What Is Modal Fabric?


Modal fabric is one of the latest trends in environmentally friendly fabrics. The textile is changing our perspectives when it comes to fashion with the growing concerns about the environment. The modal fabric, also called high wet modulus rayon, is an eco-friendly textile made from tree cellulose, and it is very durable. Modal fabric is known as an underwear textile, owning to its high breathability.

What’s Modal Fabric?

Modal is a semi-synthetic rayon made from synthetic compounds and tree cellulose. The modal fabric is made from the cellulose of hardwood like oak. The textile is often lauded as the next big thing in the sustainability of fabric; it’s at the forefront of eco-friendly textiles.

The high wet modulus rayon was first made in Japan and required fewer resources in production compared to the regular rayon. It is more breathable than regular rayon, stronger, and has a great moisture-wicking property.

Modal fabric is sometimes combined with other fabric to form a sturdy material. The silky-smooth texture makes it a popular bedding and underwear textile.

How Modal Fabric Made

The high wet modulus rayon is made in a process similar to that of the ordinary rayon. First, beech trees are harvested, then they are processed and purified to form cellulose. The cellulose is converted to sheets, which are treated by submerging in sodium hydroxide.

Afterward, the sheets are broken into pieces and are dipped in carbon disulphate, which creates a substance called sodium cellulose xanthate. The sodium cellulose xanthate is soaked in sodium hydroxide again before it is put through a spinneret, which turns it into fibers.

The fibers are treated with sulfuric acid to produce yarn. The yarn is washed, bleached, dried, and then loaded into yarns. The yarns pass through a process of pre-shrinking, fire, and wrinkle resistance treatment before it is knit into modal fabric.

Use of Modal Fabrics

Modal fabric is an eco-friendly alternative to rayon, cotton, and silk, so it is not odd to find it being used to produce beddings and other silk products; it is often blended with silk to create a sturdy and fashionable fabric used often in scarves.

Modal fabric is known for its breathability, softness, moisture-wicking ability, lightness, and durability, making it a common material used to create sportswear like running wear and yoga pants.

Why You Should Opt for Modal Fabric

Modal fabric is an eco-friendly and biodegradable textile. The production process creates less waste than regular rayon. It uses less water too. If the label of an environmentally-friendly fabric doesn’t convince you to use modal fabric, then the following should convince you.

Modal fabric is very breathable, which makes it an excellent choice for sportswear. If you are prone to excessive sweating, you may consider wearing clothes made from modal. It is also very soft with a silky texture; this means that it’s also a great choice for nightwear, underwear, and bedsheets as it is very comfy. Modal is shrink resistant and resists creasing too.

Modal has high flexibility and stretches very well; this makes it ideal for sportswear. It also has a lovely drape similar to silk, which gives it a beautiful appearance as either decoration or clothing. It is very sturdy, doesn’t pill, absorbs color quickly, and won’t bleach as you wash. It is more durable than cotton, so if you have modal clothes, you can rest assured as it is durable.

How to Care For Your Modal Fabric Clothes

The recommended water temperature to wash your modal in is cold; however, you can wash it at any temperature. The fabric can be dry-cleaned and tumble dried. If you have a modal blend, check the washing instructions that come with your item.

Avoid using chlorine bleach on the textile as it will weaken it. If you have to need to use bleach, opt for an oxygen-based bleach. Please do not leave your modal in the dryer for long; take it out as soon as you’re done drying, and dry on low to medium heat to prevent wrinkling.


Modal is a semi-synthetic fabric that is used in the textile industry. Modal fabric is an excellent fabric for those who want comfort, luxury, and care about the environment. Modal has less impact on the environment compared to most fabrics available.

If you are in the market for ethical wears, then you will most likely get an item made from modal. It has a high sustainability rating than other fabric; it uses up fewer resources and generates little waste in production.

Be sure that you get authentic modal, and look out brands that don’t get their trees from deforestation; rather, they use sustainably grown beech. Caring for your modal is relatively easy, and always read the washing instructions on clothing made with a blend of modal and other fabric.