What Is A String Trimmer?


A string trimmer is a garden tool used in cutting and edging grass. It is a lightweight and versatile power tool that makes maintaining your lawn easy. This tool has different names depending on where you live, but they all have the same function. String trimmers come in different models that include gas, electric, and battery-operated engine string trimmers; they also come with a spinning head located at the bottom of the trimmer’s long shaft. There is a rapid spinning monofilament string attached to the trimmer’s head; it uses centrifugal force to cut through grass quickly, easily, and efficiently.

String trimmers are popular because they allow you to cut grass in tight corners where lawn mowers can’t reach. They allow you to trim grass and weeds along sidewalks, driveways, trees, flower beds, and fences, and this allows you to keep your yard well maintained. Some models feature a rotating head, which lets you use the trimmer as an edger; this tool is essential for any homeowner trying to maintain their yard.

George Ballas of Houston, Texas, invented the string trimmer in the 1970s. He took a lawn edger and attached a fishing line to the head, and he found put he could use his invention in cutting grass and weeds. The line becomes stretched and firm because of the centripetal acceleration, and the inertia gives the line energy to cut through the grass.

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Substitute Names For A String Trimmer

As mentioned earlier, string trimmer names differ based on where you live. String trimmers are also known as;

  • Weed Eater, which is the brand name
  • Weed Whacker
  • Weed Trimmer
  • Lawn Trimmer
  • Weed Whip
  • Strimmer mainly used in the UK and Ireland
  • Line Trimmer
  • Whipper Snipper used in Australia and Canada

Pros And Cons Of Using A String Trimmer

If you wonder if it is beneficial to purchase a string trimmer, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of this tool. String trimmers are popular among homeowners and landscape professionals, but that doesn’t mean they are great for everyone. Let us take a look at the pros and cons associated with this power tool.

The main pro of the string trimmer is its compatibility with a lawn mower. Because of how lawn mowers are made, they can’t reach tight corners such as driveways, sidewalks, trees, fences, walkways, and flower beds. But the compact head of a string trimmer can reach into all those areas, thereby allowing you cut grass and weed in all those hard to reach corners. This power tool is so versatile that it can eliminate stubborn grass that grows out of cracks in the sidewalk.

Another pro of using a string trimmer is that they are quite affordable, light in weight, and are compact enough to easily use and store. String trimmers don’t have a lot of cons; depending on your intended use, it might be the best tool for you. However, they have a cutting swath between 12 inches to 16 inches. Because of this, they are not suitable for cutting large areas of grass or weed. Some cons depend on the type of string trimmer.

Gas trimmers have the most power, cutting performance, and portability, but they can be loud and release fumes. The cordless trimmers are quite powerful and portable, but they only work for as long as the battery lasts, so you will need to recharge it any time you need to use the trimmer. The corded trimmers are the cheapest options, but they tend to limit you because of its extension cord; you will only be able to go as far as the cord lets you.

How To Use A String Trimmer For Edging

A string trimmer can also be used as an edger. Edging is the act of removing grass from parts of your yard that run parallel to each other such as driveways. To use your trimmer as an edger, turn your tool to make the string face a vertical direction. Then simply move along the sides of your property to cut any grass and get rid of debris.

The line will get rid of dirt, rocks, and grass as it moves, thereby cleaning the space between your lawn and concrete. If you have not edged before, do not try to get a perfect edge on the first try. Remove as much as you can and keep cutting more every week. You will end up with a uniform look, and it will be easier to maintain the edges from then on out.

Lawn Mowers Vs. String Trimmers

When it comes to maintaining your lawn, it won’t be easy to compare a string trimmer with a lawn mower because they perform different tasks. A lawn mower is used to cut the bulk of grass while a trimmer is used to put the finishing touches and also to clear up places that the lawn mower couldn’t reach. When you use both tools hand in hand, you get the job done quickly and efficiently with amazing results. A lawn mower is made to cut grass to a specific height.

The type of lawn mower you will get depends on your yard’s size, whether it is gas, electric, battery-operated, or the walk-behind and riding mowers. Lawn mowers have a large cutting deck with blades under it; as it moves forward, it cut through a wide path, which allows you to take on large jobs easily and quickly.

Trimmers do not have the wide cutting path that lawn mowers have, but their compact size makes them great at trimming around shrubs, fences, and other corners. This makes them the perfect finishing tool that gives your lawn a professional look. It is the ideal tool for trimming places that the lawn mower may have missed.

Lawn mowers and string trimmers are both great tools that help you efficiently maintain your lawn. But keep in mind that they are best suited for different tasks. A lawn mower is best used in cutting large grassy areas while a string trimmer is best for trimming around edges; combing their functions keeps your yard at its best.


A string trimmer is a useful tool that any homeowner or professional landscaper should own. It is a versatile tool that helps you maintain your yard and is easy to use and store. If you were considering getting one, now you know what to expect.