Husky vs Kobalt


Husky and Kobalt have promptly evolve two of the vastly prosperous manufacturers of hand tools on the market. Both firms give an identical array of tools, and each has lot of lovers that depend on their tools daily.

But, with awfully identical products, it’s hard to analyse which one is sufficient for your desires. Right now, we’ll wrap a bit of details on these two prominent brands and set them against each other head-to-head in our Husky vs Kobalt review.

Both Husky and Kobalt are special name brands that are designed for Home Depot (Husky) and Lowe’s (Kobalt) respectively. Both firms inaugurated private tag tool brands in acknowledgment to the extremely prominent Craftsman line, which was manufactured by Sears up until awfully recently.

The Husky brand was established in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1924, initially as a producer of wrenches. The brand was bartered numerous times and is presently acquired by Stanley Black & Decker, who commenced selling Husky tools solely to Home Depot starting up in 1992.

On the other hand, Kobalt is supervised and manufactured by Lowes from North America. They inaugurated Kobalt in 1998, with a goal to strive with two other crucial tools production chains. Home Depot and Sears. Right now, manufacturing houses like JS Products, Great Neck, and Chevron, eland lot more. They possess hand tools, power tools, wireless power tools, and lot more.

Below are similarities for both brands.


The relief with which one can obtain their tools when they want a fast substitute can be important for emergency work. Kobalt and Husky give great warranties with their products, but both can simply be reclaimed from particular locations. Kobalt products are simply accessible from Lowes stores, for example, signifying this is the foremost place you can trade such items or pay for new ones. Husky tools, on the other part, possess Home Depot as the undivided supplier of these sets. Under these conditions, it can be asserted that Husky is no doubt the reasonable choice as Home Depot has a rarely elevated number of openings as correlated to Lowes. The disparity in numbers leaves Home Depot overseeing with about 100 more stores than their companions rendering them susceptible to locate in numerous regions.

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The number and kinds of tools accessible are important for anyone ideal on helping on a substantial project. Kobalt gives 227 chunks with their collection, while Husky tries slightly greater with 268. It should be pointed out that the numbers comprised don’t relate to fully whole items. These stats normally comprise the varying bits and sockets that can be attached to one or two drives with modifiable heads. Nonetheless, these pieces function just as well as a particular tool in the exact category. Husky’s toolset arrives with three categories of drives, namely, ¼”, 3/8”, and ½”. This compilation is manufactured to give the prominent choices expected with most normal work. Kobalt gives a five-piece wrench set varying from 8 to 13 mm. It should be pointed out, nonetheless, that their collection captions a skip detail, so you might come out forfeiting some sizes in a limited of their categories.


These toolkits are intended for traveling market, hence giving the portable nature of their layouts. They have been designed to enable users to hold up the set to several places at a moment’s note. Some customers purchase these collections as an emergency kit for their vehicle, in case their car need spontaneous work in isolated areas. As such, the size and packaging influence a substantial role in the all-around mobility levels of the product. Kobalt’s 227-piece set weighs in at 32 pounds, while the Husky alternative depicts a lighter difference at 18 pounds. This is a great obstacle for the Kobalt brand, as hauling their toolset around will need considerably extra effort described in relation to working with a Husky’s collection.


The sturdiness of these tools is another significant characteristic that has to be examined when distinguishing choices. Both Kobalt and Husky products have long been recognized for their durability, gratitude to the application of vanadium steel in their creation. This choice functions incredibly well with chrome compounds, enabling for a smoother finish in the technique. Kobalt pieces also accentuate a thicker stem with some of their products, which improves the stability of such wrenches and drives. It should be pointed out that the rigidity of the tools’ grips can have an effect on the kind of tension that can be pertained before the breaking point.

Who Are These Tools Best For?

Both Husky and Kobalt develop a reasonably vast spectrum of several tools, and they’re both intended for the exact type of consumer.

Both companies give an inexpensive choice to more costly national brands without making ends meet on quality. Vast like how Craftsman came to be the choice brand of experts and DIY homeowner’s alike gratitude to their bulletproof security and great excellence and value, both Husky and Kobalt procure the similar for today’s customers.

Who Should Avoid These Tools?

While both brands give remarkable achievement at a budget-friendly rate, skilled professionals who are peeking for the absolute best tools on the market will possibly discover that Husky and Kobalt don’t quite satisfy their high needs for accomplishment and durability.


One thing you’ll note as you examine Husky and Kobalt is that both categories are strikingly comparable. While Kobalt occurs to maintain the smallest edge in all-around quality, Husky fantasizes for it by encompassing a few bonuses in each of their kits.