What Size of Angle Grinder Should I Buy?


An angle grinder is a machine used in the construction of metallic and wooden materials. There are different sizes of angle grinders. But before we get to know what size of it you should buy and guidelines for doing so, we would consider what an angle grinder is.

What are Angle Grinders?

Angle grinders are motor-powered machines that are used to cut off, smoothen, and polish ends of metallic materials and surfaces. They consist of a motor and an abrasive circular disc placed underneath. The motor is attached to a long handle for the grip of the machine. See angle grinders for more information on angle grinders.

Having gotten a reasonable knowledge of what angle grinders are, how then do you ascertain the size you should buy? In this informational content, we are going to give reliable and practical guidelines for doing so. Follow through.

Choosing the size of my angle grinder

You should choose your angle grinder size according to circumstances and use. Also, when it comes to choosing the size of an angle grinder, it refers to the size of the abrasive disc and not the entire length of the angle grinder. So, then, let us consider factors that would influence the size of your angle grinder.

Nature of Job

The nature of the job is the first factor to consider. You could also put it this way, the density or intensity of the work it would be used for. The type of job you want to use it for whether small, average, or large would determine the size of the abrasive disc. Do not forget that the size of your angle grinder that we are talking about here is the size of the abrasive disc. Please take note that the size is not necessarily the length of the whole angle grinder. So for mild or small types of jobs, the ideal size of disc you should buy is 4.5-inch size. This would work well for light unit work. For the average or mildly-dense type of work, you should buy the 7-inch size. You would be able to work well with this, both average and mild work. If you are the type that does heavy and dense work, please buy the 9-inch size. This is the size that would achieve heavy polishing and smoothening.

Make-up and size of wood and/or metal

The type of material and its size should be considered important as well. All disc sizes can cut wood and metal that are averagely thick. So, if you are having an averagely thick metal or wood to work on, go for a 4.5 or 7-inch angle grinder size. But preferably, a 7-inch type. For tough and harder materials, go for a 7 or 9-inch angle grinder size.

The pace at which you want to work

The intended speed of work is also another factor to be considered. If you want to do dense and heavy work at a fast rate, you should buy a 7 or 9 inch with a high amp motor. The higher the amp motor, the faster the disc would spin. If you do not have the tough materials to work on, just go for the 5-inch disc size, they usually come with high RPM(revolution per minute). Overall, it is advised you go for one with a speed regulator to deal with overheating.

The extent of technical knowledge

As you ask “what size of angle grinder should i buy?” This is where your knowledge as a beginner or expert comes in. If you are new to using angle grinders, you would have no choice but to start with the small sized ones. This is because it’s this size you can control effectively. If you are not new to using angle grinders, then you might consider buying the ones with larger disc sizes. Since you have excellent know-how of angle grinders, using a bigger disc size will be quite easy. Here’s a helpful video.


Angle grinders make your work very neat and smooth. We have exposed you to helpful factors you should consider when buying an angle grinder. Go through these factors and select your perfect angle grinder size. Check angle grinder uses for more details on how angle grinders work in their uses.