What is a Right Angle Drill?


A right angle drill is a tool which can be used to drive screws in a lot of different materials or a small area. It is small and lightweight, designed to fit into smaller spaces. While most people are accustomed to the standard drills, it seems the right-angled drill works better. It is both a screwdriver and mini-drill.

This small but mighty drill has a drill bit set at a 90-degree angle. It performs the same objective as a regular drill bit it has a shorter head and longer handle. The right angle drill is very lightweight and easily manipulated to give good results; it allows for easy range of motion and has a pretty comfortable grip. However, there are different types of drills. A right angle drill is most times held with both hands for accuracy. The right angle drill could be corded or cordless. Also, see how to use a Dewalt drill

Uses of a Right Angle Drill

  1. The right-angle can fit into tight spaces and areas.
  2. It is used for smaller projects that do not need a huge deal of power.
  3. It is easy to manipulate and put to good use.
  4. It can be set down on its handle instead of its side.

Advantages of a Right Angle Drill

TORQUE; A difference between the regular drills and right angle drill is that the right angle drill has three-speed inbuilt motors. Therefore, you get to have more torque options, which will be helpful when dealing with thick or tough materials.

VERSATILITY; A right angle drill is quite versatile and flexible too. It has a feature where the drill head can be removed so an attachment can be added which makes its usage flexible and not limited to a particular area. Compared to the regular drill, the right angle drill has options and is capable of working in tight or enclosed spaces.

EXTENSION; A right angle drill can have extensions of up to 30 inches and can drill almost everywhere in the house. It gives accurate results, and it allows you to reach some very tight spaces with the help of the extensions.

COMFORTABLE HANDLING; The right angle is designed for easy carry and is easily manipulated even in tight/small spaces. With a right angle drill, you can have full control of the handling and use, which provides some form of comfort for the users. Some right-angle drills even have twisting grip and trigger, which is very convenient.

Angle Drill Attachment

Angle drill attachment is one of the features that accompanies a right-angle drill and even the standard drill. It enables you to add an extension, to help extend the angle drill to tight corners without even having to extend the handle. With this feature, you can reach even tighter and narrow spaces with ease and comfort and also increase the speed of productivity.

This feature, combined with the flexible and lightweight design of a right angle drill, will ensure that your right angle drill can reach every corner and tight space. You can check out how to change a Dewalt drill bit

Factors to consider Before Buying a Right Angle Drill

Just before you go on to purchase a right angle drill, there are a few factors to consider first. Below are some of these factors;

  1. The brand of the product is an important factor in choosing the right angle drill.
  2. Make sure the right-angle drill you want to purchase and the right angle drill attachment are compatible.
  3. Ensure that the right-angle drill you want to purchase, either corded or cordless, has long-lasting battery life. Make sure to pay attention to the battery voltage.
  4. Ensure that the durability of the product/brand is top-notch and can withstand wear and tear
  5. You should also consider the type of material that is to be drilled, the diameter and depth of the hole. This will help in determining the perfect drill for the job.


The right angle drill is worth purchasing; it is very versatile and has vast uses. For professionals, the right angle drill is essential for carpentry and construction work. It can come in quite handy and can also reach into tight spaces with ease and gets the job fully done.