Husqvarna vs Echo


Chainsaws are some of the most multipurpose tools that money can purchase. And, if you find yourself in the market for a heavy-duty one, you might be correlating what various several companies have to give. Here’s our review of the best midrange chainsaws in Husqvarna vs. Echo.

In this short review, we’ll put up with the two of the largest and baddest chainsaws out there the Husqvarna 460 Rancher​ and the ECHO CS-590 Timber Wolf

​Husqvarna vs. ECHO: Brief Company Histories.

Husqvarna is the nation’s vastest producer of outside power products and their job is diverse. From chainsaws for woodsman to an automated lawnmower, you can discover virtually anything that you could perhaps want from this Swedish company. The firm has been in business as far back as 1689, but chainsaws were inducted to its product line in 1959 as logging and forestry came to be very significant in Sweden.

Both companies possess a record of craftsmanship and stability, but Husqvarna’s status is hard to beat. Husqvarna chainsaws are one of the prime choices out there, and they strive with Stihl for the vast prominent tool amongst woodsman. They’re very well-known for the sturdiness of their machines and their long-lasting stability.

The Husqvarna 460 Rancher and the ECHO CS-590 Timber Wolf are two heavy-duty chainsaws that are ensured to get the chore accomplished. These are not tool for anyone who is incompetent, and if you have not for once managed a chainsaw before, we wouldn’t advise one of these as your initial possession.

The Rancher and the Timber Wolf are both desirable for works that compel a lot of strength. They are skilled tools that are utilized by loggers and landscapers all over the world and they’re manufactured to attack trees quickly and adequately.

While both administer the same important goal, there are a few major distinctions to bring out between the two. In this review, we concentrate on a few key points: safety, and power.


Chainsaws are clearly one of the most hazardous tools out there, so it’s apparent that safety is something you’re worried about.

While adequate greasing and sufficient care are two simple ways to alleviate the number of disasters, there are sets of extra features that should appear pre-installed.

The foremost of these is a chain brake, which automatically halts the chain when it encounters an abrupt movement or effect.

So, if you drop the chainsaw or slam a surprising hard place on a tree, you know that the chain will halt before an individual can become seriously hurt.

Both Husqvarna and ECHO have these inaugurated, a factor that is good and beneficial.

The second safety characteristic that we correlated was the disturbance and vibration dampeners.

Anti-vibration features are very vital when it arrives to utilizing a chainsaw. Without them, the machine can become harmful quickly, particularly after a long period of use without proper care and attention.

Continual vibration over time can greatly impact your body, directing to disturbances like vibration white finger among others. These vibration dampeners furthermore help lessen the quantity of noise that the chainsaw creates, something that can include long-lasting impacts on your health.

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The Husqvarna Rancher comprises a 60cc two-stroke gas-oil engine, which offers it an increased power-to-weight ratio.

A two-stroke engine has limited moving parts, hence rendering it lighter and further profitable than the three-stroke choices that are available. 

The ECHO Timber Wolf also retains a two-stroke gas-oil engine, which, in assumption, should provide it an increased power-to-weight ratio.

Nevertheless, with a rarely portable 59.8cc tank and a heavier body, it won against by Husqvarna in that view.

It is similarly not as fuel productive as the Husqvarna, though the firm does possess a large obligation to environmental preservation and sustainability.

ECHO Vs Husqvarna Chainsaw: Which is the Best?

ECHO is a famous manufacturing organization and the biggest subsidiary of the Yamabiko Corporation, which was founded in 1972, and then its name was ECHO Incorporated.

On the other hand, The Husqvarna Group is a Swedish manufacturer that began the trip in the year 1689. Husqvarna retains a nice prestige, which is difficult to beat, and you can earn virtually anything pertaining to outdoor power products from this Swedish organization.

ECHO and Husqvarna are the two manufacturers both amass a nice track record when it gets to power tools, particularly chainsaw. Between Echo vs Husqvarna, which one is better? Here we are, let’s put together a comparison between ECHO vs Husqvarna, and then you can get an obvious notion about which company is competent at making chainsaw and which one you should purchase.

For comparison, we will choose Husqvarna 460 Rancher and ECHO CS-590 Timber Wolf as models. Husqvarna 460 Rancher and ECHO CS-590 Timber Wolf are two chainsaws, which should be bought by those who have sufficient understanding because both are skilled tools and compels plenty of strength to administer. These tools are normally utilized by loggers and landscapers across the nation. Husqvarna 460 Rancher and ECHO CS-590 Timber Wolf both possess some resemblances and disparities.

Which has the most powerful engine? Echo or Husqvarna?

It does retain a very narrow further powerful gas engine, coming in at 40.9cc. Which is just a little bit extra power then the Echo, and brings about only the smallest of disparities that’s hardly obvious. This model appears with an 18-inch bar, which is virtually good for this amount of power. However, if you wished you could trade it for a 20. Likewise, it does offer you choices if you want to customize it a bit.

One notable feature that we actually like about this saw is that it performs a bit by itself to support and keep it clean. Then in turn bringing about its engine lasting longer. This is because of the way Husqvarna manufactured it to save the larger dust and debris out from the air filter.

They name it their Air Injection Centrifugal air cleaning system. This is truly beneficial when it arrives to tidying up your saw after use, which you should always perform.


Overall, both of these chainsaws are considerable choices. Nonetheless, because of the extra features and prestige for durability, we would prefer the Husqvarna Rancher 460 over the ECHO Timber Wolf.