Types of Portable Solar Panels for RV and Camping


Recreational vehicles are the choice vehicles for people who love who are always on the move and love the road and adventure. They are flexible and offer riders the versatility that is rare in other vehicles. The life of adventure the road brings comes with its perks as well as its cons. One of those cons used to be the need for constant electricity, as there is a limit to what the car’s battery can take. The rise of technology has increased the electricity demand, and living on the road should not hinder your access to these technologies when necessary. To ensure that you are not left behind while on the move, it is vital that you find alternative sources of electricity, and solar panels are arguably the best option that comes to mind.

Finding a spot to spend the night and plug-in to access electricity can be tiring, and people who live in RVs face this challenge frequently, especially when they are traveling remote routes. But the problem of electricity is erased through the use of solar panels. This also makes it easier to locate a good spot to crash without worrying about hook-ups’ availability. The advantages of having solar panels in your RV are numerous, and one of them is the ease and brightness that they bring to your RV journey.

However, it is normal that questions will arise wherever solar panels are involved, and one of the main questions is how effective are solar panels in powering RVs? This depends on various factors, with the major factor depending on the decision of the RV owner. The owner decides on the type of solar panel he wants to get while considering the amount of power the solar panel can produce in relation to the number of appliances that need power in the RV.

It is relatively safe to say that the popularity and application of solar panels are increasing around the world. This has led to increased research, functionality, and rolling out of more advanced ones every day. It is also safe to say more advanced ones will be coming in the future. Therefore, the future keeps looking bright for solar panels and their applications, and this includes your RV because it stands to benefit a lot from more advancement in solar technology.

What is a Go Power Portable Solar Kit?

Solar panels are the ideal option if you want to try a cleaner and environmentally-friendly source of electricity. There are many kinds of solar panels that can be used for RVs; however, the best and most versatile ones for RVs are portable solar panels. Portable solar kits possess impressive features that make them worth investments, and one of those features is the ease of installation.

Also, choosing a good location when the day is bright and sunny will boost the portable solar charger’s potential to power your RV completely. This reduces our dependency on hook-ups, especially in areas that experience an ample amount of sunlight. Therefore, it affords you more options on areas you can set camp. There impressive portable solar kits on the market, but one of the most exceptional ones is the Go Power Portable Solar Kit.

The Go Power Portable Solar Kit comes in various sizes to suit the respective needs of potential users and contains everything you need to kickstart your solar power journey. The kit comes with lots of benefits, and one of its most pronounced benefits is the flexibility that comes with it thanks to its relatively long cords. They can be extended over a considerable distance, bringing more flexibility in your decision-making regarding setting up camp.

A typical case is when you want to pack your RV under a shade and still need to charge your solar panels; the cords affords you the chance to move the panels to the areas not covered by the shade. The Go Power Portable Solar Kit is also versatile. It is easy to install and comes with three wattage options designed to help you get the right wattage for your vehicle.

Are Portable Solar Panels Suitable for Camping?

The notion that some innovative tools can only be enjoyed at the comfort of normal residential areas is fast becoming a thing of the past, thanks to the invention of portable solar panels. So, people who live a nomadic lifestyle tend to benefit more from using solar panels as they can access electricity anywhere at any time as long as the solar panels are charged. The use of these panels also reduces the amount of carbon you expend, therefore helping the environment in the long run.

If you place a high premium on going green and investing in sustainable and renewable energy forms, then solar panels will make an excellent choice. They take away the need to leave camp and run back to civilization because of the need to charge your gadgets, allowing you to enjoy your camping uninterrupted. You can enjoy the normal camping activities while still performing other work-related activities, charging your mobile phones, other electronic appliances, etc.

Zamp Portable Solar Chargers

Zamp Portable Solar chargers are another efficient provider of power. It is an ideal companion for RV campers looking for other power options other than electrical plug-ins, which can sometimes be confining. With its many impressive features, the Zamp portable solar device is arguably one of the best choices if you decide to invest in a portable solar device. It is easy and fast to set up.

For people who happen to be on the road very often, portable solar devices will prove to be worthy investments when you relax off-road. You can set it up in roughly five minutes, and it will light up your RV while you take the rest that you deserve. One advantage of the Zamp portable solar charger is that it also comes with various wattage options making it ideal for RVs with different power demands.

There are different solar chargers on the market, and they are distinguished by the amount of power they produce. Some produce as low as 40 watts, while others can go as high as 200 watts. There are also some portable solar chargers with different wattage options, which allow RV owners to use the right power rating for their vehicle and that of other electronic appliances available. Zamp comes with a guarantee from its makers that with the right portable solar device, you will be able to power your RV, and other devices such as electronic gadgets, refrigerators, etc., without any hitch.


There are other impressive portable solar panels for RVs and campers, and understanding how solar generators work is essential for getting the most out of them. It is also important to know the power ratings of all the appliances in your RV, as this will inform you of the type of portable solar panel to choose from.

Solar energy is fast becoming one of the most sought-after forms of energy today because it is clean and renewable. Therefore, investing in solar panels will not only bring ease to your life of adventure and help you save costs; it will also aid in reducing the number of carbon emissions that keep threatening the planet.