How to Store a Backpack Leaf blower


If you have a backpack leaf blower, you will understand how helpful it is and how vital it is to have in your tool-shed. A leaf blower is more efficient than the regular leaf blower and speeds up your work so that you won’t waste valuable time on blowing leaves. With such a great tool, it must be stored properly. How do you store the backpack leaf blower properly? Our post will help you understand how to care for your leaf blower properly.

How to Store the Backpack Leaf Blower Properly

Leaf blowers need proper storage to ensure their durability and ensure they function properly. Leaf blowers must never be left on the floor as they will accumulate debris and dust which may damage the engine in the long run. Also leaving your backpack leaf blowers on the floor can cause accidents, which can lead to injuries and damage the blower.

One of the reasons for proper storage of the backpack leaf blower is because it is sensitive to cold temperature, which may damage the blower if it’s left in the cold for too long. Also if it’s left lying about, it may gather dust and debris which is not good for the blower.

When you want to store your leaf blower, it is important to consider the location and make sure it’s easily accessible.

Hang it up a Wall Rack

Perhaps the easiest and readily available method of storing your leaf blower is to hook it up a wall rack. The wall rack can be pre-fabricated, or you can build one yourself or have a carpenter hook one up for you. Make sure the wall rack is sturdy and can support the weight of your backpack leaf blower.

Use a Premade Backpack Leaf Blower Rack

You can get a specially made rack for your leaf blower. The advantage of this method is that the rack is specially designed for backpack leaf blowers and will allow easy storage and access. If you are the owner of a backpack leaf blower, you can invest in one.

Store it on Your Workbench

Your workbench or worktable should have enough space on it to accommodate your leaf blower when you are not using it. If you are storing the blower in the workbench, make sure you are not carrying out any work on the bench.

Use Wall Hooks

If you don’t have a wall rack, you can drill holes in your garage or tool-shed and fix two hooks; this lets you hang up the backpack leaf blower safely. Wall hooks are easy to install and will help free up space in your tool-shed when you hang up your blower.

Store the Blower in its Original Packaging

In a situation where the above options are not available, you should store the blower in its original box. The box is designed to protect the blower from external forces, so you should store it in its box when you are out of options.

Clean Your Backpack Leaf Blower

Asides storing your leaf blower properly, you need to clean it regularly and carry out regular maintenance to prolong its lifespan. Check the blower and remove all debris and stuck leaves in the impeller. If you don’t use up all the fuel after each use, you should remove it or burn it to prevent the clogging of its engine. Leftover fuel in the leaf blower poses a fire hazard, especially if you are storing it inside.


Taking proper care of your backpack leaf blower is very important as it will help you enjoy your leaf blower for a long time. When installing hooks and racks, be sure they are well fastened so they don’t get detached, which can cause accidents and damage your leaf blower. It is advisable to get a professional to help install racks and hooks.

Consider accessibility and safety when storing your leaf blower. Before operating the leaf blower, read the instruction manuals. The manuals may also have instructions on the proper way to store the brand of your backpack leaf blower.