How to use a Chainsaw Sharpener


A chainsaw is a machine that is used to cut through different materials, especially wood. As you use your chainsaw, whether to cut down fallen trees as a result of a storm or as a job where the use of it is required, with time as you should know the blades begin to blunt due to constant use.

This issue has been a problem for most users because dull chainsaw teeth do not cut through materials appropriately and efficiently. However, with the help of a sharpener, the issue of a dull chainsaw can be resolved with ease. We will show you the step by step way to go about using a chainsaw sharpener. Always use the appropriate chainsaw to prevent blades from getting dull frequently What size chainsaw do I need

Chainsaw sharpener

A sharpener is a tool or device used to make a blunt surface sharp. A chainsaw sharpener is an appliance used to sharpen the teeth of a chainsaw. If you want to know about chainsaw sharpeners, check out this post Do Chainsaw Sharpeners Work

How to use a Chainsaw Sharpener

Before you would begin the process of sharpening your chainsaw using your tool, there is a need to avoid the mistakes a lot of other people make. Many times when sharpening a chain saw, most of these persons do not take into consideration safety measures, which is dangerous and can lead to an unfavorable outcome in the event of an accident.

You should, however, take care to make sure you have taken your safety measures before you begin the process into deliberation. The primary precaution mostly taken is to get a heavy-duty glove and protective eyewear on. After the safety precautions have been taken, you can then begin the procedure.

The type of device you use plays an instrumental role in the whole process. However, regardless of the type you employ for the job, you need to get the chain brake started to secure the line and find a band to steady the nose bar to enable you to use the both of your hands while at it. Check out What size chainsaw sharpener do I need.

Bench Sharpener

When using a bench sharpener, you should set your chainsaw under the bench tool in other to get the rivets and cutters directly below it. Afterwards, you turn on the motor attached and file it down the cutters without allowing the motor run for long. Do not file the cutters too low to avoid a less accurate sharpened chainsaw and future problems.

Handheld Sharpener

As the name suggests, it is an electronic power sharpener held by hand. To use the handheld sharpener, you need to put the rotating disk and carefully guide it over the rivets. Attention is required to avoid making a mistake of filing it down at the wrong angle or taking off too much from the cutter.

Manual Sharpener

Using a manual sharpener means you have to sharpen the chosen area by applying it manually. Look for the guide attached to the tool and lay it on top of the rivets in the chain. To know if it has been done correctly, the arrows of the guide would point down towards the nose bar of the chainsaw.

After you have checked if it points down towards the nose bar, follow the angle taken from the guide and move your file across the area. It should be done until a shiny silver gleam is seen on the metal, which would mean it has been sharpened.


Chainsaw sharpeners have a lot of use and advantages. There are different kinds of sharpening tools that helps to resolve the problem of blunt or dull teeth of a saw commonly faced by constant users of the chainsaw. Using a sharpener for a chainsaw would enable you to save money in the long run, work consistently due to sharpened chain teeth and increase the longevity of your chain. There are different types and kinds of chainsaw sharpeners, choosing the right one for yourself wouldn’t be a difficulty because of the presence of a variety of them to fit your needs.