Kobalt Vs. Craftsman


At one point in time, everyone loves to be pointed in the right direction when it comes to the things they are not great at. One of such things is the choice of brand to go for. You see people making decisions that end up backfiring simply because no proper research was done beforehand. Even if one was made, that depends on whether the source was reliable or not.

In the area of mechanic tools, there are many brands to choose from, and that could automatically leave you confused. Undoubtedly, you could be stuck in deciding whether Kobalt is good for you or Craftsman is the appropriate choice. However, so you won’t have to put yourself in a tight spot regarding power tools, this article is all about Kobalt Vs. Craftsman.

What is the History of Kobalt?

Kobalt is a young private label brand established in 1998 to be one of the top manufacturers of strong mechanics tools and storages. It was launched by J.H. Williams, who at the time and still is, a partner of Lowes Company. Today, most of the brand’s tools are sold at Lowe’s stores. Some of these tools include lithium-ion power, pneumatics, etc.

The real intention behind the birth of Kobalt was that it should be a rival to other power brands like Craftsman and Husky.

What is the History of Craftsman?

On the other hand, Craftsman is an older private label brand launched in 1927. It is under the retailer Sears who many years later formed a partnership with Kmart for large-scale sales. In 2017, Craftsman changed ownership from Sears to Stanley Black & Decker. However, many of Craftsman’s power tools are sold at Lowes Company. Some of their tools include power corded tools, gas-powered tools, etc.

Kobalt Or Craftsman?

Both Kobalt and Craftsman produce a ton of hand, mechanics, and power tools that are incredible in quality and performance. It is almost as difficult to decide which brands to go for, bearing their reputation and demand. However, they are only quite average compared to some other top-rated brands known for professional-grade hand tools.

While Kobalt and Craftsman guarantee decent performance, there are certain differences between them. These differences, in turn, strikes how effective they will be to a user. Besides, these are also the yardsticks or factors you should consider before deciding on which either of the two brands is worth your money.

  1. Quality

Buying a power tool is a luxury, and that means you can’t afford to get just anything. One of the factors you have to consider is Quality. Undoubtedly, Kobalt and Craftsman assure you of better quality than many other conventional brands on the market; however, there is a slight difference between them.

Based on public perception, Kobalt is the customer’s choice, but it isn’t the world’s best quality; Craftsman is. The latter recently got recognized at the Harris Interactive Poll and the DIY Network and NASCAR. Notwithstanding, you have a right to define what’s a better quality to you or not.

  1. Warranty

Warranty is a clear definition of usability. Brands with better product warranties are easily trusted because it assures them of a long-time of use. In this case, it isn’t so difficult between Kobalt and Craftsman to judge the better brand. Kobalt offers lifetime warranties on many of their mechanics and power tools, while Craftsman only does decently.

  1. Durability

Speaking of durability, there is an inter-relationship with the warranty. Ideally, a product with a good warranty period means it is of great quality and top-notch durability. Both Kobalt and Craftsman tools are built to last long; however, judging from the warranty factor, Kobalt tools may have superior durability.

  1. Price

Sometimes, you should go for what you can afford. If the price coming from a brand is higher than your budget, you can decide to check out their competitors and find out if you could get something within range. As regarding the prices of power tools between Kobalt and Craftsmanship, they are both quite affordable.

  1. Portfolio

Finally, a brand’s portfolio is only a description of the array of tools available. Kobalt and Craftsman have power tools, mechanics tools, and other useful hand tools to make you comfortable. However, you may discover that one has more than the other. For instance, Craftsman has more power tools while Kobalt has more hand tools. With this piece of information, you should know where to turn to.

Which Should You Choose?

As mentioned earlier, Kobalt and Craftsman are two great brands that will certainly provide you with tools that are worth the money. They are always good investments because you won’t have to change the tools you have every now and then. However, the best way to decide is to consider the factors above – quality, hand or power tools, etc., are you are good to go.

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Hopefully, this Kobalt Vs. Craftsman is an eye-opener on why brands in the same industry are different from each other. They are both great brands, and your choice of tools depends on you.