Ridgid Vs. Milwaukee


Tools for domestic and professional use are always worthy investments; they save time and effort. They are also effective so that you get the job done twice as faster as normal. However, the only problem is knowing where to go for these types of tools.

Equipping yourself with tools from famous brands or manufacturers shows how interested you are in wanting the best. Undoubtedly, it is a good thing but requires some work, such as reading up a guide and grasping what there is to know. That is what you are about to find out in this Ridgid Vs. Milwaukee article.

Besides, this article explicitly shows the best brands for cordless tools or power tools suitable for you.

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What is the History of Ridgid?

Ridgid is a brand for power tools under the parent company, Ridge Tool Company. This company was established far back in 1923, Ridgeville, Ohio, United States. Two decades later, this same company relocated, having manufactured a few more incredible hand tools, to Elyria, Ohio, United States. In another two decades, it became a subsidiary of Emerson Electric; it was one of the few fast-rising electric motor tool brands at the time.

Today, the world knows Ridgid for several power tools and also plumbing equipment. An interesting fact is that Ridgid produced the first modern pipe wrench in the world; thus, a foundation for other brands to follow. With over 250 different tools created, it boasts an estimated sale of $400 Million per year.

What is the History of Milwaukee?

Milwaukee is another renowned brand in the tool production industry. It was established in 1918; however, due to certain circumstances, it was officially registered on the market in 1924. At the time, it was founded by Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation but currently under Techtronic Industries.

This USA brand started with making the first lightweight ¼” drill, also called the hole shooter. Today, it is known as a leading manufacturer of fine power tools with excellent quality. It also makes an estimated sale of $4 Billion per year.

What Are the Factors to Determine Between Ridgid and Milwaukee?

With both power tool brands having a long-time history, there is no doubt that they’ve impacted through the years. That automatically affects your judgment on who to trust regarding tools and equipment for specific purposes. Fortunately, there are slight differences between them that might be quite helpful in deciding the most appropriate brand choice; they go thus:

  1. Quality

There is something you cannot hide when it comes to hand tools – Quality. This striking factor makes a huge difference; it is the yardstick of defining a good brand from a bad one. Pretty much, there are decent qualities, but a superior one is always the best. That being the case, Ridgid has a decent quality while Milwaukee has an excellent taste.

Ridgid tools were designed to handle some normal, light-duty tasks, and over-stressing them could affect use and productivity. On the other hand, Milwaukee’s tools engineering has the finest, strongest materials for professional, heavy-duty, and rough operations. It is almost impossible not to use this factor to find out what’s really best for you.

  1. Durability

As mentioned above, the quality of material used in the construction of tools determines their usability and durability. However, it is always important for power tools like cordless drills to possess top-notch durability alongside maximum efficiency so that you can use them for long. In this case, Milwaukee leads with Ridgid only far back by a few inches.

  1. Warranty

From the same perspective of using durability to judge how impressive a brand’s product is, you can also use the warranty. It is a measurement of how long and efficient such a product can be until its discontinued use. Truthfully, it may not be true on most cases, especially if they are lifetime warranties, but there is a good chance they would live up to the money.

Milwaukee offers a one-to-three-year limited warranty on many of their tools and a 30-day money-back guarantee, making them reliable. On the other hand, Ridgid offers a direct 3-year limited warranty up to a lifetime. Therefore, you can say that the latter is better than the former.

  1. Portfolio

The portfolio of both brands, i.e., Milwaukee and Ridgid, is also a determinant of which you should pick. For instance, Ridgid is great with HVAC and Plumbing tools and equipment, while Milwaukee does great with power tools. Ruling out this product portfolio, you know who supplies precisely what you need.

What to Choose – Ridgid or Milwaukee?

At this point, the choice on what to go for in this Ridgid Vs. Milwaukee is clear as day. You have to decide on the type of tools you want to use and go for the manufacturer that produces them.