How To Use a Right Angle Drill?


A drill comes in handy for making holes in objects and amongst the several types of drills that belong to the electric family is the right angle drill. The right angle drill is an electric drill that comes with the feature of its head at a 90-degree angle when holding it. This drill is usually shorter than other drills, and it comes with a design that can be easily handled with the hand comfortably. Its portable nature is fully capable of entering into corners or surfaces that a standard drill would not be capable of.

In 1991, Dewalt – a company involved in tool production, started a new line, and one of the rebranded tools was the electric drills under which the right angle drill falls. The right angle drill provides support for construction and plumbing professionals. Still, as people are getting introduced to how much they can do with it, it is becoming a favorite tool in the toolbox.

The right angle drill provides a variety of functions. It also comes in two forms vis-à-vis the cord and the cordless states. The uniqueness of this drill is striking as it comes along with a magnificent technology.

Why Should You Use a Right Angle Drill?

The right angle drill is ideal in many cases, and when you are confused as to which type of electric drill you ought to purchase. The right angle drill is applicable in several situations. It can be a great help to DIYers as it can access even the tightest of spaces. It can also be of benefit to plumbers and construction workers due to the technicality of their work.

Nowadays, builders of cabinets, electricians, mechanics, carpenters and even woodworkers have found a means by which this tool comes in handy for them as well. However, for those who find it so hard, drilling holes smoothly, or even in a straight line, this drill can come in handy in such cases. It is already programmed to operate at 90 degrees; hence this wouldn’t pose any challenge for the drill.

How To Use a Right Angle Drill

The right angle drill is held with one hand unless an attachment is added, which would result in support with the two hands to keep the attachment stable during drilling or fastening. This material does not heat up during the usage, so it allows for longer usage time.

It employs the same operation mode as the conventional drill. However, in this case, the head operates at 90 degrees and is applied in confined spaces or crevices.

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Drill Attachment For The Right Angle Drill

Drill attachment becomes necessary when the head of the original drill cannot carry out certain functions. The extension should have a 90-degree head and a ring magnet for proper attachment to the principal right angle drill in purchasing.

Drilling In Tight Spaces

For tight spaces, there are several options the right angle drill provides. Firstly, a drill attachment, as seen above, can be used. Also, when applied, extension cords can aid you in extending the reach of the right angle drill.

Right Angle Drill With Cords

Right angle drills can also come along with cords. The cord means that it can only function when connected to electricity, while the cordless ones use a battery that would need charging when dead. Based on the projects you take up, you might want to choose yourself as to which is more suitable for you.

Selecting The Best Right Angle Drill

In making your choice on the best right angled drill to include in your toolbox, certain features should be foremost in mind to aid efficiency. They are not limited to the following:

It Must Be Cordless

This feature is very critical to the usage of the right angle drill. The essence of the right angle drill is to enter into surfaces that other drills can’t reach. Without this feature, the drill would be a waste of investment.

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The Torque Should Be Adjustable

Right angle drills come with a three-speed motor feature and can help you know the amount of torque a job would require. So ensure that the torque of the drill is adjustable before the purchase of the drill.

It Must Come With a Comfortable Grip

The right angle drill should be easily held and with comfort too. There should be no extra stress in trying to have a grip on the drill and trying to use it to access surfaces or crevices.


The right angle drill is versatile in its applications. It also functions with greater efficiency as it can access surfaces and crevices. The standard drill wouldn’t. It should be an addition to everybody’s toolbox.