Stihl vs Husqvarna.


Before choosing a brand, attempt models of comparable size and power from both companies to measure the one you choose. There is a simple and economical way to do this. A lot of equipment rental corporations borrow Stihl and Husqvarna chainsaws by the hour or day. While you may not discover the precise model you’re looking for, you can get a feel for each brand by experimenting saws with similar specifications and characteristics.

Before borrowing, be certain to inquire of how many hours all saw has measured and how aged each one is. If you correlate chainsaws that are considerably different in age, you will obtain skewed results. It’s also a nice idea to operate each saw for an entire day to earn a good point of all its features and advantages. After using each chainsaw, inscribe a list of the things you liked and despised about each.

When you carry the saw back to the rental supply, inquire of the shop mechanic for an understanding on which saw compels more supervision and which brand they like. It’s also a nice idea to interrogate other loggers or arborists what name of chainsaw they desire and why. After you correlate all of your notes, you’re prepared to obtain the brand that suits you best.

Husqvarna and Stihl are widely considered as the two best manufacturers of chainsaws in the world. Either type is feasible to provide outstanding execution to virtually any other customer brand on the market. In extensive surveys of both homeowners and skilled loggers, priorities are slash nearly 50-50 between these two brands. And both manufacturers give several different criteria to bid to just about any user.



To use two comparably-sized and loaded models both weighing 12.3lbs with 59cc engines as a stock illustration, the Stihl MS 362 provides up to 4.69 horsepower and funds a bar of up to 25 inches, whereas the Husqvarna 555 provides only 4.3 horsepower and only helps a 20-inch bar.

Our pick for this category is Stihl.

Although both brands are relatively similar, Stihl has considerable low-end torque and earns simpler work of difficult old logs, knots and lot more.


As spoken of above, Stihl have that German manufacturing, and will notably survive longer over the years if well-maintained. Nonetheless, Stihl just retain a 1-2-year warranty across all their kinds. Husqvarna, on the other hand, if you exclusively utilize their brand of oil, will expand their warranty up to 4 or 5 years

Our choice for this sector is Husqvarna.

The easy fact of the matter is that several ordinary home or land holders who obtain a chainsaw aren’t going to look after it with an experienced daily-use status of detail. If your chainsaw cracks after 3 years, the Husky will most probable still be under warranty, whereas the Stihl will amount to you to fix up or replace. Given that Husqvarna saws are inexpensive to start with, the math actually starts to recede in their favour over the long period.

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Anti-Vibration System

Both brands have capitalized tremendous time and money into formulating anti-vibration technologies permitting for prolonged use. The Stihl retains a shock-resistant grip feature; however, the Husqvarna has patented Low-Vib technology integrated into their saws.

Our preference for this category is Husqvarna.

User analyses imply while both brands are eligible of expanded use, the Low-Vib technology in the Husky renders for smoother usage.


Both brands have got on a lengthy way in formulating security features for the chainsaw. Both have chain break procedures that will cut off the saw immediately in the exhibition of a crucial kickback circumstance. Both possess all-in-one switches, still, the Husqvarna manual shut-off is a simple thumb down motion, whereas the Stihl compels nudging the thumb counter-intuitively upward for shut-off, rendering it less of an organic activity.

Consideration FAQ

How Does a Chainsaw Work?

There are two fundamental factors to a chainsaw: a chain that’s formulated into a sawing blade and tied around a metal cue bar, and a one-cylinder gasoline engine. The engine utilized in a chainsaw is much smaller than you’d discover in a car, and a slight smaller than you’d discover in machines like lawnmowers. 

Reckon of the chain as being identical to a bike chain, which jogs around gears that swerve the chain around the bar. Exempt that, this chain possesses teeth built-in. As the engine’s piston moves into and out of the cylinder, it compels a rod that swerves the crankshaft. This fastens gears that are associated to the sprockets where the chain is clambered and therefore it swerves around, chopping through wood.

Which is Best?

In this review we are going to examine the similarities between STIHL and Husqvarna chainsaws and reply the huge question which is better?

STIHL is a German company, while Husqvarna is Swedish. Nevertheless, both companies utilize Chinese parts. This makes the chainsaws inexpensive to purchase but does not imply that they are any less credible or compromise on execution. Recent studies indicate that there is a 50/50 break between the two companies implying that everyone amasses their own choice, just like selecting between cars or game consoles. This is sure of what the chainsaw is utilized for, example homeowner or competent use. Homeowner chainsaws are utilized for smaller jobs around your home or property whereas competent chainsaws are utilized for industrial forestry administration and tree surgery. STIHL chainsaws will evaluate a lot loss then a Husqvarna chainsaw as they possess minor bars and a plastic crankcase, but a Husqvarna chainsaw will a retain larger engine and longer bar which renders it standard for severe logging or forestry work.


Stihl spawned the chainsaw. They have extra alternatives to choose from at further price degrees, exceptional low-end torque for tremendous horsepower at a smaller size, and are normally designed of superior materials.

Husqvarna are the up-and-coming adversary for the kingpin title. They possess improved professional-grade characteristics on all their saws, more cheap pricing, and are susceptible to collect online without bargaining with a salesman face-to-face. You can just purchase their saws on Amazon.