How Much Paint Do I Need?


Painting your home is bringing out the best in its beauty and style. Among the major lifts to the beauty of your home is the painting, both interior, and exterior. The fact is that painting makes your space and home new and elegant! In this modern age, one can definitely not imagine a home space without fresh and elegant coats of paints. One would have a space looking archaic and out of fashion. You can give different designs to your interior and exterior home painting.

This informational content is not to intimate you on how to paint your home space or the importance of paint but to let you know how much paint you need to paint rooms, garages, and other spaces. Though you cannot know the exact amount of paint you would be needed but, you can buy what would be enough and won’t necessarily lead to heavy wastage. Many times, you buy excess paint cans and they end up wasting. How much paint do I need for my room, garages, and more? Follow through then.

Factors To Determining How Much Paint I Need

When you want to paint your home space there are factors you consider to determine reasonably the rational amount of paint you would be needing. We would take you through them thoroughly below:

Space Size

What should be top of your consideration list is the largeness or otherwise of the rooms you want to paint. This is very important because it would have a lot of impact on the actual quantity of paint you would be getting. It is most times the case that you have rooms of varying sizes in your home space. So, to make headway, do the space sizing first. This is very easy to do. You just have to get your measuring tape and measure the sizes of the rooms in square foot. In addition to measuring the sizes of the rooms, you also have to co side if you would be painting the roofing. This would require you to put extra paint in your calculation.

How do you calculate the size of the rooms? As mentioned earlier, you would be needing a measuring tape. It is actually simple and straightforward. All you have to do is to measure the length and breadth of the rooms in feet measurements. Then you multiply the length by the breadth to get the square foot size of each room. For example, if a room has a length of 12 and a breadth of 13, the whole room is 156 square feet. For further direction on how to measure your room in square feet, watch.

Make of Paint

Different types of paints like oil and water paints vary in the amount they put in the paint cans. The manufacturer of the paint also determines the amount of paint inside the paint can. Let us take oil paints as a case study. In most cases, oil paints tend to have a very sizeable amount of paint per can. If you are going to be working with oil paints, you can consider it that oil paints have a significant amount of paint in every can. You can then base your calculation on this. When we also talk about paint manufacturers, they work with different amounts per can. A manufacturer might have more amounts of paint per can when compared to another. With all this information being touched on, you should check the side of the paint can to ascertain exactly how much paint is in a particular can. By doing this, you would be able to know the number of cans you would be needed by converting the millimeters into gallons. You should also take note that different home sections have their particular type of paint. What would work for your lounge would most likely not work for the kitchen.

General measurement guidelines

There are general rules and guides that you can follow towards knowing how much paint you would need for whichever space. Generally, a can of paint would paint about 395 square feet. You can do your calculations based on this too as you would calculate a standard paint can to a small home space to paint.

Home spaces should be painted two times in a term of painting, this is standard as it would allow the painting to come out beautifully. What does this do to your calculations? You simply have to add a paint can to the amount that would cover that particular space. Based on all these parameters and factors, if you are working on a medium-sized space, three to three and a half standard cans of paints should cover very well. If you are then working on a large space, you should get four to four and a half standard cans of paint. This way you would be saving yourself of both the stress of an inadequate amount of paint and paint wastage.

Determining How Much Paint For Trims

What are trims actually? These are the streamlined spaces for windows, doors, and the bottom of those carvings. How much paint do you then need for these trims? It is quite straightforward. Calculate the square feet of the trims by measuring their lengths and breadths. On average it should not be more than 300 square feet. Half of a standard paint can do this.

If after utilizing all these guidelines and you are still not sure about the amount of paint you would be needing(which would most likely not be the case), you could simply use an online paint quantity calculator OR ask around from paint stores.


You need to be aware of how much paint you need for your rooms, garages, and other spaces to avoid inadequacy and/or wastage. Do not forget to calculate your home space before anything at all. This is the foundation of getting the amount of paint you would use right. Failure to do this would most likely lead to a significant miscalculation. Do follow this guide and you would get it just right!