be an easy task for anyone with a bit of DIY ability and confidence, and you don’t need much previous experience with artificial grass.

The first and most crucial step in installing your artificial grass is to measure the area, and you will want to know the length and breadth of the surface. All this is necessary because you will need to know you have adequate artificial grass to cover every inch of your intended body, and if you get excess grass, it will be a waste of money.

Next, you will need to get rid of your old lawn from the surface and dig to ensure you get rid of as much of the root network as possible, so you will need about 2 inches to achieve that. This stage can be exhausting, so you should have a lot of time and take breaks when you are tired. When you are done digging, you will need to fill up about a quarter of an inch deep with sand to ensure you have a stable and smooth base for your artificial grass to be installed.

Now, you can roll out the artificial grass. While rolling out the grass, make sure all the grass runs in the same direction so that you can avoid having turn sheets of grass. After spreading, you will need to leave it for 24hours to ensure any material of it has fallen out and also for it to relax. When it is done relaxing, you will need to stretch out the grass to ensure it is as smooth as possible, and it might need some trimming to ensure it fits the area.

You will need to start joining the pieces together to get a smooth lawn. You will need to place joining tapes under the pieces you are trying to join after folding the edges. Adhesives will need to be applied in a zig-zag pattern on the tape and press it down or add weight on the grass to ensure the adhesive bonds perfectly with the grass.

When it is glued and firm together, you will need to hold in place by nailing the edges firmly. If you want the grass to stand upright on its own, you will need to apply sand to the surface and brush it immediately in the direction you want for your grass.

How to maintain your artificial grass

Maintaining artificial grass is more comfortable than when trying to keep natural grass because it doesn’t need watering, mowing, weeding, or fertilizing. The main focus will be to sweep dirt with a broom from your artificial grass regularly to keep it looking neat.


If you want something more comfortable to maintain because you are tired of mowing the lawn regularly, then artificial grass is the primary choice for you. Artificial grass is long-lasting and easy to maintain and can save you a lot of effort and time. In the article above, we have made it easier for you to understand better the processes involved in buying, installing, and maintaining artificial grass.