What Do You Use A Brad Nailer For?


A brad nailer is a pneumatic-powered nail gun that uses compressed air to drive small nails into wood. It is used to attach lightweight trim and also used for mouldings and cabinetry. Unlike every other nailer, they are designed to shoot brads which are thin nails of about 0.0475 inches. Brad nails are ideal for thin pieces of trim that would split if you use a regular-sized nail. They are handy tools used especially to apply finishing touches to your woodwork projects. Brad nailers are compatible with brad nails of length ranging from 5/8 inches to 2 inches.

What Is A Brad Nail?

A brad nail is a really thin nail that is used for attaching lightweight trim. Their heads are small, and this makes them ideal for detailed woodworking projects. They don’t leave marks or dents in the wood, unlike regular-sized nails. There are two sizes of brad nails; there are the 18-gauge and the 21-gauge brad nail. The most common brad nailers use the 18-gauge brad nails because they bind wood much stringer than the thin-sized 21-gauge nails. The thin sizes of these brad nails make brad nailers ideal for attaching thin pieces of wood to larger pieces.

Types Of Brad Nailer

Brad nailers can be classified into two types based on their power source.

Electric Brad Nailer

The electric brad nailer, as the name implies, works with electric power. It has an electric motor that controls the firearm and drives nails into the wood. There are two types of electric brad nailers; the cordless nailer and corded nailer.

The corded nailer works with a long power cord that is connected to a power outlet with an uninterrupted power supply. The cordless brad nailer is very similar to the corded brad nailer, but it works with batteries rather than a cord. The electric nailer is quicker, more powerful and known to be the most effective type of brad nailer.

Pneumatic Brad Nailer

The pneumatic brad nailer uses compressed or pressurized air to drive nails into your wood. It comes with an air hose that transfers the compressed air from the air compressor to the nail gun. They are just as common as the electric nail guns but may require gas cartridges and batteries.

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Uses Of A Brad Nailer

Below are some of the things you can do with a brad nailer

  • Brad nailer can be used to rejuvenate antique furniture. It is the perfect tool for remodelling and bringing your antiques back to life
  • It can be used to make chairs, build cabinets and other types of furniture
  • It is commonly used for attaching trims and mouldings
  • It is used to hold thin pieces of wood with larger pieces delicately. The brad nailer is the ideal tool if you need to add finishing touches to your project

Advantages Of A Brad Nailer

A brad nailer is a handy tool that should be included in your tool kit as a DIY lover or professional constructor. It can be used to apply finishing touches to your woodwork projects, and it delicately handles thin pieces of wood and lightweight trims. Below are some of the benefits of using a brad nailer

  • It is ideal for attaching thin and delicate pieces of trim and mouldings without splitting the wood
  • It reduces the risk of damaging the thin pieces of trim
  • Since it has a small head, it leaves a small hole that doesn’t need filling
  • Brad nailers are lightweight and can be used for long hours without feeling stressed or fatigued
  • They firmly attach thin wood and reduce the need to apply a wood putty over the nailed area

Disadvantages Of A Brad Nailer

As incredible as brad nailers may seem, they have some setbacks that prevent them from being used for more massive jobs. These setbacks are

  • Due to the small size of brad nails, brad nailers cannot be used to hold large boards and heavy wood.
  • They are not small enough to fit into small or tight corners

Factors To Consider Before Getting A Brad Nailer

Proper planning needs to be done before you buy a brad nailer. You need to think about the type of project you need it for and how often you will use that nailer. There are certain factors you need to look out for when planning to get a brad nailer, these factors are discussed below

Magazine Capacity

This is one of the most vital things to keep in mind before purchasing a brad nailer. This explains the number of nails the brad nailer can hold at once. A brad nailer with a high magazine capacity makes you more productive and reduces the tie spent on a project. Luckily, most brad nailers can accommodate up to 100 nails at once.

Firing Method

It is important to understand the different types of firing methods. The most common firing methods are the sequential firing methods and the contact or bump firing mode. Most nailers come with a selective actuation switch that allows you to transition between the different types of firing modes.

Ease Of Use

It is very important to get a brad nailer that is easy to use and handle. The weight of the brad nailer determines how easy it is to use that nailer. You don’t want to get a nailer that is difficult to use as this will limit your productivity.


If you are a professional contractor, there is a high chance that you will need to transport your brad nailer to different works sites. You should get a brad nailer that offers you maximum convenience and can be carried around with ease.


A brad nailer should be able to handle various types of woodwork projects without splitting or damaging the material. Purchase a brad nailer that has different adjustable features like an adjustable drive depth. The brad nailer should be able to drive nails into various types of materials other than wood.


Think of your brad nailer as an investment. You should be able to use your brad nailer for many other projects without breaking down. Get a brad nailer that is powerfully built with durable materials and comes with parts that are easy to find and replace.

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If you are a DIY enthusiast, a brad nailer is one of the power tools you need to have. It is perfect for thin woods, especially trims and mouldings, that need to be handled with care. Before you buy a brad nailer, think on a budget and the project you need it for.