Are Electric Lawn Mowers Worth It?


For many years, gas-powered lawn mowers have been the most common type of lawnmower. It has been every home owner’s top choice irrespective of the smoke and noise it emits. Recently, electric lawn mowers have seemed to gain popularity. You have probably heard about these electric lawnmowers and wondered if they are as good or better than the gas-powered counterpart. Just like many other tools, the electric lawn mower can be corded or cordless. The electric lawn mowers are just as good and even more efficient than the gas-powered type. The best part is they operate noise or smoke-free and are inexpensive to run; this is because they run on a constant supply of power through a battery or an uninterrupted power source.

Why Consider An Electric Lawn Mower

Besides the incredibly quiet mode of operation, there are many other reasons why the electric lawn mower may be what you need.


The electric lawn mowers require less oiling or servicing. They are easy to maintain because they have way less moving part than the gas-powered lawnmowers. All they require is regular cleaning and a steady flow of electricity.

Easy To Use

Electric lawnmowers are not hard to operate. They operate quietly and emit no smoke or fumes. The corded electric lawnmower is lightweight and easy to use once you move past the limitations caused by the cord. The cordless lawn mower is also very easy to operate, but it works with batteries which may only last for an hour. Electric lawnmowers are also easy to start, check out How to Start Electric lawn Mower?


Electric lawnmowers require nothing more than a constant supply of power from a battery or electrical outlet for it to function properly. You don’t need to spend too much money on gas or worry about running out of gas. All you need do is to get a long extension cord to improve motility if it is a corded electric lawn mower or purchase a backup battery if it is a corded electric lawnmower.


Electric lawn mowers are designed to be compact and lightweight. This makes them very easy to control and manoeuvre, especially in tight areas of your yard. They are easy to push or pull and usually have very comfortable handles. The electric lawn mower can be used stress-free for long hours.


The electric lawn mowers do not pollute the air with fumes or smoke. Since it doesn’t use fuel, there is no combustion process taking place, and there is no carbon monoxide emitted. You don’t have to worry about petrol spilling all over your lawn.

Factors To Consider When Buying An Electrical Lawn Mower

If you are convinced about purchasing an electric lawn mower, there are certain features you need to consider to get the best out of this tool. Some of the things you have to look out for include:

Cordless Or Corded

There are two types of electric lawn mower, the corded and the cordless or battery-powered lawnmower. The type of lawnmower is the first thing to consider before buying a lawnmower. They both have their advantages and disadvantages; the corded lawn mower is easy to manoeuvre, but its power cable may limit your motility. The cordless lawnmower, on the other hand, runs on batteries that need to be recharged every 2 hours.

Cutting Width

This explains the width of grass you can cut in a single pass. This is quite important as it contributes to the efficiency of the machine. You should choose a lawnmower than can cut a wide area of your lawn in a short time. Also bear in mind that you need a lawnmower that can fit into the tight areas of your lawn.

Cutting Height

The cutting height of most lawn mowers, electric or gas, can be adjusted. Look out for an electric mower with a height adjustment dial, so you can easily cut grasses of any height.

Side Discharge Or Mulching

These are methods of disposing of the grass clippings. Buy an electric mower that gives you the option of keeping the grass clippings in a rear discharge bag or letting them fall back to the ground to decompose.


The electric lawn mower is slowly becoming more popular than the gas-powered lawnmower. This is mainly because it operates quietly; it is easy to use and safe for the environment. If you are very conscious of your environment and you need to save money, then the electric lawn mower is the ideal choice. To know more about lawnmowers, visit What’s the Best Lawn Mower?