What is Chalk Paint? Full Guide


If you want to beautify your home, make it look aesthetically pleasing and elegant, then you have to be very creative and stylistic while painting your home. Most persons do not know that there is a need to mix and match a lot when it comes to painting your home in style. You have to explore and be adventurous about it. This is why you need not necessarily stick to your regular latex and oil paints. Chalk paints are a great deal of elegance when it comes to being stylistic and creative with your painting.

Chalk paints are quite easy to produce. This type of paint gives an elegant, vintage, and classy look. You can use chalk paints for a whole lot of creative painting. In this informational content, we would consider chalk paint thoroughly. How can you use chalk paint and why should you use it? Well then, do follow through.

What is Chalk Paint?

Chalk paint is an elegant and antique-type design of paint. It is different from regular oil and latex paints. With chalk paints, you get a variety of color combinations. Unlike oil and latex paints that are made for particular surfaces, chalk paints can be used on furniture surfaces, kitchen painting, and wall painting as well. It is made to suit multiple surfaces. How then did chalk paints come about? Chalk paints were first curated by a painting line called Annie Sloan. The chalk paint line was developed out of the intense desire to curate versatile colors of a paint type that can be used on multi surfaces. At the same time, the situation of having paints turn out plastic on some surfaces wanted to be avoided. Watch this to get more practical information on chalk paints and its important features and basics.

What do you get from chalk paints – comparison with other paint types

With chalk paints, you do not need too much of foundation coats. All you need is to add wax and begin to paint. What are we saying here? With your regular latex and oil paints, you usually need to add a primer to whichever surface it is before painting to make it look sleek and smooth. Painting furniture and antique surfaces are easy with chalk paint. With chalk paints, you get to paint, furniture, wall, and also your kitchen surfaces with less stress. Click for practical information on how to use chalk paints to paint your kitchen cabinets. Chalk paints are very useful for surfaces that are not smooth, surfaces that have dips and undulating patterns. This is because the paint would pour in seamlessly unlike other paints like latex and the likes. This is why chalk paint is very easy to use even for non-professional painters. You can paint any surface yourself without any prior technical knowledge. A professional painter would advise you to get chalk paint if you want to do some ‘do it yourself painting.’

Effective use of chalk paint

How do you make great and effective use of chalk paints, bringing the best out of them? Generally, with chalk paints, you do not have to do multiple coats on your surfaces. All you do when painting with chalk paint is to paint the surface once(single coat) or paint it twice if you want it to have that obvious antique and elegant look. Remember, you are not using a primer or foundation coat to prepare a foundation for the chalk paint, you are just mixing with wax before painting. So, you just go single or double coats. This is the reason why it is very suitable for furniture painting. If you are not quite comfortable with the rough and antique look of the chalk paint, you just need to add a reasonable amount of lacquer to achieve a much smoother and sleeker look. That is it! Chalk paints are mostly used to paint furniture dressings but they can also look very elegant on walls and other surfaces.

Let us consider a brief overview of how to go about painting your wall surface smoothly with chalk paint.

If you want to paint a wall surface with chalk paint, then you have to prime that surface well. Prime the wall till it appears smooth, then apply the chalk paint. It would come out with a glossy and smooth look, not the elegant antique look attributed to chalk paints.

Why use chalk paint?

Chalk paints are not frequently used in general painting processes due to the characteristics attributed to this paint type. But chalk paints are very good especially for the variety in color and style. You just have to go through the stress to achieve this elegance and beauty in painting style. People don’t like chalk paint because it’s costly. It is quite expensive if you add up the cost of the chalk paint itself and the wax you would be needing. To get a smooth and sleek result on a wall surface, you have to add the cost of a primer. It would cost quite a lot but the results are a beauty to behold.

For chalk paints, not all surfaces you find painted with it would look good because of the difference in effort and expertise. For chalk paints to come out nicely on your surfaces, reasonable effort, and adherence to the guideline(s) are needed.

If you use chalk paints the ‘way you should’, you would love it a lot that you might even prefer it to latex paints. For quality chalk paints that would produce the elegant results described in this informational content, purchase Annie Sloan, Behrs, or Rust-Oleum chalk paints.


So far, in regards to chalk paint, we have thoroughly elucidated what chalk paint is and the important things you need to know when it comes to chalk paints. If you want to get an elegant vintage look out of your painting, explore chalk paints following the guidelines in this content. You would love the unique style!