How to Build a Treehouse


Most of us dreamed of having our own treehouses as children, and luckily some of us had their dream come to pass. The love for these lovely houses has not waned in our little ones, and it is only normal if we want to build one for them. There are many ways to go about building a treehouse. You can contract them or decide to go through the DIY course. If you decide to do it yourself, it is going to be a fun ride, especially if you are building one for the first time. However, it is important to mention that there will be a few challenges on the way to building that fun treehouse for you and your kids. Before you build a treehouse, there is a list of things that have to be on ground before starting, and at the top of that list is a spacious yard with big and sturdy trees. This is usually what inspires people to build a treehouse in the first place. The other things to consider to ensure the successful completion of your treehouse are the total estimated cost, the treehouse design, types of equipment needed for building, woods, safety, etc.

All these and more are further discussed in this article to help you build a good treehouse where you and your little ones can create fun memories. There are lots of things to be done, and a few essential things are often overlooked, but to make it as easy as possible, it also ideal that you involve your children in the design of the treehouse. Also, a high premium should be placed on safety when embarking on projects like this. Let us waste no time further in getting the necessary information on how to go about building a very good treehouse.

How much should I be Budgeting to Build a Treehouse?

This is an important question that needs to be answered without bias, as it will cater to the major needs of the project from start to finish. Various factors influence the cost of building a treehouse, and one of those factors is the plan and design of the treehouse. You should be looking at spending between $300 to about $15,000, depending on the options you choose. You should note the more complex your building plan is, the more likely you are to spend more. Contracting the project out also increases the overall cost, and sometimes, even if you decide to follow the DIY route, you may need to consult an engineer, which means extra cost.

There is also the cost of the materials to consider. If you want your treehouse looking all brand new, you may want to settle for new woods, which also translates to more cost. On the other hand, you can use previously used wood or source for them from their natural sources yourself. This is quite cheaper, but you may not get that shiny look.

Another factor that can influence the cost of your treehouse is its height. This means that the higher your treehouse goes above ground, the more the cost of building it. Treehouses with a height of 7ft to 8ft above the ground are quite common, and usually, they don’t require scaffolding when building them. However, if you want yours to go higher, you may need to make provisions for scaffolding, and it will drive the cost a bit higher.

What Tools do you Need to Build a Treehouse?

Building treehouses requires the use of various types of tools. Some are designed for cutting, nailing, framing, drilling, etc. They are needed to give the treehouse the fine finish that befits it. The efficiency of the tools is also important because the time it takes you to use a tool to complete a task will greatly influence the time you are going to complete your treehouse.

You will need some power tools as well as some hand tools. One of the most important power tools in constructing treehouses is the drill, preferably a sturdy cordless drill or one that does not restrict movement that much. a circular saw will aid in cutting straight lines relatively fast. However, you can also use a jigsaw if a circular saw is not nearby, just that it will be less accurate. The jigsaw is ideal for cutting curves. So, both of them may be needed for the project.

The hand tools that are essential to the job are a hammer, tape, adjustable wrench, and a good supply of nails. The tools should not be too heavy to hoist up the tree, and they should not restrict movement around the tree.

You also need tools that help you align wood and hold them in place when cutting them. Sawhorses are ideal for such tasks. Another important tool is the speed square, and it is essential for ensuring that measurements are accurate, therefore reducing reliance on guessed measurements.

Do You Need Planning Permission to Build a Treehouse?

Yes, you do need planning permission to build a treehouse in your compound. Treehouses are small temporary structures, but this doesn’t mean that you can erect the structure without getting the required permission. So, it is essential that you get planning permission for your treehouse before you begin construction, as this will help prevent issues that may arise from the lack of it in the future.

How long does it take to Build a Treehouse?

The duration it takes to build a treehouse varies with respect to its plan. It is also expected to take longer if you decide to construct it yourself. The size is another factor that affects the duration of construction. Normally for a small treehouse, you may speed two to three months in construction, while those with more elaborate plan and size may take close to a year to complete. It is also vital to ensure that the building time you set for the project is flexible. The type of tools that you use also affect the rate of completion.

One of the benefits of a well-planned treehouse project is that it is usually completed on time or close to the projected finish date.

Things to do when building

After the planning stage comes implementation, but one important area has to be touched, and that is the wood type you should use for your treehouse as well as the type of tree. The tree should be strong, thick, and preferably a hardwood. If you are using a softwood tree, ensure that the tree is thicker than a hardwood tree that fits the description. This is to ensure that the tree is able to bear the weight of the house comfortably and improve safety as well.

Ensure that the tree also has strong branches, and the main platform should be constructed very close to the trunk of the tree. The house’s weight should be evenly distributed around the base of the tree because leaning to one part of the tree will put more pressure on the building.

It is essential to note that trees will continue to grow either in height and width or both of them, so you should factor that in when you are constructing the treehouse. Leave some around the tree trunk to allow the house to accommodate the tree while it is growing.

Strong emphasis should be laid on ensuring the platform’s stability as this would make the rest of the construction a breeze and ensure it lasts long. Also, ensure that the base is flat as possible.

If you are building your first treehouse, some mistakes are likely to occur, extending the time of completion. It is easier to construct some of the house’s main parts on the ground before hoisting the joined parts up into the tree and couple them there. It saves time and reduces stress.

You can reduce the strain the house puts on the tree by supporting it with pillars that run from the ground to the house’s base, which brings extra stability to the treehouse.


It is quite tasking to build a treehouse. You will spend money as well as time. Despite all this, it is important not to compromise quality when building them because most likely, it will be your kids visiting and play there. This means that the house should be safe and follow all safety regulations. Treehouses require maintenance not to fall into disarray, so you should also put this in mind when embarking on such a project.

Experience makes the job easier, so if you are skilled in carpentry, this would be fun. However, you have to be flexible with your plan and be ready to make amendments where necessary. You can construct your dream treehouse with little or no experience. All you have to do is follow tutorials, ask questions where necessary, and ensure that you get answers to them. Pick the right tools and materials for the construction, and in no time, you will have yourself a house on the tree.