Built-in or Additional Features of a Miter Saw


Miter saws are such a powerful DIY tool that is adored in several trades and with a lot of divers’ hobbies. One benefit most DIYers and professionals derive from the miter saw is its versatility. With the miter saw, there are so many different projects you can embark on, projects like new construction, renovation, and building furniture.

Miter saw are useful for making angle cuts with so much ease and precision. Since the miter saw’s blade is fixed to a sturdy arm on a massive body, cuts can be fine-tuned to the blade’s width. In a few areas, miter saws aren’t that effective. For instance, they can’t tear lumber to width or cut extensive stock, and many tilt one direction.

Although sliding arms will expand cutting distance, and some tilt two ways to make difficult cuts simpler. Bear in mind that with additional functionality come more weight and a higher price. Learn more about the fantastic features of a miter saw here

Types of Miter Saws

  1. 10” Compound Non-Sliding
  2. 12” Compound Non-Sliding
  3. 10” Compound Sliding
  4. 12” Compound Sliding

Unique Features of a Miter Saw

The miter saw is one of many tools that can be used to cut – wood and non – wooden materials. However, the miter saw has an added advantage over its competitors in that it can be used to perform a variety of activities.

The standard features of a miter saw are unique enough to make this tool the most preferred tool among professionals and DIYers. Here are some additional features that not only make the miter saw most preferred but a stand-out tool for precision cuts:

  • Laser Guide: when you have a laser guide, you are accurately guided on how your blade will land on the wood just before putting the saw blade down. with the laser guide, you avoid unnecessary and avoidable errors that are associated with marginal cutting.
  • Crosscuts and Miter Cuts: As can be seen by the very name of the saw, these saws are rooted in the same intent of the ability to make miter cuts. Crosscuts of all forms and angles now become more straightforward.
  • Dust Extraction: Dust extraction stops sawdust from entering the eyes, nose, mouth, or ears. Sawdust is a risk of breathing, stumbling, and fire, so controlling it is necessary to protect your workspace. Miter saws that come with dust collecting bags that hold a lot of sawdust out from scattering into thin air.
  • Miter Table: A miter table helps you to arranged long pieces to keep them resting without the possibility of breaking or crashing. Using a safety clamp, hold the piece securely in place, and to prevent any injuries that can occur from a piece of dust particle flying towards you.
  • Electric Brakes: Once you let go of the trigger, electric blades are what stops the blade. It may take a while for a blade revolving several thousand times a minute to cease, which is a safety risk. Electrical braking will minimize this time to as little as two seconds, which could be the difference between a superficial cut and losing a finger.
  • Blade Guard: you might want to protect and safeguard your face and your body at all costs. A blade guard is what does that for you. It covers the bulk of the blade when you’re not using the miter saw, and it retracts upward when you dive the saw back to the workpiece. It also surrounds the exterior part of the blade to shield you throughout the cutting process.

What Type Of Miter Saw Is Recommended?

A dual compound sliding miter saw, without a doubt is recommended, because it offers you the best versatility. Now, based on the material you’re cutting, you are more likely to get the best use and efficiency from a 10-inch or 12-inch model.


Miters saws are considered a niche tool that is quite popular among professionals and many home improvement enthusiasts. The reason is due to its technique and precision cutting. With a miter saw, you never have to worry about inaccuracy. Making angle cuts becomes as simple as taking a burger bite. So whether you are about picture frames, door frames, or crown molding, miter saws, even with its built-in features, will get the job done.