Who Makes Good Cordless Impact Wrenches?


If you won’t like to work with the traditional long cords while working with a wrench, then the cordless wrenches are the way to go. The cordless impact wrenches run off battery powers which make them super convenient. Furthermore, not all impact wrenches are the same, as they come designed with unique features such as:

  1. Chuck Size: Cordless impact wrenches comes in different sizes. It’s quite important to check for chuck size before purchase to enable you easily fit in your preferred bits. Most cordless impact wrenches come with a ½ inch chuck size.
  2. Battery Voltage: Just as expected, cordless impact wrenches work on battery power that uses between 18 volt and 20 – volt batteries. Typically, a much higher voltage battery is considered to be a better option since it offers more power.
  3. Motor Speed: You can get an idea of an impact wrench performance by paying close attention to its rotation speed. This includes options such as 2000 RPM or 3000 RPM, and a higher speed means better performance.

If you are want to buy a cordless impact wrench, the features above are the basic ones you must look out for if you want to get the best out of your cordless impact wrench. One brand that stands out and checks all the boxes for the best cordless impact wrench is the Milwaukee 2767 – 20 M18 cordless impact wrench.

What is an Impact Wrench?

An impact wrench is a go-to tool for DIY enthusiast and professionals alike when no other tool seems to be getting the job done. The socket wrench power tool provides high torque output without too much action on the part of the user. The best air and electrical impact wrenches offer additional force whenever you need more strength to either combine or disassemble tasks. For instance, this can involve, loosening or tightening specific screws.

Although an impact wrench may resemble a drill, it delivers its high torque at a relatively lower speed using a hammering action, rather than a high-speed rotation in the case of a drill. The motor in an impact wrench is driven by batteries or air. This applies a rapid twisting motion to the recalcitrant lug nut in short bursts.

These rapid bursts are responsible for the loosening and tightening movement an impact wench offers.

What is an Impact Wrench Used For?

An impact wrench is used for several purposes in a broad range of industries such as maintenance of heavy plant/equipment, car repairs, big construction projects, and assembling projects. If you find yourself working on any project that demands a high torque output, you will need an impact wrench.

It can be said that their primary use is simple for bolting and unbolting screws, making the impact wrench suitable for installing garden decking, replacing wheels and other similar work. It would also be a good move to have one in your workshop or your truck.


The use and application of cordless impact wrenches are not limited to the workshops, garages and construction projects. These tools are simple DIY tools that can serve an as personal run off the mill tool. Hence, since they are cordless, you aren’t limited by power a cord which makes the cordless option a great have.