What Metal are Saw Blades Made From?


Metal cutting saw blades are blades engineered specifically for quickly cutting through metals. Metal cutting saw blades produces burr-free finishing n metals, and they also enable you to minimize your work time, even as you maximize your effectiveness.

In today’s modern marketplace, there are so many types of metal saw blades that are being produced, and each of them was carefully designed to withstand the high strength of metal even as they provide an extended blade life, thus reduces the need to change your blades now and then. Learn more on what metal saw blades are made from here

Metal Saw Blade Materials?

There are two basic forms metal saw blades can be found in;

  1. The one is metal which is constructed from either metal, like stainless steel, aluminium oxide, and chrome vanadium steel.
  2. The other material is abrasive, which is made for slicing through any metal easily.

Metal Made Blades

These types of blades are made from high strength alloys like the stainless steel, vanadium steel or the aluminium oxide. Blades made of metals are typically coated with composite materials, like the ceramic-metal composite which enables it to endure high pressure generated by cutting through metal while making sure its cuts perfectly and having a long blade life or the tungsten carbide.

Furthermore, these blades undergo high heat treatment to reduce the build-up of heat and also the prevention of excess sparking.

These metal body blades feature small and thus more multiple teeth than their wood-cut versions. Typically, these perfect teeth range from about 30 teeth per blade to about 100 teeth per blade. These perfect teeth enable the blade to make fast, precise cuts that help stop burrs and repetitive chipping when cutting through metal swiftly.

Abrasive Made Blades

These types of metal cutting blades were designed using a mix of insulating and rough materials designed to endure the demands of cutting through metals while producing the perfect cuts. Some comprise of aluminium oxide grain coated with two sheets of fibreglass or other insulating material. This combination allows the rough abrasive blade to withstand high momentum and the natural hardness of the metal to make smooth, burr-free slices in practically all type of metal.

Five Common Types of Saw Blades for Metalwork

There are several types of metal saw blades that you can use for your metalworking band saw, or cold saw depending on the saw usage.

However, new types of saws are introduced into the market every time. Nevertheless, this can cause a sort of confusion when you attempt to find a suitable metal saw blade to use.

Not to worry as we have itemized the five popular metal saw blade types you can use for your metal works:

  1. Carbide Tipped Saw
  2. The Grit Edge Saw
  3. Bi-Metal Saw
  4. The Carbon Flex Back
  5. The Carbon Hard Back


Although there are so many of differences in the type of materials used to make a metal cutting saw blade, needless to say, they perform the same task of easily cutting through metals finely. Bothe the metal coated and abrasive discs can withstand high powered metal cutting saws to attain high quality, even without requiring too much effort.