Solar Mobile Phone Chargers


Many innovations are coming up every day, but one of the long-standing innovations is the mobile phone, and it keeps getting dynamic in design and functionality. The use of electronics such as mobile phones has quietly shaped our lives; they are used for work, keep to date with the latest trends, communications, etc.

One wish every mobile phone user will love to come through is a mobile phone or an electronics whose battery never runs down. However, we have not gotten there yet in terms of innovation, so we have to charge our mobile devices to perform the various activities regularly we use them to do.

Today, there are various types of chargers for mobile electronic devices, and more advancement is being made in that department. Some years ago, who would have thought wireless charging was going to be possible? However, today, it is becoming the norm; the same goes for solar mobile phone chargers. It is slowly becoming the go-to phone charger, especially for people who want to go green.

The same way solar generators harness solar energy to generate electricity; solar chargers harness this same energy to charge mobile phones. They reduce your dependency on electrical outlets when you want to charge your device. They are portable and easy to transport, so you can take them along when going to work or anywhere because they will fit comfortably in pockets, bags, purses, etc., just like your mobile phone.

However, these chargers are relatively new, so most people don’t know how they work or even how to use them. Some people believe that static solar panels can only harness solar energy for applications in immobile areas such as homes, offices, etc.

This is quite the contrary, as there are portable solar panels for RVs which usually on the road and solar chargers which can also be moved around, among others. So, lets us look at solar chargers for mobile phones to assist you in making an informed decision if you decide to invest in them.

What Type of Solar Charger is Suitable for a Cell Phone?

Solar chargers are many on the market, and they are distinguished by the amount of power they can produce, so if you need one with relatively high power, you will have to pay attention to that when surfing through the market. The solar chargers available on the market come with their unique pros and cons. That is why it is important that you carry out your research well before you settle for one that meets your power demands and comes with other benefits.

Therefore, you should consider some things when researching and top among them is the size of the solar charger. Although there will be the temptation to go for a relatively smaller and more portable device, you should go for a bigger portable device because the size matters in this area.

The size of the solar charger has an impact on the amount of power the charger will likely produce. With a larger charger solar charger, you don’t have to worry about your phone not charging fully or taking forever to charge fully. A larger solar charger gives you more in terms of power, so unless you have very little or no need for power, you may want to look into this feature.

Large solar chargers are likely to have more capabilities because they can gain and utilize more solar energy than the smaller ones. Although a very small solar charger may occupy a small space, it is quite unlikely that they will charge your phone optimally.

It is also important that you seek reviews on the type and brand of solar charger you intend to invest in. This ensures that you get all the information possible on the product you want to get; therefore, reviews from independent and unbiased sources will go a long way.

However, there is a downside to these chargers. They are do not remit the full charge potential to the devices they charge. Solar chargers can lose close to 30% of the power they have stored when converting it to electricity. That is why you must do your homework thoroughly to avoid issues like the one above.

Which Solar Charger is ideal for Backpacking?

The innovations that keep coming out are targeted for people with different needs and demands, which includes outdoor enthusiasts, and solar chargers happen to be one of those innovations. Unlike before, where you are limited to just pursuing your outdoor passion while being alienated from the rest of the world, portable solar chargers are helping to change the narrative by assisting in keeping one connected.

Solar chargers are fast becoming a companion for people who are usually on the trail. Apart from keeping electronic devices charged, they are also green, clean, and relatively safer for the users as well as the environment. However, it is vital to note that solar chargers designed for Backpacking have a relatively different standard from those designed for everyday purposes.

Outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, etc., require moving from one place to another, so you need to ensure that your charger is durable and can withstand the conditions that are related to this lifestyle.

Backpacking requires careful planning when it comes to the weight of the items that are to enter the backpack, so you wouldn’t want to invest in a solar charger that weighs too much. There are solar chargers ideal for Backpacking, and they are known to be lightweight, easy to transport, among other impressive features.

It is also important that you protect the charger from water; therefore, a cover or a waterproof backpack will go a long way in safeguarding the charger and your other belongings during occurrences like rainfall.

Can Solar Powered Phone Charger be Used for Tablets?

The answer to the question above is yes. However, some things need to be done first before investing in a solar phone charger for your tablet. You have to carry out some research to get the charger that best fits your tablet. The solar charger should be able to harness enough energy from the sun to charge your device from start to finish. A charger with a size larger or equivalent to that of your tablet’s power cell is the most likely candidate for the job.

You should also take into consideration the amount of power the charger loses when converting solar energy to electricity. This will enable you to calculate the amount of power left for your device and help you find the right solar charger for your tablet.

Some precautions need to be taken, and some things that should never be done; top among them is charging your device through the solar panel while it is also charging. This is because charging solar devices such as solar chargers is not as straightforward as some may think. Although the charger utilized sunlight efficiently to charge devices, the process of harnessing the energy from the sun can be interrupted sometimes by different things and occurrences, for example, a moving cloud, rainfall, etc. This interrupts the process of charging and can have dire consequences on your device if it is being used directly on the solar panel at the same time.

Is a Solar Powered Phone Charger Case Good for My Phone?

The popularity of solar-powered phone cases is fast growing of their functionality and the idea that they reduce people’s dependency on traditional chargers. However, they are still a work in progress and still possess some major shortcomings, most of which have to do with their effectiveness and speed.

Solar-powered phone charger cases are not as fast and effective in charging phone batteries as normal chargers. Good solar phone chargers should charge your phone well after they have been fully charged, but solar phone charger cases, on the other hand, can only give your phone a few minutes of run time after a long period of charging.

Asides from their long charging time, solar-powered phone cases also have to be placed at an angle of 90 degrees towards the sun. In other words, the front of your phone has to face down, while the back faces the sun when you are outside. You can also do this close to your glass window; however, the charger will not get as much energy as like it would if it was placed outside without any obstruction to the sunlight. These are the main issues that accompany solar-powered phone charger cases.

But despite the shortcomings of these devices, it is important to note that these innovations are relatively new, and various manufacturers are doing more work to bettering their performance. Some solar chargers can accommodate an extra battery. This helps to extend the time you can be on your phone. While we are waiting for more exceptional solar-powered phone charger cases in the future, this one is a worthy compromise.


So, if you are walking the part of a green planet, these devices are good solutions, and they can only get better.